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coverKlapparat: Tilting axis
Contents: Snow dance / Angry promoter / Do / Rattlesnake / Little lady / Etude in Schwarz / Her sister / Klappern / Overload / Waiting for snow / Pelagos part 7 / Run
Performers: KLAPPARAT, ZUMOFEN Daniel (ss, Glockenspiel), WENGER Matthias (ss, as, Harmonium), PRATO Ivo (ts, ss, cl, Glockenspiel), BRÜNISHOLZ Erwin (bs, Clarinetto contrabbasso, Glockenspiel), DUC Michel (Tubax), DUCOMMUN Philippe (d, Glockenspiel)
Label: UNIT UTR 4770
Link: http://www.unitrecords.com



coverJazz im Grünwald. 15 Jahre Jazz Circle Höngg. 2002-2017
Contents: When my dreamboat comes home / My blue heaven / It don't mean a thing / Willow weep for me / Dippermouth blues / Stomping at the Savoy / Cute / A foggy day / Lester leaps in / Don't get around much anymore / I've found a new baby / I'm beginning to see the light / Moonglow / Almost like being in love / Everybody loves my baby / Drop me off in Harlem / Home (When shadows fall) / The lady is a tramp / New Orleans function / That certain party
Performers: KUBIAS Ivan (tp, voc m), LIPIEC Richard (cl, voc m, ts), BÖHNY Jörg (ts, bs), STEINER Miro (tb, voc m), BONDT René (p), GLAUSER Heinz (bjo, g), DYLAG Roman (cb), HRDINA Ivan (d), SAGER Regi (voc f), BOHNY Jürg (ts)



coverTom Mueller & Dani Solimine: Züri/Wean
Contents: Grüess Gott Bäseli / Det obe n uf em Bergli / Wenn der Herrgott ned wil / The Harry Lime theme / Der alte Herr Kanzleirat / It's alright / Serenade / Drum wänns eine git, mis Chind / Cloud No.9 / In der Kellergassen / Mis Dach isch de Himmel vo Züri / No apple pie dihei / Wien, Du Stadt meiner Träume / The captain of her heart / Sperrstund is
Performers: MUELLER Tom (ts), SOLIMINE Dani (g)
Label: 78695510642
Link: http://www.solimine.ch



coverAnthony Braxton Quintet: (Basel) 1977
Contents: Composition 69 J / Composition 69 N/G / Composition 69 M / Composition 40 B
Performers: ANTHONY BRAXTON QUINTET, BRAXTON Anthony (ss, as, cl), LEWIS George (tb), ABRAMS Muhal Richard (p), HELIAS Mark (cb), SHAW Charles Bobo (d)
Label: HAT OLOGY 676
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverStephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock, Cory Smythe: Planktonic finales
Contents: With eyes peeled / Tones for climbing plants / Sinew modulations / Through the forest / A house alone / Three-panel / Submerged (personal) effects / Pulse memory / Bite bright sunlight / As if in its throat / Inscribed in trees
Performers: LAUBROCK Ingrid (ts, ss), SMYTHE Cory (p), CRUMP Stephan (cb)
Label: INTAKT CD 285
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch


coverThe Faranas & Baba Salah: Run run
Contents: Garden courage / Alwely / Run run / Djoreydje / Mr. Sds / Maandu baxna
Performers: THE FARANAS, SALAH Baba (voc m, g)
Label: EVEREST ER_LP_065
Link: http://www.everestrecords.ch



coverNexus Groove: Montpellier sessions
Contents: Funky garlic sauce / No jazz for sure / Seven leg spider / You're too late again / Cause we've ended as lovers / Nordring funk / Leaving autumn
Performers: NEXUS GROOVE, McALAVEY Daniel (el p, synth), WOLF Victor (el g, hca), JAUN Antonin (E-Bass), ISSARTEL Etienne (d)
Label: NOISE IN EAR Nr. 101
Link: http://www.noiseinear.com



coverIngrid Laubrock: Serpentines. Miya Masaoka, Dan Peck, Sam Pluta, Tyshawn Sorey, Craig Taborn, Peter Evans
Contents: Pothole analytics / Chip in brain / Squirrels / Serpentines
Performers: LAUBROCK Ingrid (ts, ss, Glockenspiel), EVANS Peter (tp), MASAOKA Miya (Koto), TABORN Craig (p), PLUTA Sam (Effetti sonori speciali), PECK Dan (tu), SOREY Tyshawn (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 272
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch


