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coverFree State: In this time. Live at the Bird's Eye
Contents: In this time / Mister D / Triplet attraction / Fire / Fire (Outro) / For Bra Herb / Klipdrift Cinderella / Untitled bounce / That melody (fits beautifully over) that bassline
Performers: FREE STATE, WYATT Marcus (tp, flh), LANDOLF Domenic (ts), OESTER Bänz (cb), EGLI Dominic (d), LANDOLF Dominic (ts)
Label: LANGUAGE 12 LAN12CD008



coverMoncef Genoud & Ivor Malherbe: Walk with me
Contents: African song / Petit-senn / Odessa / My one and only love / Sept quatre / You don't know what love is / Prelude / Lover man / Jitterburg waltz
Performers: GENOUD Moncef (p), MALHERBE Ivor (cb)
Label: RDP20171



coverEuropean jazz sounds. Modern Jazz Group Freiburg
Contents: A night at Tony's / My old flame / My old cowhand / Jubilation / Remember Clifford / St. Joseph's blue concept / Blues pour Alice / Scrapple from the apple / My melancholy baby / Prelude in blue / Solar / Carrol's interlude / Contour / Juicy Lucy / Round midnight / You do something to me / Big p / Stars fell on Alabama
Performers: MODERN JAZZ GROUP FREIBURG, COURT Raymond (tp), HEIDEPRIEM Ewald (p), GEIER Karl Theodor (cb), STENGEL Eberhard (d), ARLATI Umberto (tp), NETZ Francis (ts), SPÖRRI Bruno (ts), WILEN Barney (ts), MAYER Gustl (ts), KENNELL Hans (tp), BAUMEISTER Peter (d)
Label: BE! JAZZ 6121 CD



coverChet Baker: Compact jazz
Contents: Summertime / The girl from Greenland / Anticipated blues / Chet / I'll remember april / Everytime we say goodbye / Halfrbreed apache / That old devil called love / Don't explain / Baby freeze / This is the thing / Pamela's passion / Comin' down / I wish you love / The touch of your lips
Performers: BAKER Chet (tp, voc m), GOUSTIN Gerard (p), BOND Jimmy (cb), DAHLANDER Nils-Bertil (d), TWARDZIK Richard (p), LITTMAN Peter (d), CHAUTEMPS Jean-Louis (ts), BOLAND Francy (p), DE HAAS Eddie (cb), SAUDRAIS Charles (d), VASSEUR Benny (tb), ALDEGON Jean (as), MIGIANI Armand (ts), BOUCAYA William (bs), URTREGER René (p), VALENTE Caterina (voc f, g), GETZ Stan (ts), CHRISTIAN Jodie (p), SPROLES Victor (cb), THOMPSON Marshall (d), ROSS Alan (Blasinstrumente), FREEMAN Henry (Blasinstrumente), POWELL Sheldon (Blasinstrumente), COHEN Leon (Blasinstrumente), HOLCOMBE Wilford (Blasinstrumente), BARKSDALE Everett (g), JONES Hank (p), DAVIS Richard (cb), KAY Connie (d), URSO Phil (ts), STROZIER Frank (as, fl), GALPER Hal (p), FLEMING Michael (cb), RICE Charlie (d), JAMES Bob (p), CHARLIE Rice (d)
Label: EMARCY 840 632-2



coverMarkus Bischof Trio: Auf Wartegg
Contents: Opinions / Glasspass / Lisegrot / Isblueme / Morgerööti / Nachtflug / Johannis / Tänzchen / For Jobim / Daisy in Romanshorn / Ginjinha
Performers: MARKUS BISCHOF TRIO, BISCHOF Markus (p), KIRCHNER Dietmar (cb), WETTSTEIN Andreas (d)


coverTree Ear: Witches butter
Contents: Range of hands / Third man walking / Witches butter / Big blind / Drag light / Kill button / Reraise
Performers: TREE EAR, STRINNING Sebastian (ts, bcl), TROLLER Manuel (g), HEMINGWAY Gerry (d)



