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coverGabriela Krapf: How is your world today
Contents: Roadtrip / Funny shaped balloons / How is your world today / Heavenly made / Exit ahead / Naturally / Meet the horns / The forest song / The last note
Performers: KRAPF Gabriela (voc f, p), KISER Silvan (tp, flh), LUNARDI Raffaele (ts), POWELL Phil (tb), RÖSLI Christian (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, synth, p), SCHNELLMANN Andi (E-Bass), TROXLER Arno (d)




coverMarc Jufer Trio: Trip to the center
Contents: Symétrique ascendant / Mrddg / Sick / Double reverb / In fact / Sigh / Lou sau do baou / I don't know why / Bass no more
Performers: MARC JUFER TRIO, JUFER Marc (ts), HOPPE Lisa (cb), GRAY Devin (d)
Label: QFTF 069



coverLars Binder: My personal songbook
Contents: Borstenzwerg / Fruzz / Piece for M.M. / Grün / Pay attention / Trance / Herz / First october / Coming home / Ballade
Performers: SPANIOL Lars (bcl, ts), BÖHM Rainer (el p), WEISS Günter (g), BODENSEH Markus (cb), BINDER Lars (d)


coverDuo Fatale: Roulette-circles. Jopo & Ingeborg Poffet
Contents: Circle / Roulette / Walk on the carpet / Pelling at first sight / Pictures from Beetwa-River / Real things
Performers: DUO FATALE, JOPO (as, voc m, perc), POFFET Ingeborg (Fisa, perc, voc f)
Label: XOPF RECORDS Nr. 053
Link:; htto://



coverBig Stream Band
Contents: Moten swing / The heat's on / Blues for Hanns Lind / Shiny stockings / Echoes of Harlem / Basically blues / Cute / In a mist / Tiger rag / I remember Bird / Wiggle waggle
Performers: BIG STREAM BAND, SCHLUCHTER Daniel (sax), DOBKOVSKI Rick (tp), KYAS Olger (sax), RUMO Bernhard (sax, Sassofoni), BIANCHIN Dario (g), EMMENEGGER Fabian (el p), ACKERMANN Norbert (tp), RUDIN Pascal (tb), KYAS Holger (sax, Sassofoni), SCHLUCHTER Dani (sax, Sassofoni), TURTLE Mike (d), HEINIS Antoine (tp), RICKLIN Martin (tp), STEININGER Dieter (tp), VEITH Erwin (tb), KIRNBAUER Martin (tb), DELORIO Adriano (tb), PUCHTLER Oliver (tb), STOLL Werner (Sassofoni), MEYER René (Sassofoni), WITSCHI Gunnar (Sassofoni), ABT Florian (cb)



coverPedro Bermudez: No limits. Special guests: Eddie Gomez, Duduka Da Fonseca, Richie Flores, Oscar Stagnaro
Contents: Yubá / La número siete / El jarriero / Alc / The dreamer / Bombaiao / Redentor / Chorinho para Mariá / Iván's cha / Caminhos cruzados / Offbeat / No limits / Long walk
Performers: BERMUDEZ Pedro (p, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), RENTA Ivan (ts), JAIME Nelson "Gazu" (tp), LOPEZ Diego (d), MALDONADO Carli (cga, Timpano), STAGNARO Oscar (E-Bass, perc), RENT Ivan (ss), RIVERA Cristian (cga), ARROYO Mike (el g, ac-g), RODRIGUEZ Ruben (E-Bass), FLORES Richie (cga), CHERICO Vince (d), RODRIGUZ Ruben (E-Bass), MALCONADO Carli (cga), MARTINEZ Efrain (d), GOMEZ Eddie (cb), EFRAIN Martinez (d), FONSEDA Duduka da (d, perc), SALLES Felipe (ss), RODRIGUEZ Gabriel (E-Bass), FONSECA Duduka da (d, perc), BAIANA Ana (voc f), RODRIGUEZ David "Piro" (tp)
Label: LUIZAMA MUSIC LM 10-001, 0972279811-2