coverSylvie Courvoisier, Mark Feldman, Ikue Mori, Evan Parker: Miller's tale
Contents: Death of a salesman / A view from the bridge / The american dream / Up from paradise / Riding on a smile and a sunshine / Playing for time / The reason why / Nothing's planted / A fountain pen
Performers: COURVOISIER Sylvie (p), FELDMAN Mark (v), PARKER Evan (ss, ts), MORI Ikue (Computer, Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: INTAKT CD 270
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch


coverBarry Guy: The blues shroud
Contents: Prelude / Song 1 / Song 3 / Bull / Mother and child / Warrior / The carrying of the cross / A blinded bird of hope (Song 4) / Bird / Crucifixion / Light bearer / Fugitive / Agnus dei
Performers: BLUE SHROUD BAND, GUY Barry (cb), DWYER Ben (g), FERNANDEZ Agustí (p), HOMBURGER Maya (v), PACCOUD Fanny (va), PURSGLOVE Percy (tp), SNEKKESTAD Torben (ss, as, tp), NIESEMANN Michael (as, o), JOHANSSON Per Texas (ts, cl), GABRIEL Julius (bs), GODARD Michel (tu, Serpent), NIGGLI Lucas (d, perc), LOPEZ Ramón (d, perc)
Label: INTAKT CD 266
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverBooxy's Box: The game
Contents: Burning bridges / Floating under water / Cripple / Windrad / Personal venus / Princess town / Akaba / Blaves gebet / S.O.S. / The boy & the cow
Performers: BOOXY'S BOX, GASSER Martin (as), JAGSCHITZ Philipp (p), WAELTI Andreas (cb), AEBI Daniel Booxy (d)
Label: UNIT UTR 4832
Link: http://www.unitrecords.com



coverLaura Schuler: Elements and songs
Contents: All of a sudden / Klammer 1 / Kün / Duì / Being driven / Xùn / Qián / The hole / Klammer 2 / Lí
Performers: SCHULER Laura (v, voc f, Sampler)
Label: VETO 018
Link: http://www.veto-records.ch/



coverJazz Rock Experience: Let yourself go
Contents: If it wasn't for Dicky / Krivo sadovsko choro / Blues no blues / Cheyenne / The starter / Sometimes I feel like a motherless child / Let yourself go / Get out of here / Listen here / Blind man
Performers: JAZZ ROCK EXPERIENCE, KENNEL Hans (tp), SPOERRI Bruno (ts, Sassofono sopranino, as), MEIER Freddy (ts), WAEBER Raffael (g), LEE Dave (vb, el p, p), HÄFELI Jonas (fl, perc), FOLETTI Hans (cb, E-Bass), SCHMIDT Kenny (d), BERTSCHINGER Nick (p, el p), DORAN Christy (g), SCHWEIZER Irène (el p), STUDER Fredy (d)
Link: http://www.computerjazz.ch/



coverPierre Favre: Drumsights
Contents: Again / Brushes flock / Roasting syncope / Dance of the feline / Sycamore / Along / Pow wow / Painted face / Tramping / Woolly jumper / Nuevel / Games
Performers: PIERRE FAVRE DRUMSIGHTS, FAVRE Pierre (d, perc), JAEGER Chris (d, perc), LAUTERBURG Markus (d, perc), ZANGGER Valeria (d, perc)
Label: INTAKT CD 260
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch


coverRichard Poole, Marilyn Crispell, Gary PEacock: In motion
Contents: Ahzân / Backseat of the galaxy / Dichotomy / And yet / Serakunda / In motion / Isle of nowhere / Gary's theme / Blue streets up and down / Lucid air
Performers: CRISPELL Marilyn (p), PEACOCK Gary (cb), POOLE Richard (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 264
Link: www.intaktrec.ch



coverThe Blues Mystery: Soul memories
Contents: 25 degrees below zero / Sit down / Has humankind lost its soul / I'm afraid of the next blues / 8000 miles / Time to forgive / Reputation / Red hot no shot / High-level woman / Risking love again / Keep on working / Look out mama
Performers: THE BLUES MYSTERY, MATT Willy (voc m, Background voice, Chitarre), PRALONG Irénée (Chitarre, Background voice), THUT Walter K. (E-Bass, Background voice), BONVIN Gege (d, Background voice), THUT Louisa (Background voice), MATT Kenny (g)
Label: PBR PBR82094
Link: http://www.pbr-record.ch


