Dominic Schoemaker: Downtown stories
Contents: I'd like / Crazy woman / Alley cat / I'm doing fine / When I first met you / Dom's train / Listen; Performers: SCHOEMAKER Dominic, SPOONER Richard, THOMAS Angus, HEULE Christoph, HASLER Regula, DURRER Daniel, THOENI Lukas, GEIGER Thomi

Distribution: ,

Link: https://www.dominicschoemaker.com

Andy McSean: Changes and chances
Contents: Give it up / Coming back / Running / Hold on / Just a kid / Let us dance / The last time / My way / Round and round / Fire and water; Performers: McSEAN Andy, HINTERMANN Roger, SCHWEIDLER Ph!l!pp, KELLER Oliver, TRUMMER Marvin, RICKENBACHER Nori, GOETZE Florian, BUONANNO Massimo, HOCHREUTENER Myriana

Link: http://www.andymcsean.com

Maqs: Too funky for you
Contents: The deed / From the sky / It's all over / For free / ... in the making / Funk me up / Delusional / My shadow / Never back down; Performers: MAQS, FIERO Mauro, MILAN Dario, DETOMASO Silvano, BERTORELLI Andrea Satomi, VEZZANI Dario, MANTELLO Mattia Mad, COSTA Gian-Andrea, GIANOLA Igor, MORANDI Francesca

Label: 2F4U172; Distribution: ,

Link: http://maqs.me

Fleur: Homeless
Contents: Nein, bleib / When you love / Homeless / Smile / One rose / Dear papa / Vo Züri nach Luzärn / Troubles / Regenbogenmenschen / Walking blind / In your hands / The one I love / Peaceful land / Fighter for love / Run brother run; Performers: FLEUR

Link: https://www.fleurmagali.com

Natacha: Neuland
Contents: Neuland / Zäme ha / Piff paff puff / Luftschloss / Tagtroum / Notruef / Machsch du Äch ds gliche wie mit mir (2K17 mix) / La eifach los / I gibe mi Stimm für Mönschlichkeit / Glägeheit macht Liebi / San Remo blue. Neuland Soundtrack / Immer und ewig (2K17 remix); Performers: MEZOLI Flavio, NATACHA, MEZZODI Flavio, KOSCHORECK Michael Kosho, PLATISA Daniel, ROUILLER Yann, SCHÄR Nathanael, FREUND Heiko, SITZMANN Florian, LOOSER Nico, CEA Luana, NESIL Ulas

Label: UNIVERSAL 573 538-4; Distribution: ,

Link: http://www.universalmusic.ch; http://www.natacha.ch

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