coverBarbara Balzan Quartet: Tender awakening
Contents: Tender awakening / God bless / Tango carina / I fall in love too easily / A good friends story / Paragem / I wanna go too far / La rivière tranquille / For Aline / La corbière
Performers: BARBARA BALZAN QUARTET, BALZAN Barbara (voc f), DREIFUSS Marco (p), PEZZOTTI Daniel (vc), SCHENKEL Thomas (cb)



coverDonat fisch, Christian Wolfarth: Circle and line 3
Contents: Prinz / Schaman / Perser-Alta-Schlaflos / Mäander / Tom / Little Nemo / Magellan / Rainy day in Jokkmokk
Performers: FISCH Donat (ts, as), WOLFARTH Christian (d)
Label: QFTF 088


coverChristoph Irniger Pilgrim: Crosswinds
Contents: Big wheel / Luce oscura / Point of view / Miniature / Crosswinds / C Major improvisation / Studio song / Inside / Aeon
Performers: CHRISTOPH IRNIGER PILGRIM, IRNIGER Christoph (ts), AEBY Stefan (p), GISLER Dave (g), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), STULZ Michi (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 323



coverWynavalley Oldtime Jazzband
Contents: Wang wang blues / That da da strain / Saratoga swing / Cornet chop suey / Original dixieland one-step / Blue turning grey over you / After you've gone / Memphis blues / Blues my naughty sweetie / Ain't she sweet / Ain't misbehavin' / Dippermouth blues / West end blues / Bugle boy march / Jeeps blues / That's a plenty
Performers: WYNAVALLEY OLDTIME JAZZBAND, BUCK Shilo (tp, flh, voc m), BEYELER Peter C. (cl, sax), GISIN Werner (tb), GLAUSER Heinz (bjo, g, voc m), KELLER Max (cb), DAETWYLER Walter (d)



coverWynavalley Oldtime Jazzband. 2011
Contents: Beale street blues / Bill Bailay / Wabash blues / Bourbon street parade / St. Louis blues / Buddy Bolden blues / Stevedore stomp / Franklin street blues / C-jam-blues / Weary blues / Canal street blues / Some of these days / Muskrat ramble / Savoy blues
Performers: WYNAVALLEY OLDTIME JAZZBAND, BUCK Shilo (tp), GISIN Werner (tb, voc m), BEYELER Peter C. (sax, cl), GLAUSER Heinz (g, bjo, voc m, hca), LEHMANN Heinz (cb), DAETWYLER Walter (d)




coverLes Chemins de Traverse: Dragonfly
Contents: Overture / Emergences / Fata Morgana / Abacus / Dragon ivre / Steppe de cheval / Errances obsessives / Finale
Performers: LES CHEMINS DE TRAVERSE (afl, Flauto traverso basso, Flauto traverso contrabbasso, fl), MINDER Barbara (Flauti traversi), AMIGUET Matthieu (Flauti traversi)




coverSchwalbe & Elefant: 2. Akt
Contents: S anderen Ich / Ich weigre mich / Ois zeichne / Schtürchle / Hesch mr s z schpüre geh / Gfühlssach / s Kunschtnaturell / Er und Sie und de Garte / Akt / Gummiseel / Gang jetzt weg / Wirsch es au / Fägnäscht / De Panamakanal / Chruut im Chopf
Performers: SCHWALBE & ELEFANT, DONADIO Dalia (voc f), VOGEL Linda (hp, voc f), MANTEL Lukas (d), MEIER Tobias (sax), JEGER Silvan (cb)



coverAtrium: Feeding on grass
Contents: Hobson's choice / Feeding on grass / Two-dimensional souvenir / Wasteland / I was washing my bones / Left this place / Time monster
Performers: ATRIUM, KIRCHHOFER Andrea (voc f, v), SZYFER Noam (g), RÜGGER Pascal (E-Bass), ZIMMERMANN Flo (d)