coverAngelika Niescier, Christopher Tordini, Tyshawn Sorey: The Berlin concert
Contents: Kundry / Like sheep, looking up / 5.8 / The surge
Performers: NIESCIER Angelika (as), TORDINI Christopher (cb), SOREY Tyshawn (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 305
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverMatthew Shipp: Symbol systems
Contents: Clocks / Harmonic oscillator / Temperate zone / Symbol systems / The highway / Self-regulated motion / Frame / Flow of meaning / Dance of the blue atoms / Bop abyss / Nerve signals / Algebraic boogie / The inventor
Performers: SHIPP Matthew (p)
Label: HAT OLOGY 749
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverDistrict Five: Decoy. Xaver Rüegg, Tapiwa Svosve, Paul Amereller, Vojko Huter
Contents: Berlin / Crypto clone / Reminiscence / Maths / Decoy / Recall
Performers: DISTRICT FIVE, SVOSVE Tapiwa (as, synth, Effetti sonori speciali), HUTER Vojko (g, synth, Effetti sonori speciali), RÜEGG Xaver (cb), AMERELLER Paul (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 308
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverThis Difficult Tree: Double sun
Contents: Magnetplanet / Momoko / Circles / Flutternoia / Skulldull / Winter / Double sun / Angststück / City lights / Neu ist nicht immer besser...
Performers: THIS DIFFICULT TREE, SCHMID Silvan (tp), LORIOT Frantz (va), JEGER Silvan (cb, Effetti sonori speciali, voc m), GLANZMANN Vincent (d)
Link: http://www.wideearrecords.ch



coverFranCois Lindemann 6tet Nu Bass: Nu bass
Contents: Chant de lune / Gaza - Tel Aviv / Nu bass / Le compte de la buissonne / Firuzaga / Springtime / Dear Paul / Le chant des basses
Performers: FRANCOIS LINDEMANN 6TET NU BASS, LINDEMANN François (p), KÄNZIG Heiri (cb), MALHERBE Ivor (cb), CLERC Olivier (d), BEDEKAR Mayank (ta), MRAIHI Amine (Ud)
Label: TCB TCB 35702
Link: http://www.tcb.ch


coverMe & Mobi: Agglo
Contents: Mount ninja / Ni! / Totalsanieurng / H.L.M. / In rainbow we trust / Know your explosives / Cheysar / Biosphere / Bejing bolero / Karlsruhe
Performers: ME & MOBI, SCHLOTTER Philipp (p, synth), HOPPE Lisa (cb), BÜRKI Fred (d)
Link: http://www.prolog-records.ch; http://www.meandmobi.ch



coverJoe Haider Jazz orchestra & The Sparklettes: Back to the roots
Contents: Back to the roots / The inner sea / The goal stands at the beginning / The other blues / Ko ko / If I was a little bird / The shade of blade / She was looking at the moon / Movin' out now
Performers: JOE HAIDER JAZZ ORCHESTRA, THE SPARKLETTES, McVEIGH Doris (Soprano), RITTER Isabelle (Soprano), ZAMPIERI Xenia (Mezzosoprano), GUTKNECHT Nina (Mezzosoprano), BLANC Daniel (as, fl, ss), GEIGER Thomi (ts, cl, ss), LANDOLF Domenic (ts, bcl), BLASER Dave (tp, flh), MOSELE René (tb), WIRZ Lucas (btb), HAIDER Joe (p), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), EGLI Dominic (d)
Link: http://www.joehaider.ch



coverSimeon Holzer: On my own
Contents: On my own / Pompei / Free your mind / Blue in green / Blossoms / Pendulum / Seven strings / Modality / White lounge / Sola sonos
Performers: HOLZER Simeon (p, g, cb, d, keyb, E-Bass, sax, synth)



coverTanga Zoo: Twilight zone. Live
Contents: Dreckstück / Something beautiful / Aber / 10'000 feet below / Twilight zone / Rabsaurier / Back to smalltown
Performers: TANGA ZOO, FLUELER Kriz Flew (tp, synth, Effetti sonori speciali), JUFER Marc (ss, ts), KUNZ André (el g), SCHALLER Jean-Pierre (E-Bass), BRUGGER Andy (d)
Label: TZ RECORDS 2017
Link: http://www.tangazoo.com



coverSpahni's Dub Dancers: Across the rin and between drops
Contents: Skango / Let it rain / See me? / Death of a rude boy / Cantaloupe island / What is wrong with you? / Commandant Cousteau / Let down the rain / Drumdubbed / Dubbin' stock / First cut dub / Alice!
Performers: SPAHNI'S DUB DANCERS, SANTSCHI Phil (voc m), PERRINJAQUET Lionel (as), MOKDAD Amin (ts, fl), BALMER Phil (tb), BIEDERMANN Claude-Alain (keyb), ROCHAT Cyprien (g), BESSIRE Ivan (E-Bass), SPAHNI Daniel (d), BOVELL Dennis (voc m, Background voice), LETTE Fred (ts), BLASER Samuel (tb)

Link: http://www.spahni.biz/

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