Colliding Particles
Contents: The end / Searching / Incubus / Lullaby for P. / Felder / Perfect day / Song / Gaudi / Atomic nexus / Drum'n'bass; Performers: COLLIDING PARTICLES, SCHILT Rafael (cl, ts), HERRNHUT-GIROLA Lorenzo (g), THEILER Yves (keyb), STRÜBY Claudio (d)

Label: UNIT UTR 4632; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.unitrecords.com

Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock, Cory Smythe: Planktonic finales
Contents: With eyes peeled / Tones for climbing plants / Sinew modulations / Through the forest / A house alone / Three-panel / Submerged / Pulse memory / Bite bright sunlight / As if in its throat / Inscribed in trees; Performers: LAUBROCK Ingrid (ts, ss), SMYTHE Cory (p), CRUMP Stephan (cb)

Label: INTAKT CD 285; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

Christian Zatta & Shifting Minds
Contents: Almost 7 / New vision / Invitation / Atmosfera / Erratic mania / Frail / Erase me / Shifting mind / Burning peace; Performers: CHRISTIAN ZATTA & SHIFTING MINDS, ZATTA Christian (Chitarre), FIORE Alessandro (keyb), BOLLIGER Florian (E-Bass), STRUCHEN Nicolas (d)

Link: http://www.christianzatta.com

Sarah Chaksad Orchestra: Windmond
Contents: Halo / Today we got a new angel / Blessed / Waterfall / Look back and laugh / The insensitive lady / Windmond / As a child; Performers: SARAH CHAKSAD ORCHESTRA, CHAKSAD Sarah (as), FAHRER Julie (voc f), BÖHLEN Andreas (ss, as, cl, Flauto dolce), GSCHWIND Cédric (ts, fl), WILLMANN Fabian (bar, cl), WYSS Lukas (tb), BRIGGEN Lukas (tb), WIRZ Lucas (btb), WAGNER Charley (tp, flh), MORITZ Octave (tp), WINTERHALTER Jonas (tp, flh), HEBEL Valentin (g), BAUMANN Michael (p), NEYE Hagen (E-Bass), SCHWINNING Jan (d), HILBE Gregor (d)


Marco Santilli Che Roba: L'occhio della betulla
Contents: Variationen über den Namen Hesse / Musik des Einsamen / When Hermann meets Hari / L'occhio della betulla / Saphyrion / Serenada in minur / Gazzella / Agasul / Come le foglie / Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none; Performers: MARCO SANTILLI CHE ROBA, SANTILLI Marco (cl, bcl), FRIZZERA Lorenzo (g), TIBOLLA Ivan (p, Carillon di campane, Fisa), MARAS Fulvio (perc, Hang)

Label: UNIT UTR 4727; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.unitrecords.com

Mantocliff: Umbilical
Contents: How loud / These words / Umbilical / Sea-son / Intro / Old man / Nebbio / Implosions / Choral cliff / From two to one; Performers: MANTOCLIFF, SUTTER Jan (synth, Electronics), ANKLIN Michael (d), ROSSE Raphael (tb, eu), ROSSE Victor (tp), ONORI Nives (voc f, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, p, ac-g), MAIKRANZ Johannes (el g), HUBER Ambrosius (vc), CORU Gina (va), BISCHOFSBERGER Maximilian (voc m), ROSSE Steve (tu)

Label: RADICALIS MUSIC; Distribution: ,

Link: http://radicalis.ch; http://www.mantocliff.com

Volver: Luna
Contents: Quand tu n'es pas là / Saia e venha dançar / St-Alban / Seul dans la nuit / La tête à l'envers / Bossa sans lendemain / La salsa des faux pas / Esquisse / Conditionnel / Luna / Biscotte; Performers: VOLVER, LUGON Pauline (voc f), FOLLONIER Aude (p), SCHNEIDER Claude (Ukulele, g), FRANCELET Arnaud (cb), OSTFELD Markus (d, perc), HEMSUWAN Jirathitikarn Chi (tb), MONNARD Frédéric (flh, tp)


Link: http://www.music-volver.com

Aki Takase, David Murray: Cherry - Sakura
Contents: Cherry - Sakura / A very long letter / Let's cool one / To A.P. Kern / Stressology / Nobuko / Blues for David / A long march to freedom; Performers: TAKASE Aki (p), MURRAY David (ts, bcl)

Label: INTAKT 278; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

Organ-X Plus: You'll be fine
Contents: Introduction / You'llbe fine in the second line / One way to take / Miss Otis regrets / Labyrinth / Babbit the rabbit / Burgular dance / Johnny come lately / Sete sombrinhas / This I dig of you / So lieblig und still; Performers: ORGAN-X, THOMI Marcel (ho), VON FLÜE Roland (ts, cl), BOSSARD Roberto (g), FREY Elmar (d)

