The New Off&Out featuring Melanie Russo. Live at Jazzin St. Gallen
Contents: Way back home / Entre o rio e a razao / Darius / Blues ecu / The little point of the i / O gente de minha terra / Tempo para quem / Changes / Try; Performers: THE NEW OFF&OUT, LAMPERT Berti (sax, Sassofoni), PFEIFER Erwin (g), EIGENMANN Urs Carl (el p, keyb, p, org), BASILICO Gabriele (E-Bass), FRAEFEL-HAERING Beat (d), RUSSO Melanie (voc f)

Label: ROCKARCHIVE; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.uc-eigenmann.ch

Trio 3: Visiting texture. Andrew Cyrille, Reggie Workman, Oliver Lake
Contents: Bumper / Bonu / Composite / Epic man / Stick / A girl named rainbow / 7 for Max / Visting texture; Performers: TRIO 3, LAKE Oliver (sax), WORKMAN Reggie (cb), CYRILLE Andrew (d)

Label: INTAKT CD 282; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

Swiss Tribe: Tribute to Sindy Bechet, volume 2. Thomas Winteler, Raymond Graisier, Philippe Anhorn, Stéphane Fisch
Contents: Buddy bolden stomp / Delta mood / You're the limit / Premier bal / I've found a new baby / Sidney's blues / Black & blue / Shine / Out of nowhere / Kansas City man blues / Passport to paradise / Quincy street stomp / I'm going away from here / Bechet fantasy / One o'clock jump; Performers: SWISS TRIBE, WINTELER Thomas (cl, ss), ANHORN Philippe (p, voc m), FISCH Stephane (cb), GRAISIER Raymond (d, vb)

Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.swiss-tribe.ch

Swiss Tribe: Tribute to Sidney Bechet, volume 1. Thomas Winteler, Raymond Graisier, Philippe Anhorn, Stéphane Fisch
Contents: Sheik of Araby / Wate no tears / Blues in thirds / Just one of those things / Sobbin' & cryin' / Perdido Street stomp / Laura / Make me a pallet on the floor / Breathless blues / Never will I forget the blues / What's this thing called love / Blackstick / Really the blues / Strange fruit / Indian summer; Performers: SWISS TRIBE, WINTELER Thomas (cl, ss), ANHORN Philippe (p, voc m), FISCH Stephane (cb), GRAISIER Raymond (vb, d)

Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.swiss-tribe.ch

Dave Brubeck Quartet: Zurich 1964
Contents: Audrey / Cable car / You go to my head / Take five / Koto song / Pennies from heaven / Shimwa / Tank you; Performers: THE DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET, DESMOND Paul (as), BRUBECK Dave (p), WRIGHT Eugene (cb), MORELLO Joe (d)

Label: TCB 02422; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.tcb.ch

Soul jazz jewls. Robi Weber Trio at the Dolder Grand
Contents: Hear we are here / Blues for Big Scotia / African sun / I remember Bird / Little Susie / Medley / Hymn to freedom / Jubilation / Blue bolero / Amen / Simple waltz / Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / The golden striker / The wedding / Sweet Emma / The fat man / One night at the hotel / Walk tall; Performers: ROBI WEBER TRIO, WEBER Robi (p), GERHARD Kalli (cb), TREIER Curt (d)

Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.robiweber.ch

JASS. John Hollenbeck, Alban Darche, Sebastien Boisseau, Samuel Blaser
Contents: Recurring dreams / Saj's / Jazz envy / Water / Limp mint / Driving license / No d / Miss Univers 2031 / It began to get dark / Tricéphale; Performers: JASS, DARCHE Alban (ts), BLASER Samuel (tb), BOISSEAU Sébastien (cb), HOLLENBECK John (d, perc)

Label: YOLK, J2059

Link: http://www.yolkrecords.com


Contents: Granulare Liebe / Lei / Fragment z / Brugguda / Hyper down / Heinz steps / Planet Cita k / Gumpi ball; Performers: TRIO HEINZ HERBERT, LANDOLT Dominic (g), LANDOLT Ramon (synth, Sampler, p), HÄNNI Mario (d, Effetti sonori speciali)