coverAlain's Tonejuice: Rouge foncé
Contents: Banfora / Cognito / Lang no mit dir / Rouge foncé / Ginger juice / Joran / A dancer's life / Phonk yo phat / Reprise / Vollmond / Choral 42
Performers: ALAIN'S TONEJUICE, BRENZIKOFER Alain (ts), WEISS Florian (tb), POWELL Will (Chitarre), JENKINS Matt (p, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), RAWLINSON Rob (E-Bass), ROY Mike (d)




coverElsie Bianchi: At Chateau Fleur de Lis. Atlanta 1968
Contents: Now's the time / For you / Take five / Pennis from heaven / Don't get around much anymore / Canalla / Things ain't what they used to be / Alice in wondrland / Swingin' shepherd blues
Performers: ELSIE BIANCHI TRIO, BIANCHI Elsie (ho, p, voc f), BIANCHI Siro (fl, cb, ts), BRUNNER Peter (d)


coverErb / Baker, Rosaly: Parrots paradise
Contents: Paradise one / Paradise two
Performers: ERB Christoph (ts, bcl), BAKER Jim (synth), ROSALY Frank (d)



coverDie Enttauschung: Lavaman. Axel Dörner, tp; Rudi Mahall, cl, bcl; Christof Thewes, tb; Jan Roder, b; Michel Griener, dr
Contents: Wer nichts fürth, fürth Fürth / Fälschlich / Die Wohlgesonnten / Voraussichtlich / Christian und Isolde / Das Jan im Stück / Ausgekannt / Jazz als Hobby / Lavaman / Reich durch Pfand / Chicoree / Unsäglich / Reich durch Jazz / Bulyah-dath / So tun als ob / Das Jan am Stück
Performers: DIE ENTTÄUSCHUNG, MAHALL Rudi (cl, bcl), DÖRNER Axel (tp), THEWES Christof (tb), RODER Jan (cb), GRIENER Michael (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 289


coverJürg Metger Jazz-Groups. Arthur Ulrich, August Swerizzen, Bruno Huwyler, Hans J. Koe Hefti, Peter Livers, Sven Capol
Contents: Groove blues / All the things you are / All night long / Soft a bossa / Bag's groove / Blues march / Jumpin' with symphony Sid / Doxy / Your cheatin' heart / Tres palabras / I remember Clifford / Sugar / Django
Performers: ULRICH Arthur (Sassofoni), CAPOL Svend (tp, flh), METZGER Jürg (g), LIVERS Peter (cb), HUWYLER Bruno (d), HEFTI Hans J. Koe (vb), SWERISSEN August (cb), HUWYLER Rolf (d)
Label: 2017-75



coverRené Zedi Quartett: Live in Wittigkofen. Jazzkonzert Reunion Blues
Contents: Bag's groove / Wave / Softli as in a morning sunrise / Come prima / Senza fine / Django / My funny Valentine / Beautiful love
Performers: RENE ZEDI QUARTETT, ZEDI René (vb), LANG Thierry (p), JOHNSON Reggie (cb), PUIGVENTOS Juan (d)



coverQuartett Claudia Muff: Passion d'accordéon II
Contents: Harmonie / Chilbi - und Choronino / Sidste dags vals / Studio 60 / Corinne / Amlikon / Gwerder in Dublin / Näbelmaa / Malojawind / DaKord / Grundli Hans / Nadeschka / Revirado / Passion d'accordéon
Performers: QUARTETT CLAUDIA MUFF, MUFF Claudia (Fisa), BRÜHWILER Felix (g), GOSSWEILER Peter (Bass), DILLIER Julian (d)
Label: ZYT ZYT 4933


coverKoqa Beatbox: Nor will ever be
Contents: Intro / I'm not / Fly / Society says / What did I do / Restlessness / Fly pt. II / Interlude / Lilly / Feel good / Purple
Performers: KOQA, JEANNERAT Luca (tb), DEMARNE Julie (h), MUTHONI THE DRUMMER QUEEN, HENRY Arthur (Rumori vocali, voc m), BUTSCHER Paul (flh), FIVAZ Félix (d)



