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RCA VICTOR RED SEAL; DM 1078 (Set); 11-9323; Bizet; Carmen. Opera in 4 acts (HR5331)

Carrier title Bizet
Carrier type Shellac record
Number of carriers 6
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Libretto
Recording language French
Musical genre Opera
Track 1A-6B
Musical work title Carmen. Opera in 4 acts
Index 1A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chorus of dragoons; March; Chorus of cigaret girls. Act I
Index 2A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Entrance of Carmen; Habanera. Act I
Index 3A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Seguidilla and duet. Act I
Index 4A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Gipsy song. Act II
Index 5A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chorus; Song of the toreador; Exit of the toreador. Act II
Index 6A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Quintet. Act II
Index 6B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Flower song. Act II
Index 5B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Card scene. Act III
Index 4B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Micaëla's air. Act III
Index 3B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act March and chorus. Act IV
Index 2B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Final duet (parte 1). Act IV
Index 1B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Final duet (Conclusione). Act IV
Author BIZET, Georges
Activity Composer
Author MEILHAC, Henri
Activity Author of the libretto
Author HALEVY, Ludovic
Activity Author of the libretto
Performer LEINSDORF, Erich
Activity Conductor
Performer SHAW, Robert
Activity Choirmaster
Performer SWARTHOUT, Gladys
Voice Mezzo-soprano
Role Carmen
Performer ALBANESE, Licia
Voice Soprano
Role Micaela
Performer MERRILL, Robert
Voice Baritone
Role Escamillo
Performer VINAY, Ramon
Voice Tenor
Role Don José
Performer VOTIPKA, Thelma
Voice Soprano
Role Frasquita
Performer BROWNING, Lucielle
Voice Mezzo-soprano
Role Mercedes
Performer CEHANOVSKY, George
Voice Baritone
Role El Dancairo
Performer AMATO, Anthony
Voice Tenor
Role El Remendado
Enclosed Copertina conservata separatamente
Notes/Comments NO Copertine-3
Ordering number DM 1078 (Set)
Ordering number 11-9323
Ordering number 11-9324
Ordering number 11-9325
Ordering number 11-9326
Ordering number 11-9327
Ordering number 11-9328
Matrix/stamper number 11-9317 A IE 2
Matrix/stamper number 11-9322 B 7 IE
Matrix/stamper number 11-9317 B IE 4
Matrix/stamper number 11-9322 A 3 IE
Matrix/stamper number 11-9318 A IE 5
Matrix/stamper number 11-9321 B 3 IE
Matrix/stamper number 11-9318 B IE 4
Matrix/stamper number 11-9321 A 4 IE
Matrix/stamper number 11-9319 A EI I
Matrix/stamper number 11-9320 B IE 4
Matrix/stamper number 11-9319 B IE
Matrix/stamper number 11-9320 A IE 5
Support Document preserved with the support of Memoriav
Call number HR5331
RESThe Swiss National Sound Archives has carried out a technical restoration on the document you are listening to
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