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Second Line Big Band: Up to date; JAZZ ELITE SPECIAL; 73731 (CD42609)

Carrier title Second Line Big Band: Up to date
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Production HÄSLER, Rolf
Production GAFNER, Bernhard
Production year 2007
Distributor PHONAG RECORDS AG; Zürich
Recording language English
Musical genre Jazz
Engineering GAFNER, Bernhard
Engineering HÄSLER, Rolf
Engineering OTT, Beat
Engineering RUFFIEUX, Gonzague
Ordering number 73731
Matrix/stamper number ES 73731 P+0-A 601837-A1 WWW.TURICAPHON.COMIFPI 3J05
Bar-Code 4013495737319
Audio track 1
Musical work title Save the pool
Author HÄSLER, Rolf
Audio track 2
Musical work title In the evening
Author CARR, Leroy
Author MANTOOTH, Frank
Audio track 3
Musical work title Trinita
Author TAYLOR, Mark
Audio track 4
Musical work title Is it good, is it bad
Author URWYLER, Stephan
Audio track 5
Musical work title Sarah
Author MONTREUIL, Dave
Audio track 6
Musical work title Got to get you into my life
Author LENNON, John
Author McCARTNEY, Paul
Author WASSON, John
Audio track 7
Musical work title Anatomy of a murder
Author ELLINGTON, Duke
Author MOORE, Chris
Audio track 8
Musical work title Schwing das Ding = Swing that thing
Author URWYLER, Stephan
Audio track 9
Musical work title March on june
Author DE CARLI, Jérôme
Audio track 10
Musical work title Stormy weather
Author ARLEN, Harold
Author KOEHLER, Ted
Author NOWAK, Jerry
Audio track 11
Musical work title Mood indigo
Author ELLINGTON, Duke
Author MILLS, Irving
Author BIGARD, Albany
Author TAYLOR, Mark
Audio track 12
Musical work title Attitude dance
Author CASTILLO, Emilio
Author KUPKA, Stephen
Formation Big Band
Performer HÄSLER, Rolf
Activity Big Band leader
Musical instrument Soprano saxophone
Musical instrument Alto saxophone
Musical instrument Tenor saxophone
Musical instrument Side-blown flute
Performer RÜTTIMAN, Silvia
Musical instrument Alto saxophone
Performer KYBURZ, Bruno
Musical instrument Tenor saxophone
Performer REINHARD, Mike
Musical instrument Tenor saxophone
Performer ROLLI, Stefan
Musical instrument Baritone saxophone
Performer HÄSLER, Sandro
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Saxhorn
Performer BEER, Andreas
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Saxhorn
Performer KÄNEL, Andreas von
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Saxhorn
Performer RÜTTIMANN, Roger
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Saxhorn
Performer AEMMER, Christian
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Saxhorn
Performer MONTREUIL, Dave
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer OTT, Beat
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer MÜRNER, Sandro
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer PULFER, Thomas
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer JAUN, Adrian
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer URFER, Peter
Voice Man's voice
Performer DE CARLI, Jérôme
Musical instrument Piano
Musical instrument Fender-Rhodes electric piano
Performer URWYLER, Stephan
Musical instrument Guitar
Voice Man's voice
Performer MOORE, Chris
Musical instrument Electric bass
Performer ELLIS, Roy
Voice Man's voice
Performer PEPE, Claudio
Musical instrument Percussions
Recording date 22.04.2006-23.04.2006
Recording locality Thun
Recording place EARWORKS.CH STUDIO
Recording locality Fribourg
Recording place CASTLE LIFE STUDIO
Call number CD42609
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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