Exsom: Roundtrip
Performers: EXSOM, ROCCASALVA Tullio, DELL'AVA Stefano, SEDILI Lorenzo, FERRARI Pietro, VUKUSIC Juri

Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ExsomBand
Mark Lenders: Tokyo
Performers: LENDERS Mark, MURDA

Bonosera: Feedback
Contents: Northern lights / Wreck me / How long / Mary Mary / Bright side / Numb / first waltz / Ain't gonna change; Performers: BONOSERA, BLUM Dominik, WEGMANN Aaron, WERRA Seraphim von

Link: http://www.bonosera.band

Sugar and the josephines: La rumba senza te
Contents: Where is your heart / Papa loves mambo / La rumba senza te / I felt the chill before the winter came / Cosy restaurant / Oh lonesome me / All about that bass / Mary Ann / You'll have to swing it (Mr. Paganini) / Blue room / Blue rose / Hills that move / Belleville rendez-vous / Sora menica / Goody, goody / Milord / Hit that jive Jack / Sotto le stelle del jazz; Performers: SUGAR AND THE JOSEPHINES, DI MARTINO Roberto, ROOS Lukas, WEIK Marion, PARRY Steven, ERNST Benno, SCHLAPBACH Beni, BLÄTTLER Thomas

Link: http://www.sugarandthejosephines.ch

Bombers: M/W
Contents: Fills call in / M/W / L'hippocampe / Overblowng conversations / Good colors, bad shapes / Overtones / Sarcophage / Take your time; Performers: BOMBERS, PAHUD Christian, BLANC Michel, BLAKEBROUGH Mark

Label: VITESSE RECORDS VITE017CD; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.irascible.ch

Fatima Dunn: Birds and bones
Contents: This night / Summersong / Dunnä im Tal / Les vaches d'Abel / Näbelwand / See the world / Ebb and flow / The island / - On - fire / So frail / Dive into the light / Par la pluie et par le vent / Like home / Kei Gäld / Southbound; Performers: DUNN Fatima

Label: TOURBO MUSIC 021; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.fatimadunn.com

Daniella Seguel: Aguaribay
Contents: El inicio / Ven / Los enamorados / Estíto nomás / Eco / Emma / El olvido / Aguaribay / Canción para Ulises / Vida roja / El zapato / Cinco segundos; Performers: SEGUEL Daniella, ALMEIDA AUDRAIN Emmanuel, BESNARD Maud, BOUNY Mathurin

Label: VDE CD-1506; Distribution: ,

Link: https://vdegallo.com; https://www.facebook.com/Daniella.SE

The Dead Brothers: Angst
Contents: Le sifflet des mineurs / Les papillons noirs / Everything's dead / Ghost train / Angst / Pretty Polly / Zeirly / Did we fail? / Mean blue spirits / Angela / Baron Samedi / Marie Mouri / Es isch kei sölige Stamme; Performers: RESLI, THE DEAD BROTHERS, DEAD ALAIN, DEAD JANE, DEAD MATTHIAS, DEAD TOBI, DE KLEIN LEBERAU, DEAD ANDREA, DEAD SANDRO, DEAD DIDE, DEAD LEON, THE DEAD MINERS CHOIR, SIFFERT Bertrand

Label: VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS VRCD016; Distribution: ,

Link: https://www.voodoorhythm.com

Nico: In the hood
Contents: Come noi / Fuori / Sembra inutile / Mia / Ciao / Fai finta / Saltellare / Coke / Respira / Verde / Tempo non ho / Crazy; Performers: NICO, MASTA, YON, BAKO, KINGAZ, LUMIERE, EDDY, CIMA

Seriously Serious: Deal with it!
Contents: You make me feel so right / Brainless world / Before I die / Someone else / Easy to forget / Let me go / Sorry / Lost in the night / Buried alive / All these doubts; Performers: SERIOUSLY SERIOUS, MR. KILLJOY, THE STONE, THE OAK, THE TOOL

Link: http://www.seriously-serious.com

Seriously Serious: Love & other candies..
Contents: Never too loud / Me & my other myself / Out of time / Dying without you / Back in 69 / Baby doll / Hot tonight / Psycho serenade / Not so shy / Wall of pride; Performers: SERIOUSLY SERIOUS, MR. KILLJOY, THE STONE, THE OAK, THE TOOL

Link: https://www.mrkilljoy.com/seriously-serious-eng

Lilly Martin: Minetta
Contents: Life in the city / Fooled around & fell in love / Slow like honey / I pity the fool / Love gets in the way / Got to bring it with you / You satisfy me / It's raining / So many ways / One good turn / Runway; Performers: MARTIN Lilly, KOECHLI Richard, KELLER Oliver, DOLMETSCH Michael, FRITZSCHE Markus, BECK Tom, LEHMANN Cathryn

Label: H2U, PHONAG 0081995PHO; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.phonag.ch; http://www.lillimartin.com

Contents: Next day / Yesterday already / Runaway / Another day / I still love her / Inamaze / I don't know / Switzerlude / Slow down / Kwk / A while / BCC; Performers: TWEEK, FARINE R., DUMARTHERAY F., QUINCHE L., AMSTUTZ B., DUPUIS G., BUENCAMINO Antonio, DELACOUR J-Ph.