coverDick|Kieckbusch/Zimmerlin: @. Robert Dick, flutes; Uli Johannes Kieckbusch, piano; Alfred Zimmerlin, cello.
Contents: Carl Counter meets Philipp Point at Emanuel's / Escher and doppler fans meet at Phil's / Third lovers and haters at the zoo / Choose "beuys' blues" at Sue's / Dotted notes run for their lives at the speakeasy / Frank Byron and Shelly Stein drink up at Golem's / Orpheus logs on at / Mnemonic chills at Harmonic's / Poe testing perfumes at Raven's / Butterfly checks the Rust opera at Iron's / Romeo loses his duck at Julie's / Sparkling eye jumps at your ears
Performers: DICK-KIECHBUSCH-ZIMMERLIN, DICK Robert (Flauti, Effetti sonori speciali), KIECKBUSCH Uli Johannes (p, Effetti sonori speciali), ZIMMERLIN Alfred (vc, Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: UNIT UTR 4697



coverAlexander Hawkins-Elaine Mitchener Quartet: Uproot
Contents: Why is love such a funny thing's / Medley / Uproot / If you say so / Blasé / Joy
Performers: ALEXANDER HAWKINS-ELAINE MITCHENER QUARTET, MITCHENER Elaine (voc f), HAWKINS Alexander (p), CHARLES Neil (cb), DAVIS Stephen (d, perc)
Label: INTAKT CD 297


coverAcoustic Blues Drifter: Stripped to the bone
Contents: Mob / Before I go insane / Shave yo' legs / Stop breaking down / I shall be released / Coal mining blues / Setting me up / Walking the dog / Can't you see / Right on time / Stripped to the bone / Blues stay away from me
Performers: ACOUSTIC BLUES DRIFTER, FRIEDRICH Birgit (Background voices), BAUMGARTNER Walter (voc m, hca), SCHWACH Joe (voc m, g)



coverWalt's Blues Box: Flick trick
Contents: Keep the goot things in mind / Flick trick / What kind of love we're goin' through / Open eyes / Ma' nature / Same old blues / Goin' down the road feelin' bad / Wild women don't have the blues / A better man / Peace of mind / I'm a roamer / Looking out a blue window / Who do you think you are / Call it stormy monday
Performers: WALT'S BLUES BOX, BAUMGARTNER Walter (voc m, hca), BERNET Elias (p, org, voc m), ALLISON Joel (E-Bass), EGGER Bernhard (d), SCHELLING Markus (el g), FRIEDRICH Birgit (Background voices), KASEHS Hannes (el g, voc m), ZWEIFEL René (Background voices, Battito delle mani), MÜLLER Andreas (Background voices, Battito delle mani), SCHMID Andreas (d)




coverGisela Horat Trio: Schächäbach. Gesela Horat (p/comp), Simon Iten (b), Samuel Büttiker (dr/perc)
Contents: Für M. / Schächäbach / Das Unheimliche / Augenblicke / Für Vater / Verlorene Freundschaft - oder ein Abschied / Nr.3 lebt / Leben / Wünschen / Februar
Performers: GISELA HORAT TRIO, HORAT Gisela (p), ITEN Simon (cb), BÜTTIKER Samuel (d, perc)




Contents: Keinmal ist einmal / A castle of castles / Skyline / Room 237 / Silent stays / Lapin / The victory of the matter / Blue mist
Performers: INNLAANDDS, LÄNG Antoine (voc m), WINTSCH Michel (synth, p), ORTIS Raphaël (E-Bass), TRONTIN Bernard (d)



coverHans Hasler: Wie die Zeit hinter mir her
Contents: Wohin? / Einerlei - Zweierlei? / Wozu - und wieso nicht? / Fragenzeichen - allein in einer Stadt / Calanda / Benigna / Das Dreieck und der Teppich / Spitziges Zeug / Die Sanduhr ohne Sand / Disput - aber oho! / Die zweieckige Krone / Nähmaschinen-boogie / Akkordämon / Ach so! / Das Lied von den Rosen - den kleinen
Performers: HASSLER Hans (Fisa)
Label: INTAKT CD 288

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