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coverNo Square Jazz Quartet: Bad Bus
Contents: The bee / 654 / A very special duck / Les ambassadeurs / Labyrinthe (Dédicace) / Plan Z / Bad bus / Elephant man / Correlation / Aphone
Performers: NO SQUARE JAZZ QUARTET, DUMARQUE Matthieu (Sassofoni), HAUDENSCHILD Michael (p), HAHNE André (E-Bass), FRIEDLI Lionel (d)
Label: BRAMBUS 201897-2
Link: http://www.brambus.com



coverStefan Aeby Trio: The London concert. Stefan Aeby, André Pousaz, Michi Stulz
Contents: Shi / Knabautsch / The wheel / Dalston / Iuk / Song for A. / To the light
Performers: STEFAN AEBY TRIO, AEBY Stefan (p), POUSAZ André (cb), STULZ Michi (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 315
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverLive at The Bird's Eye Jazz Club. Volume 18. Innovation is tradition. (Sampler)
Contents: Choice / In retrospect/Charles / Rise / Pensimientos mundiales / Old man / Franz & Paula / Love me tender / Roscopaje / Melting / Back home
Performers: ROYAL FLASH, MAKUZENI Siya (voc f), EGLI Florian (as), TSCHOPP Andreas (tb), FAVRE Florian (p), JEPHTA Benjamin (cb), CHESHAM Kevin (d), BEN VAN GELDER AMONG VERTICALS, VAN GELDER Ben (as), SCHLAMB Peter (vb), HARRIS Sam (p), ROSATO Rick (cb), WEINRIB Craig (d), KLAUS HEIDENREICH QUARTET, HEIDENREICH Klaus (tb), STERNAL Sebastian (p), LANDFERMANN Robert (cb), BUGWINKEL Jonas (d), JULIE FAHRER QUINTET, FAHRER Julie (voc f), MORITZ Octave (tp), HIRSIG Sebastian (p), NEYE Hagen (cb), NORZ Christian (d), MIMON, ROSSE Raphael (eu), TRAXEL Lukas (cb), HEISLER Frederik (d), JOHANNES ENDERS INTERNATIONAL JAZZ QUARTET, ENDERS Johannes (ts), EVANS Orrin (p), TEEPE Joris (cb), CURTIS Howard (d), CIA TRIO, MADSEN Peter (p), HAMMERL Herwig (cb), VOGEL Alfred (d), ROBIN VERHEYEN NY QUARTET, VERHEYEN Robin (ss), JOHNSON Russ (tp), GRESS Drew (cb), DAVIS Jeff (d), ANDY HUNTER - JOHAN HÖRLEN CONFLUENCE, HÖRLEN Johan (as), HUNTER Andy (tb), BÖHM Rainer (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), SJÖSTEDT Martin (cb), FISCHER Danny (d), JULIAN SHORE QUARTET, STEPHENS Dayna (EWI), SHORE Julian (p), BAREKET Or (cb), STRANAHAM Colin (d)
Label: LABE 18
Link: https://www.birdseye.ch/



coverVeronika's Ndiigo: Fly
Contents: Fly / Art of being / Searching for home / Gaia / The road / Victory of defeat / The frames / So near / Night on Lakotaland / Whre you're from / Blue eyes
Performers: VERONIKA'S NDIIGO, SCHRANZ Corina (voc f), JOST Dina (voc f), CISSOKHO King Sankoum (Kora), STALDER Veronika (voc f, ac-g, Effetti sonori speciali), CISSOKHO Prince Moussa (voc m, Kora), HARTUNG Oli (Chitarre), SCHIAVANO Antonio (E-Bass), BAUR Samuel (perc)
Label: VS03
Link: http://www.veronikastalder.ch



coverBridge Pipers Jazz Band: Les oignons
Contents: Les oignons / Ain't she sweet / Down in honky tonk town / Go back where you stayed last night / Conti street parade / I cried for you / Old fashioned love / Old stack O'Lee blues / Coney Island washboard / Dangerous blues / Roses of picardy / Sweethearts on parade / Old time religion / Dans les rues d'Antibes / Milenberg joys / Hot lips / Go to the mardi gras / When the swallows come back to Capistrano / I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate / Red sails in the sunset / Yellow dog blues / Everybody loves my baby / When the saints go marching in / Until we meet again
Performers: BRIDGE PIPERS JAZZ BAND, WARTENWEILER Cornelia (voc f), THOMANN Peter (cl, Sassofoni, fl), ETTER Alexander (tp, c), LIECHTI Denis (tb), KARL Didier (p), SCHMID Willy-Marc (bjo, g), HÄNNI Heinz R. (cb, tu), BIERI Erwin (d)
Label: HUSER RECORDS HR 180424, BPCD 6
Link: http://www.huser-records.ch; http://www.bridge-pipers.ch



