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Viele Stimmen eine Welt = Partager la communication; 212430 IFPI LA41 (CD31708)

Carrier title Viele Stimmen eine Welt = Partager la communication
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Musical genre Folk Music
Musical genre Contemporary ethnic music
Musical genre Noise
Track 1
Musical work title Suka Debo. Senegal/Schweiz
Performer AFROPE
Track 2
Musical work title Djégé Wara. Burkina Faso
Performer DAOUDA, Coulibaly
Performer DAOUDA, Catchina
Track 3
Musical work title Ndeko Na Ngai. Congo/Angola
Performer LOBIKO
Track 4
Musical work title Lucio Cotito. Perù
Performer AVECEDO, Lucy
Track 5
Musical work title Titi Tata. Brasile/Schweiz
Performer FREIRE, Fabio
Performer STIEFEL, Christophe
Track 6
Musical work title Amor del Alma. Ecuador
Track 7
Musical work title In den Ymeng-Bergen = Dans les monts Ymeng, China
Performer WANG, Xiao Jing
Track 8
Musical work title Mor malonche. Indien
Performer MUZANDAR, Pronab
Track 9
Musical work title Kamanyang. Philippinen
Performer FERNANDEZ MAGNO, Susan
Track 10
Musical work title Altay. Türkei
Performer TÜRKÖZ, Saadet
Track 11
Musical work title Buca mo. Afrika/Europa/Schweiz
Performer CURSCHELLAS, Corin
Track 12
Musical work title Indo Eu. Portugal
Track 13
Musical work title Kululie. Marokko
Track 14
Musical work title Pobelejo Polo. Ex-Jugoslawien
Track 15
Recording title Duygu
Performer DUYGU
Recording language Turkish
Track 16
Recording title Stefanie
Performer STEFANIE
Recording language Portuguese
Track 17
Recording title Noëmi
Performer NOÖEMI
Recording language Dutch
Track 18
Recording title Arlinda
Performer ARLINDA
Recording language Albanian
Track 19
Recording title Rajeevan
Performer RAJEEVAN
Recording language Tamil
Track 20
Recording title Andrea
Performer ANDREA
Recording language Swiss German
Track 21
Recording title Jelena
Performer JELENA
Recording language Serbian
Track 22
Recording title Jeannette
Recording language French
Track 23
Recording title Bianca
Performer BIANCA
Recording language Spanish
Track 24
Recording title Tio Guachupecito. Kolumbien/Schweiz
Performer PONCE, Leonardo
Track 25
Recording title Telefon = Téléphone
Track 26
Recording title Buddhistiche Mönche in Nepal = Moines bouddhistes au Népal
Track 27
Recording title Applaus = Applaudissements
Track 28
Recording title Kinder in Afrika = Enfants en Afrique
Track 29
Recording title Markt in Piräus = Marché au Pirée
Track 30
Recording title Bahnhof Ansage = Annonce dans une gare
Track 31
Recording title Einstimmen des Orchesters = Accord des instruments d'un orchestre
Track 32
Recording title Fax
Track 33
Recording title Muezzinruf in Jerusalem = Appel du muezzin à Jérusalem
Track 34
Recording title Starten eines Computer = Démarrage d'un ordinateur
Track 35
Recording title Moschee, Fatepur Sikri, Indien = Mosquée, Fatepur Sikri, Inde
Track 36
Recording title Hühnerhaus = Bassecour
Track 37
Recording title Handy = Natel
Track 38
Recording title Tanz in Handeni, Tanzania = Dans à Handeni, Tanzanie
Track 39
Recording title Kinderlärm, Westbank = Bruits d'enfants, Cisjordanie
Track 40
Recording title Kirchenglocken = Cloches d'églises
Track 41
Recording title Bettler, Kairo = Mediants, Caire
Track 42
Recording title Leute in einem Saal = Foule dans une salle
Track 43
Recording title Radiosendung in Kiechea, Ekuador, Peru, Bplivien = Message radiophonique en kiechwa, Equateur, Pérou, Bilivie
Track 44
Recording title Bahnhofatmosphäre = Atmosphère de gare
Track 45
Recording title Arabischer Markt = Marché arabe
Track 46
Recording title Ansage im Flugzeug = Annonce dans un avion
Track 47
Recording title Bazar in Istanbul = Bazar à Istamboul
Matrix/stamper number 212430 IFPI LA41
Call number CD31708
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