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Please note that the Phonotheque will be closed to the public during the holidays, from Monday 22.12.2014 through Tuesday 06.01.2015 More

AFA Archives - PrivaSphere

AfA Archives - PrivaSphere - Swiss National Sound Archives:
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Fonoteca Swiss Jazz News

Fonoteca Swiss Jazz News:


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Our sound heritage.

A traveling exhibition of the Swiss National Sound Archives.

Musées d'art et d'histoire, Maison Tavel, Genève
14.11.2014 - 15.03.2015


Historical recordings from the Swiss National Sound Archives

More that 200 historical sound documents listenable now!


Expo 64Expo 64, a sound landscape

The Swiss National Sound Archives is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the National Exhibition of 1964 (Expo 64) by re-creating a sound landscape of this event, that was held in Lausanne from 30 April to 25 October 1964. (in French)

histoire.chThe Phonotheque participates in project is the first participative platform dedicated to the archives of western Switzerland. Please visit the page of the Phonotheque on!

Save the BRS
Save the BRS is a techno-campaign with the aim to restore the BRS to its full shine. The BOP Recording Studios & Resort (BRS) is a fantastic structure dedicated to the world of sound, designed and built in the early nineties by Swiss architect Thomas Rast and world-renowned acoustician Tom Hidley.

tü ta too
Raising the Q-bar

The Swiss National Sound Archives, under the slogan Raising the Q(uality) bar initiates, promotes, and participates in a number of projects that aim to optimize the playback quality of each and every sound recording, thus helping to enhance the emotions aroused in the user at the time of listening.

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