coverDominic Egli's Plurism: Azania in mind
Contents: Ewé Lulama (for Bra Lulama) / Assiko / Begena meditation / An african elegy / For the ones left (for the Herero and the Nama) / The n'nonmiton of Dahomey / Lettre à Fatou Diome / Crossing the Sahara (for the women on the road) / Ulale kakuhle
Performers: DOMINIC EGLI'S PLURISM, FAKU Feya (tp, flh), GEYMEIER Ganesh (ts), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), EGLI Dominic (d, Kalimba), MAKUZENI Siya (voc f), APARTIAN-FRIEDLI Houry Dora (voc f), SPINNLER Lisette (voc f)
Label: UNIT UTR 4880



coverGilles Torrent: Song for Barack Obama
Contents: Song for Barack Obama / Turquoise / Initiation / Evanescence / Etrangete / Les quatre elements / L'or du silence / Ouannassa / Kalahari / Elevation / Dolphy's waltz
Performers: NOAH Azania (voc f), CHIAESE Clarissa (fl), TORRENT Gilles (ts), LOUNIS Damien (p), GROSS Sébastien (cb), TSCHAMPER Michael (d), GALLIX Linda (p), GALLIX François (cb), SERRET Nicolas (d), GAYLE Caylen (fl)



coverSwingstrings: Thorns & roses
Contents: The sheik of Araby / Cry me a river / Avalon / I'm confessing / The single petal of a rose / Bossa dorado / Waltzing stroll / Summertime / Autumn leaves / The man I love / Happy blues / Out of nowhere
Performers: SWINGSTRINGS, BURKI Georges (v), WÄCKERLI Urs (v, va), MUSSO Fulvio (g), HIRT Thomas (cb), MORENO-RATHGEB Roger (Fisa)



coverNik Bärtsch's Mobile: Aer
Contents: Modul 29 / Modul 16 / Modul 18 / Modul 20 / Modul 26 / Modul 8_11
Performers: NIK BÄRTSCH'S MOBILE, SHA (bcl), BÄRTSCH Nik (p), ESER Mats (mrb, perc), RAST Kaspar (d)



coverDas Beet
Contents: Im Vergleich dazu / A ghost innit? / Von Ziegen und Wölfen / 2nd layer / Mein lieber Perfektionist / Zum Tagesgeschehen / Früh / Those places / Zurück und anders / Formelbuch / Unexpected visitor / Animal perspective / Das Kleingedruckte / Antwort auf keine Frage / Collector's item / Hard time killing floor / Danach: ein nur fast verstecktes Lied
Performers: DAS BEET, SCHAERER Andreas (voc m, Effetti sonori speciali), MEIER Claude (E-Bass, Effetti sonori speciali, cb), STEINER Christoph (d, Effetti sonori speciali, perc)
Label: ANUK 0002



coverBonnie Barnett: Delay in gravity
Contents: Double h / Shades of Pasadena / Something to do with Max / Stalactite / Delay in gravity / Heads above / Best foot / Oxymoron / Never know / More bleending icons / Elucidate / Facets
Performers: BARNETT Bonnie (voc f), WHITMORE Michael (ac-g), GIGER Hannes (cb), WEST Richie (d), ZOOI Walter (tp), KOENIG Eli (d), LONBERG-HOLM Fred (vc), CLINE Nels (g, Effetti sonori speciali, el g), WEST Richhie (d)
Label: 9 WINDS NWCD 0161



coverBhs Organ Trio: Go
Contents: Déambulation nocturne / La capitale (Le jour) / Waltz for Sophie / Nacht / 08 / 08 / Go / Chorale / Schweinegrippe
Performers: BHS ORGAN TRIO, HELLMÜLLER Franz (g), BAUSER Thomas (ho), STULZ Michi (d)
Label: MONS RECORDS MR 874515


coverUruk: The descent of Inanna
Contents: Queen of the great below / Ereshkigal
Performers: URUK, PUPILLO Marco (E-Bass, Effetti sonori speciali), THIGHPAULSANDRA (synth, p, Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: CAVE 12 c12A06