coverOrgzeptor: Welcome
Contents: Dancing / Everything / Sunday morning shuffle / Lights / Summertime / Welcome / Stop leading me / Voodoo love / Latina
Performers: ORGZEPTOR, DA MUTTEN Pius (sax), JOHANSSON Magnus, ZAKOSEK Janez (E-Bass), NEUMÄRKER Brigitte (voc f), VITALE Walter (d), NUZZI Roberto (org), NUZZI Loris (Chitarre)
Label: UNIT
Link: http://www.orgzeptor.ch



coverFredy Studer: Now's the time
Contents: InPuls / Brubber / Can I? (With a little help from my friend Pierre) / Katharina San / Noisy groove / Lies mehr Nadeln / Circle stomp (With a little help from my friend Jojo) / An open window for Frasi / Now's the time / Another day / Lonely breathing / Joysticks (With a little help from my friend Joey) / Risky edge / Rostiger Himmel
Performers: STUDER Fredy (d, Piatti sospesi, Gong, Acquagong)
Link: https://irascible.ch/; http://everestrecords.ch/; https://www.fredystuder.ch/



coverChristy Doran: 144 String for a broken chord. A piece in seven parts composed by Chrsity Doran for 20 electric guitars, 4 electric bass guitars anc drums
Contents: 144 strings for a broken chord. A piece in seven parts for 20 electric guitars, 4 electric bass guitars and drums
Performers: VOIROL John, BELTRAMI Walter (el g), BÜCHEL Manuel (el g), CATALDO Glauco (el g), DORAN Christy (el g), D'ERRICO Lucia (el g), GISLER Dave (el g), GUILFOYLE Christopher (el g), HELLMÜLLER Franz (el g), METEAU Laurent (el g), MÜLLER Urs (el g), REICHMUTH Yves (el g), RESPONDEK Florian (el g), RUPP Simon (el g), SCHÄPPI Philippe Emanuel (el g), SCHAUFELBERGER Philipp (el g), STETTLER Nicolas (el g), VÖGELI Urs (el g), WINIKER Christian (el g), ZEMP Christian (el g), ZWAHLEN Gael (el g), BERTHER Martina (E-Bass), FONTANARROSA Franco (E-Bass), SCHNELLMANN Andi (E-Bass), ZWIAUER Wolfgang (E-Bass), MANTEL Lukas (d)
Link: https://www.christydoran.ch



coverAndres Jimenez: Quintet. Live
Contents: Quintet / Magga / The week with no days / Nirodha / The wind in your hair / Samudaya
Performers: ANDRES JIMENEZ QUINTET, GESSENEY Manu (as), BAUD Jeff (tp), JIMENEZ Andres (p), COMPARATO Jean-Pierre (cb), BROUZE Antoine (d)
Label: UNIT UTR 4857
Link: http://www.unitrecords.com; http://www.andresjimenez.ch



coverKukuruz Quartet: Julius Eastman piano interpretations. Philip Bartels, Duri Collenberg, Simone Keller, Lukas Rickli
Contents: Fugue, no. 7 / Evil nigger / Buddha / Gay guerrilla
Performers: KUKURUZ QUARTET, BARTELS Philip (p), COLLENBERG Duri (p), KELLER Simone (p), RICKLI Lukas (p)
Label: INTAKT CD 306
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverFritz Hauser: Laboratorio. Solo percussion
Contents: Uno / Due / Tre / Quatro / Cinque / Sei
Performers: HAUSER Fritz (perc)
Label: HAT[NOW]ART 216
Link: http://www.hathut.com



coverAddison Frei Trio: No defense
Contents: No defense / Uptown getdown / The ever adapting herd / Washington's men / T tune / Nancy with the laughing face / Come on in / She moved through the fair / Coming on the Hudson / Sabor a mi
Performers: ADDISON FREI TRIO, FREI Addison (p), SHMERLING Tamir (cb), GONZI Mario (d)
Label: TCB 35502
Link: http://www.challengerecords.com; http://www.tcb.ch



coverKarlheinz Stockhausen: Historic first recordings.. of the Klavierstücke I-VIII & XI. David Tudor, piano
Contents: Klavierstücke I-XI
Performers: TUDOR David (p)
Label: HAT NOW ART ART 172
Link: www.hathut.com



