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Ausschuss-Sitzung 1978; Ausschuss 29.05.1978: SGB-Medienkomission (26BD724)

Carrier title Ausschuss-Sitzung 1978
Number of carriers 1
Material Bobina di plastica
Dimension 1/2 inch
Brand and model AGFA PE 31 1000m
Recording mode Stereo
Track configuration 2 tracks
Playback speed 3 3/4 ips
Equalization CCIR
Production type Unique/direct production
Recording language German
Work genre Debate
Work genre Report
Descriptor Dewey Labor unions (Trade unions)
Descriptor Dewey Media (Means of communication)
Audio track A-B
Index A; B
Recording title Ausschuss 29.05.1978: SGB-Medienkomission
Recording time 03:30:05
Participant ISLER, Arnold
Activity Animation
Participant LEUENBERGER, Ernst
Activity Trade unionist
Participant KNECHTLI, Albert
Activity Consigliere comunale GE
Recording language French
Participant CHOPARD, Marc
Activity Consigliere nazionale
Activity Trade unionist
Participant MAEDER, André
Activity Membro Arbus Winterthur
Participant MANGILLI, Jean-Marie
Activity Delegato NE
Recording language French
Participant KNUCHEL, Edwin
Activity Trade unionist
Participant FISCHER, Herbert
Activity Trade unionist
Participant ZAECH, Elisabeth
Activity Trade unionist
Participant FRISCHKNECHT, Jürg
Activity Delegato
Dates mentioned 1956; 1976; 1977; 20.11.1978
Names mentioned SPS; ARBUS (Arbeiter-Radio-Bund-Kritische Mediennutzung); SRG; PTT; MEDIENKOMISSION; WALPEN, Armin; BUNDESRAT; PICARD; MOLO; VPOD
Places mentioned Schweiz; Deutsche u. Rätoromanische Schweiz; Solothurn; Ginevra; Zurigo; Ginevra; Suisse romande; Vaud; Luzern
Topics mentioned Presserecht; Medienbeobachtung; Controllo dei media; Legge su Radio e televisione; Emissioni radio locali; Televisione via cavo; Kabelfernsehen; Pubblicità; Medienpolitik
Summary Gli interventi dei rappresentanti sindacali vertono sulla politica dei media, le attività della direzione SRG, il controllo e la critica dei contenuti informativi, l'accesso all'informazione nelle varie regioni svizzere, i costi e la legge federale sui media
Recording locality Bern
Recording place VOLKSHAUS
Recording conditions Live
Recording date 29.05.1978
Call number 26BD724
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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