coverBen Zahler's Songgoing: Quietly cold
Contents: Off the hook / Quietly cold / So much nonsense (and furthermore) / Lullaby for the wild / Dancing elf / I like that papermoon / Long deep sleep song / Snow dreaming / Strange enough / More / Falling gloves are always blue / Monday morning move
Performers: BEN ZAHLER'S SONGGOING, RITTER Isabelle (voc f), ZAHLER Ben (fl), BAUMGARTNER Thomas (p), NENNINGER Marco (cb)
Label: TCB 35902



coverShane Quartet: Moving picture
Contents: Pilgrim / Moving pictures / Sarajevo roses / Daydream / Tromso / Later that day / A dozen things / #14
Performers: SHANE QUARTET, WENGER Gabriel (sax), GILSENAN Michael (sax), KRÜTTLI James (cb), LEIBUNDGUT Philipp (d), VOGEL Niklaus, SCHULER Laura (v), FELLEY Filomena (va), HEGGENDORN Raphael (Cello), MILLIOUD Vincent (v)
Label: ANUK 0032



coverAckle.Cousins.Vogel: Ain't that a groove 03. Tryin' to make it Featuring Charles McNeal
Contents: Pusherman / Mr. Day / Gibraltar / I need some money / Cold duck time / Soul serenade / Compared to what
Performers: ACKLE.COUSINS.VOGEL, McNEAL Charles (ts), ACKLE Hendrix (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, org, voc m), COUSINS Richard (E-Bass), VOGEL Alfred (d), KUHN Philippe (org, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes)



coverNews and bestsellers. Concert band, young band, flex band
Contents: Piccolbello jazzy suite / Piccobello apero / Piccobello tarantella e cancan / Wheel of fortune / She taught me how to yodel / La soupe aux choux / La tribu de Dana / Adventures of Tintin / Slavische fantasie / Kalasnjikov / Hymne à la nuit / Les gendarmes de St. Tropez / La salsa du démon / The water is wide / Enae volare / Wild cat blues / La java de Broadway / Best of Lady Gaga / Puttin' on the Ritz / Sailing for adventure / Pas de boogie woogie / Danzon 2 / Madagascar - escape 2 Africa / Alice's / Je ne suis pas un heros / Ameno / La vita e bella / Highland cathedral / Madonna: queen of pop / Little house of the prairie / Djindji rindji bumara / Pastime with good company / Heidi / Sofreska / Petit Papa Noël / MacGyver / The mission / Magnum P.I. / Hallelujah / Hasapiko / Wild wild west - mystère de l'ouest / Old ned / Captain America / Choral / Scales, technique, velocity
Performers: )


coverChristophe Berthet, Vinz Vonlanthen, Cyril Bondi: Silo
Contents: Présage / Alcatraz / Brest / 7h13 / Crépusculaire / Complainte alpestre / Astéröide / Microcosme / Passage / Animal song / Cyanogène / Durch Berlin / Chimère
Performers: BERTHET Christophe (Sassofoni, cl), VONLANTHEN Vinz (g), BONDI Cyril (d, perc, Effetti sonori speciali)



coverFabienne Ambühl: Glitterwoods
Contents: Glitterwoods Part 1 / Glitterwoods part 2 / Glitterwoods part 3 / Hang on / Was / Oasis / Black horses suite / No memories / Paths / Sea son / Inchworms / While we were gone / Between your eyes
Performers: FABIENNE AMBÜHL TRIO, AMBÜHL Fabienne (p, voc f), GOLOUBEV Yuri (cb), SIRKIS Asaf (d, Hang)
Label: TRAUMTON 4613


coverNik Bärtsch's Ronin: Rea
Contents: Modul 27 / Modul 22 / Modul 18 / Modul 26 / Modul 23
Performers: NIK BÄRTSCH'S RONIN, SHA (bcl), GEIGER Thomy (ts), GASSMANN Michael (tp), BÄRTSCH Nik (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, p), MEYER Björn (E-Bass), PUPATO Andi (perc), RAST Kaspar (d)