coverLa plainte
Contents: La plainte
Performers: MÜLLER Günter (iPod, Effetti sonori speciali), MÖSLANG Norbert (Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: CAVE 12 05
Link: http://www.label.cave12.org



coverFloriano Inacio Jr.: Paulistano
Contents: Paulistano / Essa è pra você / Eu jà vejo a hora / Do cavaco pro piano / A world on fire / Novos tempos / Saudade do nordeste / Paquinho / Sambando em Bülach / Piemonte / Bachiando / Thailand
Performers: SCHENKER Daniel (tp, flh), INACIO Floriano Jr. (p, Cavaquinho), PENZ Dudu (E-Bass, perc, cb), DE ALMEIDA Celso (d), WOGRAM Nils (tb), DE SOUZA Raul (tb), CORREA Guilherme Fanti (ac-g), DENDEN Jr. (Chitarra a 7 corde), PELLET Oliver (el g), BOTTER MAIO Rodrigo (as, ss), LINX David (voc m), BASTOS Joao (fl)
Label: BRAMBUS 201895-2
Link: http://www.brambus.com



coverDay & Taxi: Way
Contents: Icy / Anna im Winter (for Anna Winteler) / MM (for Markus Müller) / Tannenblau (for Silvan Jeger) / I-reen (for Irene Thomet) / Veit/Feight (For Veit Stauffer) / Felix der Bienenkorbs (for Dominique Girod) / Kopfnuss (for Guido Nussbaum) / Achtel / Hitskopf / S (for Christine Streuli) / Klumpen (for Stefan Gritsch) / Snow white black magic / A chinoiserie for Anne (for Anne Hoffmann) / Im / Short moment / A river for Silvia (for Silvia Bächli) / Ude Edu (for Edu Haubensak) / Ich war da / Wiwimatic (for Rolf Winnewisser) / Fünfundzwanzig Glastränen (for David Meier) / Marina and the Lucky pop song transformation (for Marina Wernli)
Performers: DAY & TAXI, GALLIO Christoph (ss, as, ts), JEGER Silvan (cb, voc m), MEIER David (d)
Label: PERCASO 33 (Set)
Link: http://www.gallio.ch/percasogallioon-otherlabels/percaso/


coverCyril Bondi: Euhesma, 2017
Contents: Euhesma
Performers: BONDI Cyril (Armonio indiano, Melodica a tastiera, hca, Effetti sonori speciali), D'INCISE (Armonio indiano, Organo elettrico, Melodica a tastiera)
Link: http://www.wandelweiser.de


coverMorton Feldman: Atlantis. Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt; Conducted by Lucas Vis
Contents: String quartet and orchestra / Oboe & Orchestra / Atlantis
Label: HAT ART ART 206
Link: http://www.hathut.com



coverChick Webb And His Orchestra
Contents: Little white lies / One side of me
Label: DECCA 2556


coverAntony Braxton Quartet: (Willisau) 1991. Studio
Contents: No. 160 (+5) + 40J / No. 23M (+10 + 108D) / No. 158 (+96) + 40L / No. 40A / No. 40B / No. 161 / No. 159 / No. 23C + 32 + 105B (+30) / No. 40M
Performers: ANTHONY BRAXTON QUARTET, BRAXTON Anthony (cl, Sassofono sopranino, as, bcl, fl), CRISPELL Marilyn (p), DRESSER Marc (cb), HEMINGWAY Gerry (d, mrb)
Label: HAT OLOGY 2-735 (Set)
Link: http://www.hathut.com



coverStucki & Steiner: Building
Contents: Gemischtwarenhandel / Paradigm dust / Schlangenbrot / 17:44 / Hymn / Central Park squirrel / Stck&Stn / Bolzano / Partikel mit filter / The ability to correct / Rusty ear
Performers: STUCKI & STEINER, STUCKI Marc (ts), STEINER Christoph (d)
Link: http://www.stuckisteiner.ch; http://www.houtrecords.com



coverPit & CO.: L'émigré. Jazz-fusion project
Contents: L'émigré / Como / Urban scenes / La rana perdida / N.Y. diary / En attendant / Richie's moods / Blen beach
Performers: PIT & CO, LOPEZ Gerry (sax), SCHNEIDER Mathieu (fl, Flauto traverso basso), KÜFFER Stéphanie (p), BALAZS Péter Pit (cb), BAGUTTI Daniel (d)
Label: UNIT UTR 4848
Link: http://www.unitrecords.ch



