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The collecting activity of the Swiss National Sound Archives began in 1986. With the deposit of the entire collection of materials belonging to SUISA and the integration of various other collections, it has been possible for us to complete the Swiss National Sound Archives collection of materials with numerous audio carriers produced before that date.

If we consider that Switzerland does not impose any legal filing requirement, we cannot claim that our collection mandate has been fulfilled in its entirety and, therefore, that the collection of materials acquired starting from 1986 includes all the published audio carriers. The audio carriers are all documented in the Swiss National Sound Archives' database and can be consulted on this website.

The collections contain:

  1. Products of the record industry

    The copies deposited in the Swiss National Sound Archives collections were offered voluntarily by publishers, makers, authors and performers. Purchases have been made only in the case of some isolated products of small foreign makers.

  2. SUISA Deposit

    SUISA deposits systematically at the Swiss National Sound Archive all the audio carriers it receives in relation to the management of copyrights and reproduction rights. The deposit contains two types of audio documents:

    • commercial recordings
    • unpublished recordings (work declarations)
  3. Audio documents related to scientific research

    • Deposit of the original recordings for linguistic research conducted by Dr. Mario Vicari on the dialects of the valleys of Blenio and Leventina
    • Original documents of the project entitled "Scientific Survey on the History of Radio in Switzerland" (Oral History)
  4. Deposit of the Swiss National Library

    Currently the collection of audio carriers of the Swiss National Library is deposited at the Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano. The material can be consulted through the Loans service of the National Library or of the Swiss National Sound Archives.

  5. Recordings of historical radio broadcasts (from 1932 up to about 1955)

    From 1992 to 2002, the Swiss National Sound Archives implemented, using financial resources provided by the Federal Government and working in close collaboration with SRG SSR idée suisse and Memoriav, a far-reaching salvage project involving the radio broadcasts recorded on discs between 1932 and 1955. The content of these discs has been copied entirely onto digital carriers and is documented in a database that can be consulted here or on the website of Memoriav. The master copies, containing broadcasts from the radio studios of Lugano, Lausanne, Geneva, Basel, Zurich, Bern and Chur, are stored at the Swiss National Sound Archives.


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