coverFranco Ambrosetti: After the rain. Greg Osby, Gianluca Ambrosetti, Dado Moroni, Buster Williams, Terri Lyne Carrington
Contents: Retro vs. new age / After the rain / Jamon Andaluz / Crescent / Twisting the blues / Ilios silia / Circularity / Why should I care
Performers: AMBROSETTI Franco (flh), AMBROSETTI Gianluca (ss), OSBY Greg (as), MORONI Dado (p), WILLIAMS Buster (cb), CARRINGTON Terri Lyne (d)
Label: ENJA ENJ-9624 2



coverSusanne Abbuehl: The gift
Contents: The cloud / This and my heart / If bees are few / My river runs to you / Ashore at last / Forbidden fruit / By day, by night / A slash of blue / Wild nights / In my room / Bind me / Soon (Five years ago) / Fall, leaves, fall / Sepal / Shadows on shadows
Performers: ABBUEHL Susanne (voc f), MICHEL Matthieu (flh), BREDERODE Wolfert (Armonio indiano, p), LOUHIVUORI Olavi (d, perc)
Label: 3727084, ECM 2322



coverJim Szilagyi: Blue & gipsy. Featuring Chuck Manning, Isla Eckinger, Tim Pleasant
Contents: Ev'rything I love / Here's to you / Light blue / I'll only Miss Him / Paul's pal / Moonlight / Out of this world / I concentrate on you / Tabetha / Deep in my dreams
Performers: MANNING Chuck (ts), SZILAGYI Jim (p), ECKINGER Isla (cb), PLEASANT Tim (d)
Label: SP RECORDS SP 2014


coverBBRS: Improvising in the consulting room. Denis Beuret, Dominik Burger, Jerry Rojas, Ekkehard Sassenhausen
Contents: Consulting #01 / S.C.T.S. / Consulting #03 / Consulting #04 / Consulting #05 / Consulting #06 / Consulting #07 / Follow your heart / Consulting #09 / Consulting #10
Performers: BBRS, BEURET Denis (tb, Effetti sonori speciali), SASSENHAUSEN Ekkehard (Sassofoni), ROJAS Jerry (Chitarre), BURGER Dominik (d)


coverChristoph Grab Raw Vision: Fool's dance
Contents: Blitzt's z'Züri? / Lamento / Rohling / Gossip / Duke's mood / Döschwoo / Resistance becomes duty / Tanzbär
Performers: CHRISTOPH GRAB RAW VISION, GRAB Christoph (sax), GRAUPE Ronny (g), LÜSCHER Thomas (p), WALSER Raphael (cb), PARATTE Maxime (d)
Label: QFTF 090



coverAndreas Knecht: Fourty
Contents: Poseidon's daughter / For you (my love) / Bossa for Andreas / Am Trottoir / Thai salsa / When I smile / Knacki auf Koffein / Andrew's blues at Hotel Montana / From now on / Mo' go now / Samba a Juan / One
Performers: KNECHT Andreas (p, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), GERHARDS Kalli (cb), SCHOLL Philipp (d), JONSSON Patrick (voc m), WIESNER Finn (ts, as), HARRER Simon (tb), HAHN Jürgen (tp, flh), GIOIA Daniel "Topo" (perc), WIESTER Finn (ts), LÜSCHER Thomas (org), CROBU Giorgio (g)


coverBassic Vibes: Autumn waltz
Contents: Ozzy's blues / Ballade für Camill / Autumn waltz / He blue it / Elephant lovesong / Manu's mood / The sweet banana song / Ricordi / Rosina / The motor rolls / Yo-io-io yodel / Tango habanero
Performers: BASSIC VIBES, FISCHER Erich (vb, voc m), LÄHNS Thomas (cb)
Label: UNIT UTR 4667