coverDuo Fatale: Lost cities / Verlorene Städte. Jopo & Ingeborg Poffet
Contents: Meer des Smogs / Interlude 1 / Seele / Interlude 2 / Rasenmäher / Interlude 3 / Weltenrad / Interlude 4 / Definition Menschlichkeit / Interlude 5 / Mann, bin ich geil! / Interlude 6 / Die Helfende Hand / Interlude 7 / Errungenschaften / Interlude 8 / Scheinheiliger Friede / Interlude 9 / Geschnetzelte Lärmfetzen / Interlude 10 / Sieht aus wie ganz normal / Interlude 11 / Morgen geh ich funktionieren / Interlude 12 / Wimmelbilder / Interlude 13 / Sehnsucht - nach was? / Interlude 14 / Selig in der Balance / Interlude 15 / Aussichstürme der Abwendbarkeit / Interlude 16 / Buckel der Gerechtigkeit / Interlude 17 / Hitzkopf, dummkopf, wirrkopf / Interlude 18 / Industrienationen / Interlude 19 / Insektenmutanten / Interlude 20 / Kein-Hasen-Ohren / Interlude 21 / Mal gucken / Interlude 22
Performers: JOPO (voc m, Effetti sonori speciali, Aerofoni), POFFET Ingeborg (voc f, voc m)
Label: XOPF RECORDS 052 (Set)
Link: http://www.poffetmusic.ch; http://www.xopf-records.ch



coverSandy Patton: The saga of reflective perspectives
Contents: Medley / Après un rêve / The libertango / Somewhere / Danny boy
Performers: PATTON Sandy (voc f), PLIZGA Slawomir (g), THE AMIGERN STRING QUARTET, MILLIOUD Vincent (v), ZAREMBA Joanna (v), HAEUSLER Adrian (va), LUZZI Lina (vc)
Label: TCB 01322
Link: https://www.challengerecords.com/home; http://tcb.ch/home



coverAlexander Von Schlippenbach, Globe Unity Orchestra: Globe unit. 50 years
Contents: Globe Uniti Orchestra - 50 years
Performers: GLOBE UNITY ORCHESTRA, WALSDORFF Henrik (as), PETROWSKY Ernst-Ludwig (as, cl, fl), D'AGARIO Daniele (ts, cl), DUDEK Gerd (ss, ts), PARKER Evan (ts), MAHALL Rudi (bcl), DÖRNER Axel (tp), SCHOOF Manfred (tp, flh), CAPPOZZO Jean-Luc (tp), STANKO Tomasz (tp), CARNIAUX Ryan (tp), THEWES Christof (tb), WIERBOS Wolter (tb), GSCHLÖSSL Gerhard (tb), HÜBSCH Carl Ludwig (tu), VON SCHLIPPENBACH Alexander (p), LOVENS Paul (d), LYTTON Paul (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 298
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverDave Gisler Trio: Rabbits on the run. Raffaele Bossard & Lionel Friedli
Contents: Spiegelfeld / Dive / Mr. No Name / Sinister minister / Zooming in / Rabbits on the run / Spirit laundry / Two flowers / Playground
Performers: DAVE GISLER TRIO, GISLER Dave (g), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), FRIEDLI Lionel (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 304
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverStewy Von Wattenwyl: Porgi & Bess. Featuring Nicole Herzog
Contents: Ouverture / It ain't necessarily so / Bess, you is my woman now / There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York / My man's gone now / Buzzard song / Here come de honeyman / I got plenty of nuttin' / Oh, Doctor Jesus / A woman is a sometime thing / Summertime
Performers: HERZOG Nicole (voc f), BOHNENBLUST Daniel (as), WOODTLI Daniel (tp, Melodica a tastiera), WATTENWYL Stewy von (p), KING-UTZINGER Christoph (cb), FRIEDLI Tobias (d)
Label: BRAMBUS 201894-2
Link: http://www.brambus.com



coverLillian Boutté: You've gotta love Lil!
Contents: But beautiful / Funny, but I still love you / If I could be with you (One hour tonight) / Just for a thrill / Laissez faire / Launching on the outside, cryin on the inside / Love letters / Music is mi life / St. Louis blues / Stars fell on Alabama / The nearness of you / 'tis autumn
Performers: BOUTTE Lillian (voc f), PHARNELL Phil (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, p), ILETT Denny (g), CROWDY Andy (cb), HOWE Dylan (d), PARNELL Phil (p)

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