Label: INTAKT CD 287; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

The Urge Trio: Live at the hungry brain
Contents: Hecha toda de agua; Performers: THE URGE TRIO, REID Tomeka (vc), JACKSON Keefe (ss, ts, bcl), ERB Christoph (ss, ts)

Label: VETO RECORDS / EXCHANGE 014; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.veto-records.ch; http://www.erb.li

Akku Quintet: Molecules
Contents: Phase transitions / Freeze / Fluid / Schneemann; Performers: AKKU QUINTET, LÜTHY Thierry (sax), ISCHER Markus (g), NYDEGGER Maja (p, keyb, ho), SCHNELLMANN Andi (E-Bass), PASQUINELLI Manuel (d)

Label: MORPHEUS MORPH006CD; Distribution: ,

Jeker, Moser, Punti: La troisième langue
Contents: Prelude / Fusions / Alasani / Calandiya / Seashore / Tel Aviv / Gevulot / Our land / Araba heart / La troisième langue / Doubled pain / Alasani II / Take off / Touching / Conclusion / Decisions / Neve shalom wahat al-Salam / Muezzins & frisbees / Crisis / Um El-Fahem / Alasani III / Orange, green & blue; Performers: PUNTIN Claudio (cl), JEKER Thomas (g, E-Bass), MOSER Christian (Ud, perc), MOSER Chris (Ud)


Lucien Dubuis Crossover Jazz Trio: Reloaded
Contents: Mind fallacy / Mon autre oeil / Angels on drugs / Grand-mère / Nudel nöit / Elastische Troum / Strach / Canicule / Le théorème de la grand-mère / Nu nu... / P skunk / Tangerine / Head band; Performers: LUCIEN DUBUIS' CROSSOVER JAZZ TRIO, DUBUIS Lucien (sax, cl), GERBER Simon (E-Bass), FRIEDLI Lionel (d), ANGELS (Effetti sonori speciali), SCHWAB Regula (v), BEINER Estelle (v), PALIN Sarah (voc f), CALTAGIRONE Miro (voc m)

Distribution: ,

Aki Takase, Silke Eberhard: Ornette Coleman Anthology
Contents: Turnaround / Lonely woman / ORNETTE, Coleman / The blessing / Folk tale / Medley / Cross breeding / The sphinx / Dedicated to OC-doughnut / Revolving door / Mr. and Mrs. People / Angel voice / Motive for its use / The disguise / Change of the century / Focus of sanity / Congeniality / Airbone / Broadway blues / Beauty is a rare thing / Face of the bass / Peace / Little symphony / Eventually / Humpty Dumpty / Eos / W.R.U. / I heard it over the radio / Round trip / Music always / Love call / Una muy bonita; Performers: EBERHARD Silke (cl, bcl, as), TAKASE Aki (p)

Label: INTAKT CD 129 (Set); Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

Eva Kess Group: Flying curly
Contents: Fünf / Flying curly / New York Cookbook / Lonely country / Rough mix / Neu sein / Beautiful weekend; Performers: EVA KESS GROUP, DUARTE Filipe (g), FTICAR Gregor (p), KESSELRING Eva (cb), KRONREIF Peter (d)

Label: UNIT UTR4758; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.unitrecords.com

Pasión Trio Szirmai-Kramis: Piazzolla tango nuevo. Otmar Krami, sax; Elena Szirmai, piano; Herbert Kramis, bass
Contents: Primavera porteña / Into en re / Vardarito / Milonga loca / Oblivion / Escualo / Contrabajísimo / Libertango / Michelangelo '70; Performers: PASION TRIO SZIRMAI-KRAMIS, SZIRMAI Elena (p), KRAMIS Otmar (Sassofoni), KRAMIS Herbert (cb)

Label: YVP MUSIC 208

Morton Feldman: Patterns in a chromatic field. Rohan de Saram, Marianne Schroeder
Contents: Patterns in a chromatic field; Performers: SARAM Rohan de (vc), SCHROEDER Marianne (p)

Label: HAT NOW ART 2-204 (Set), 204-1, 204-2; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.hathut.com

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