Label: PHONAG 0081925PHO; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.phonag.ch; http://www.tweek.ch

Yello: Live in Berlin
Performers: YELLO, MALIA, RONG Fifi, MEIER Dieter, BLANK Boris, PEIL Roland, ASH Beat, BAER Jeremy, BLEIBERG Jotham, FISCHER Noah, RÖSER Ulrich, BARLAS Semjon, MANTWILL Fabia, CUTINO AZAHARES Vivien, SCHUMACHER Louise, SCHWIETZKE Rebecca

Label: UNIVERSAL, POLYDOR 0602567062301; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; http://www.yello.com
Yello: Live in Berlin
Contents: Magma / Do it / The evening's young / Limbo / Bostich / Electrified II / Cold flame / 30'000 days / The time tunnel / Kiss the cloud / Lost in motion / Tied up / Liquid lies / Starlight scene / Tool of love / Oh yeah / Blue biscuit / Si senor the hairy grill / The yellofier song / The race; Performers: YELLO, MALIA, RONG Fifi, MEIER Dieter, BLANK Boris, PEIL Roland, ASH Beat, BAER Jeremy, BLEIBERG Jotham, FISCHER Noah, RÖSER Ulrich, BARLAS Semjon, MANTWILL Fabia, CUTINO AZAHARES Vivien, SCHUMACHER Louise, SCHWIETZKE Rebecca

Label: UNIVERSAL, POLYDOR 0602567062271 (Set), 0602567062240, 0602567062257; Distribution: ,

Link: https://www.yello.com

Xen: Daemone
Contents: Og kush / Down mit de Clique / Cash mit de Gang / Ich weiss no / Mini Zit / Kei neui Kollege; Performers: XEN, EAZ, LIBA

Label: UNIVERSAL MUSIC 671 335-6; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; https://www.facebook.com/xenps

Shakra: Snakes and ladders
Contents: Cassandra's curse / Friday nightmare / Snakes & ladders / Something you don't understand / The seeds / Rollin' / Medicine man / I will rise again / Open water / The race of my life / Fire in my veins / The end of days; Performers: SHAKRA, FOX Mark, BLUNIER Thom, MUSTER Thomas, PFISTER Dominik, TANNER Roger

Label: UNIVERSAL MUSIC 579 579-5; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; http://www.shakra.ch

Kunz: No meh Hunger. Live im KKL mit dem 21st Century Orchestra & Chorus
Contents: Üs ghört d'Nacht / Aber äbe / Marie / No / Famili / Gang ned met de Töfflibuebe / Seisch e Gruess / Räubertochter / Hunger / So wie du besch / Andersch aus die andre / Räge zom Schluss / Läbe / Schlof nome ii / Üs ghört d'Nacht / Gang ned met de Töfflibuebe / Marie / Räge zom Schluss / Chlini Händ / So wie du besch / Sommerchind / Seisch e Gruess / Lüüt so wie mer / Vierwaldstättersee / Räubertochter / Schlof nome ii; Performers: KUNZ, KAHRIMANOVIC Edis, RÖMER Manuel, SCHWEGLER Marcel, PFÄNDLER Christof, SCHLUNEGGER Georg, HARTWEIG Benj, 21st CENTURY ORCHESTRA & CHORUS, WICKI Ludwig, GRAF Severin, HARTWIG Benj

Label: UNIVERSAL 670 488-4 (Set); Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; http://www.kunzmusik.ch

Patent Ochsner: Strange fruits
Contents: Hotelsong / Farfromdasea / Schlangenäscht / Kreissaal / Compañero / Vater / Heimat / Föhn / Ochsetuur / Nachtgänger / Grüens Liecht / Bälpmoos / Trybguet / Niemer im Nüt; Performers: PATENT OCHSNER, MATHYS Monic, BRANTSCHEN Christian, GMÜNDER Diesel, HUG Andi, KNUCHEL Thomas, MOSELE René, STUCKI Marc, TSCHOPP Andreas, WOODTLI Daniel, HUBER Büne

Label: UNIVERSAL (Set); Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; http://www.patentochsner.ch