coverFanny Anderegg Quartet: Home
Contents: I'm afraid / The river / Follow silently / My name is / Berceuse / Lester / No one else around / I go to go / Je suis la mer / Free / Novecento / Ghostdance / Shankari / Silence / Nomade
Performers: FANNY ANDEREGG QUARTET, ANDEREGG Fanny (voc f, Hang, Kalimba), MEMBREZ Vincent (p, Harmonium), GOSSWEILER Peter (cb), GALATI Luigi (d, Effetti sonori speciali), DUBUIS Lucien (cl), TSCHOPP Andreas (tb)


coverBlue Veins: 398 Dean Street
Contents: Baby let's burn / Yoga / The clean-up / A different story to me / Fire inside / I can't stand the rain / Heart in pieces / The common ground / Fortunate / When my world comes crashing down / Playing by the rules in heaven / River lake sea girl / If I had been told
Performers: BLUE VEINS, DANIEL Laura (voc f), GEHRING Niklaus (d, perc), WEYERMANN Adi (el g), NIEUWLANDS Pim (p, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, keyb, ac-g), KAUFMANN Simon (E-Bass), ACKLE Hendrix (ho), PREISIG Tobias (v)
Label: NBO111


coverLuca Aquino: Live proposal 2011
Contents: Mi sei scoppiato dentro il cuore / Nuvola grigia / La mer / Melòdia / Lunaria / John Bonham strike / Jumpiering / From the morning / Fabio e Mattia / Man child / La zattera rossa / Oslo / Labirinto / B
Performers: LUNARIA, AQUINO Luca (flh, tp, Effetti sonori speciali, Generatore loop, voc m), BARDOSCIA Marco (cb, Effetti sonori speciali, E-Bass), BRUGNANO Gianluca (d), OSLO TRIO, DALLA Lucio (voc m), ERLIEN Audun (E-Bass, synth), HOLTE Wetle (d, perc, Glockenspiel, Effetti sonori speciali), VITO Maria de (voc f), CHERILLO Roberto (voc m, p), SOFFICE, THE SKOPJE CONNECTION, EMIN Dzjian (frh), SARESKI Georgy (g), REIJSEGER Ernst (vc)



coverPaolo Angeli: Linee di fuga
Contents: Ape / Linee di fuga / Tratti / Fuori dal bacello / Piano a denti stretti / Onde medie / Transfigurazioni / Game over = Gioco finito / Tra una gamba e l'altra / Acqua passata / Cotton fioc / Canto in re
Performers: ANGELI Paolo (g, Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: P.J.P. P.J.P. 002, ERH 012


coverAstral Project: New Orleans LA.
Contents: Bongo Joe / Oneness / Sidewalk strut / Instant composition / Supersonic hawk / A flower is a lovesome thing / Miles / I mean you / Indian folk song / Utviklingssang (Viking song)
Performers: DAGRADI Tony (Sassofoni), TORKANOWSKY David (p), MASAKOWSKI Steve (g), SINGLETON Jim (cb), VIDACOVICH Johnny (d)



coverAutour De Sophie
Contents: Still / Scarecrow's dance / Soul kitchen / It takes three / Carry on / Little white freckles / Tempest in a shrubbery / Again / Jungle / Atlantis
Performers: AUTOUR DE SOPHIE, KUMMER Sophie (voc f), BAUMANN Raoul (p, Clavinet, ho, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, synth, Scuotitore), HEINIGER Nicolas (Chitarre, fl, g, Metallofono), ALLFLATT Alex (E-Bass), GRIMM Sylvain (d), SOPHIE (voc f), RIZZO Rosario, MOESCHLER Sandrine (v), CAPEROS Christian (v), BUCHER Katia (v), HEINIGER Marion (v), MISEREZ Céline (v), BRUGGER Frédéric (va), MONNAT Carole (va), MONNAT Esther (vc), GFELLER Markus (cb), HENIGER Nicolas (fl, Chitarre)