Label: PRIVAVE PR2016.1; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.privave.com

Esperti Project: Le voyage d'Hannibal
Contents: Kartagen / Jabal Tariq-Iberia / Alpes / Apulia / Variazioni per surdulina; Performers: ESPERTI PROJECT, ESPERTI Andrea (tb, Conchiglie, perc), ESPERTI Antonio (Duduk, Clarinetti, Voce recitante, Surdulina), FUSCONI Luca (Computer, Effetti sonori speciali)

Label: ECLECTIC ART RECORDS 001; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.espertiproject.com
Ania Losinger, Mats Eser: Scope
Contents: Minimal song / Arc / Room XI / Crimson / Ellipse / Meters / Room V / Open space; Performers: LOSINGER Ania (Xala), ESER Mats (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes)

Label: TONUS MUSIC TON 049; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.tonus-music-records.ch

Ace of my heart. Hayden Chisholm & Lucerne Jazz Orchestra featuring Lucia Cadotsch
Contents: No thank your sir, I'm not alone / To sing of another / Ace of my heart / Rhythm got me / Heat / Fly far / Cluster swing / This little bird ain't done / Can't we just stay in Paradise / For evermore and a day; Performers: LUCERNE JAZZ ORCHESTRA, GROTTSCHREIBER David, CADOTSCH Lucia (voc f), CHISHOLM Hayden (sax), EGLI Florian (Sassofoni), MEIER Tobias (Sassofoni, cl), SCHILT Rafael (Sassofoni, cl), TSCHOPP Matthias (Sassofoni, cl), BLASER Dave (tp), HESSE Julian (tp), QUINN Nolan (tp), NOWAK Aurel (tp), WYSS Lukas (tb), TWERENBOLD Maurus (tb), CADOTSCH Silvio (tb), WIRZ Lucas (tb), SCHULER Luzius (p), LEIPOLD Samuel (g), TRAXEL Lukas (cb), RUTHER Jonas (d)

Label: MT22

Laura Cesar: Close your eyes. Carlo Schöb, tenor sax, flute; Beat Baumli, guitar; Laura Cesar, bass; Pius Bashnagel, drums
Contents: Struttin' with some barbecue / Willow weep for me / Time and time again / I remember Sara / God bless the child / Close your eyes / Inside a silent tear / Lullaby of the leaves / I'll never smile again / Bubs / September 27th / Blues for Herb / I know who loves you / Blue Nile; Performers: SCHÖB Carlo (ts, fl), BAUMLI Beat (g), CESAR Laura (cb), BASCHNAGEL Pius (d)

Label: ALLJAZZ CD1501

Jim Black: Malamute. Oskar Gudjónsson, Elias Stemeseder, Chris Tordini
Contents: Almost awake / Toys everywhere / Dusk scout / Chase rabbit / Into the pool / Stray / Just turned two / Sought after / Cool doze / Eat everything / Full dish / Pugged / No leash; Performers: GUDJONSSON Oskar (ts), STEMESEDER Elias (keyb, synth), TORDINI Chris (E-Bass), BLACK Jim (d, Sampler)

Label: INTAKT CD283; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch

Colin Vallon, Patrice Moret, Julian Sartorius: Danse
Contents: Sisyphe / Tsunami / Smile / Danse / L'onde / Oort / Kid / Reste / Tinguely / Morn; Performers: VALLON Colin (p), MORET Patrice (cb), SARTORIUS Julian (d)

Label: ECM 2517, 570 9323; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.colinvallon.com; http://www.juliansartorius.com

Lightnings. Urs Leimgruber, saxophones; Alex Huber, drums, percussion
Contents: Swift / Shaped / Resistant / Struck; Performers: LEIMGRUBER Urs (Sassofoni), HUBER Alex (d, perc)

Label: WIDE EAR RECORDS WER018; Distribution: ,

Morton Feldman: For John Cage. Josje Ter Haar, Joh Snijders
Contents: For John Cage; Performers: HAAR Josje Ter (v), SNIJDERS John (p)

Label: HAT ART 160; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.hathut.com

Marcos Jimenez Trio: Song for the trees
Contents: Prélude, no. 2 / Japanese etude / Contemplation / Raga / Spanish song of love / Prélude, no. 2 / Give hop a chance / Figures / Pensa en mi; Performers: MARCOS JIMENEZ TRIO, JIMENEZ Marcos (p), DEMOULIN Mathias (cb), CALPINI Christophe (d), SEVILLA Fabien (cb)

Label: PHILOLOGY W 713.2; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.marcosjimenez.net

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