Gorki Gagarin: Of course
Contents: Your song / Keep on rolling / One second / Double bind / Playing the fool / Jimmy / Turn me on / Hair / A tragedy / I try / Winter / Schwere Jugend; Performers: GORKI GAGARIN, SCHMIDHAUSER Juri, SCHMIDHAUSER Alon, WEHINGER Lenny, DOBKOWSKI Philip, STAEHLIN Maxim, EIGENHEER Julia

Link: http://www.gorkigagarin.com

Krime time. Produced by Jakebeatz
Contents: Plan / 21 Gramm / All mine Lütt / Wissi Weschte / Mach di Ding / Schrieb / Hustle hustle hustle / Jää Jäääääää / WMK / Überall dehaim / Maximum / High / Egal wo / Sackgass Highway / Puzzle / Whats my name / Dues paid / IHSR/ILNA / Lila; Performers: JAKEBEATZ, LUUK, MELY Y MARIA, GRIOT, SAM, K.W.A.T., SMOKY

Neo Noire: Element
Contents: Walkers / Save me / Shotgun wedding / Home / Element / Spark / Neo Noire / Invinite secrets; Performers: NEO NOIRE, BAUMGARTNER Thomas, ROTTER Frederyk, KALWIES Franky, BURGER David

Label: CZAR OF REVELATIONS CZAR061; Distribution: ,

Link: https://www.neonoire.net

Pyro: Rohkost
Contents: Zrugg im Ohr / Rohkost / Oh yes / Ain an dr Waffle / Einzigartig / Alles nur für Hip Hop / Nid immer nur eifach. Skit / Goldige Kefig / Habba habba / Mi Mc und ich. Skit / Mi DJ und ich / Mi glains ryych / Bogg uf Rap / Gueti Combo / Sunne Schynt / Soultrain; Performers: PYRO, DJ TRON, POET, DR. AUX, VINYLBROS, MATHYS Annina, VENTI, DEMOLUX, ZITRALE


Link: https://www.pyrobasel.ch

The RK: Resonate
Contents: Free myself / Unconditional love / Soul on buttons / Battle / Resonate; Performers: THE RK

Link: https://www.therichardkingstonproject.com

Don't kill the beast: Cupid bite
Contents: Spooky self / Magic wonderland / Loser / Bridges / Cupid bite / Q/A / All so sad / Prodigal son / Berlin; Performers: DON'T KILL THE BEAST, BLUM David, GUSSET Matthias, NAEF Marco, RENNER Matthias


Link: http://dktb.ch

Laurin Buser: Schmuck
Contents: Liquid / Schmuck / Hot / Fahrschüler / Therapie; Performers: BUSER Laurin, HUBER Celine, SCHEIWILLER Raphael, BECK Dominik, MAURER Mischa, GÜNTHER Jan, HAAS Florian

Link: http://laurinbuser.ch

We Invented Paris: Catastrophe
Contents: Looking back / Fuss / Kaleidoscope / High tide / Air raid shelter / Storm / Superlove / Spiderman / Catastrophe / Touriste / A lake in the morning / When did I stop / Arsonist; Performers: WE INVENTED PARIS, SCHNEIDER Stefan, FONSEGRIVE Joël, KLÖTI Bruce, GRABER Flavian, KRAMER Niklas, SPRAVE Alex, FORTIS John, BENDER Emmanuel, GRABER Noa, GRABER Karin


Link: http://www.weinventedparis.com

Syléna Vincent: Pull down your mask
Contents: Don't wanna flight / I say stop / Pull down your mask / Going nowhere / Universe / Break free / Fireball / Passionate living / Under construction; Performers: VINCENT Syléna, HUGELSHOFER Christian, PARRY Steven, MEIER Patrick, LOOSER Nico, HÄCHLER Dani, DETTWILER Daniel, DACH Jean-Pierre von, HUBER Ambrosius

Link: https://www.sylenavincent.com

Sam: Beside the stream
Contents: Beside the stream / Everything / The bird / Same old situation / Inside / Shine your light / On my way; Performers: SAM, KÄPPELI Markus, FISCHER Bernhard

Link: http://www.sam-music.net

James Legeres: Sandy, Julia, Nicole, Danielle
Contents: Sandy / Take it easy love / Geneva / Cartoon law blues / Logical lover / Nicole / Danielle / Crazy / By the river bank; Performers: LEGERES James

Label: (Set)

Link: http://www.jameslegeres.com
Guy Mandon: Stream
Contents: Memory boy / D'Gülle vom Schraner / Punkt / Lueg doch gnau / Chriesiland / Planets / Kokosfett / Zrugg zo dem / Ich heb de Beat fescht / You / Stream; Performers: MANDON Guy, GAGNEUX Manuel, RUMIGE Dirk, SOLAND Yanik, BONER Michael, KRATTIGER Jan, ARCHINAL Brian

Label: RADICALIS RMG038; Distribution: ,

Link: https://www.guymandon.com
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