coverFrantz Loriot, Christian Wolfarth: The call
Contents: Into the primitive / The dominant primordial beast / Refinement of the thought / The sounding of the call / Closely related / Slight dizzines
Performers: LORIOT Frantz (va), WOLFARTH Christian (perc)



coverAbsolute Esemble, Kristjan Järvi: Arabian nights. Live at Town Hall NYC. Marcel Khalifé, Bachar Khalifé, Daniel Schnyder, Bassam Saba
Contents: Bahriyyeh / La prière de l'absent / Amr I bismiki / Da kord / Dyun 1 / Dyun 2 / Bayat / Concerto for Nay / Sabah el leil
Performers: ABSOLUTE ENSEMBLE, JÄRVI Kristjan, KHALIFE Marcel (Ud, voc m), KHALIFE Bachar (perc), SABA Bassam (Nai, Ud), SCHNYDER Daniel (sax), KHALIFE Rami (p), BASSMAN Damien (d), FIELDES Mat (cb), GELLEV Vesselin (v), HERSKOWITZ Matt (p, keyb, synth), KUUSKMANN Martin (bn), KODHELI Rubin (vc), REID Hayley Melitta (fl), PORTER Charles (tp), RAMIREZ Edmundo (va), SELTZER Michael (tb), SUZUKI Michiyo (cl), CENTRONE April (perc)
Label: ENJA ENJ-9571 2


coverCinzia Catania: Anatomy of melancholy
Contents: Anatomy of melancholy / Turn back time / I tried / Days are passing by / Is that all / Luminous tendril of celestial wish / 'a naca / 'a vulpi / Like little white moons on trees
Performers: CATANIA Cinzia (voc f), GERNET Lukas (p, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), JERJEN Rafael (cb, E-Bass), BÜTTIKER Samuel (d)
Label: QFTF 064


coverNik Bärtsch's Ronin: Randori
Contents: Modul 15 / Modul 8_9 I / Modul 8_9 II / Modul 8_9 III / Modul 10 / Modul 13 / Modul 14 / Modul 11 / Modul 15_9
Performers: NIK BÄRTSCH'S RONIN, BÄRTSCH Nik (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, synth, d, p), MEYER Björn (E-Bass), RAST Kaspar (d, Udu), PUPATO Andi (perc, Samba egg, Campane, Scuotitore)



coverStefan Aeby Trio: Utopia
Contents: Vevey / September / Utopia / Es schneit doch Hüt / Mingma / Bruine / Riot / Mindarai
Performers: STEFAN AEBY TRIO, AEBY Stefan (p), POUSAZ André (cb), SARTORIUS Julian (d)
Label: OZELLA OZ 050 CD


coverJason Kahn: Drums and metals
Contents: Snare drum + bell / Bass drum + snare drum + floor tom + bells / Bass drum + snare drum + hi hat cymbals + bell + disc / Floor tom + cymbal + turine / Bass drum + snare drum + floor tom + hi hat cymbals + turine / Hi hat cymbals
Performers: KAHN Jason (d, perc)
Label: CUTRECORDS cut 003


Contents: Tendr heart sensual fantasy space / Long drives park benches / Bnium / Same places and times / Kamiyui no tenchou / Pink / Safe landing / Eating raw fish is cooking in your mouth / Too much load / Karona backwards / Bushghosts / Taidan keishiki? / Fast moving in a closed space / All's well
Performers: REPEAT, NAKAMURA Toshimaru (g, Effetti sonori speciali, Sampler), KAHN Jason (d, perc, Sampler)
Label: CUTRECORDS cut 002 / reset 001


coverCentazzo-Schiaffini-Armaroli: Trigonos
Contents: Deuterium #1 / Deuterium #2 / Metapenta #1 / Metapenta #2 / Reloaded again / The real vibone / Trigonos #1 / Trigonos #2 / Trigonos #3 / Trigonos #4
Performers: CENTAZZO Andrea (perc, Percussioni elettroniche, Sampler), ARMAROLI Sergio (vb), SCHIAFFINI Giancarlo (tb)

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