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CBS; 80901; Urs Boeschenstein: Z'Schtubete ga (LP4441)

Carrier title Urs Boeschenstein: Z'Schtubete ga
Language German
Sector F
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Performer LÄSSER, Max
Performer MARTHALER, Christoph
Performer WALLIMANN, Eduard
Performer HELFENSTEIN, Max
Performer SIGRIST, Peter
Performer SPOERRI, Bruno
Performer SUTER, Max
Performer VESCOLI, Toni
Performer SOLBACH, Pepe
Performer HUG, Dodo
Performer VOGEL, Zita
Performer VOGEL, Werner
Production CBS, Inc.
Production VILLIGER, August T.
Engineering SPOERRI, Bruno
Engineering ZIPELIUS, Günther
Production year P1975
Production year C1975
Carrier type LP record
Audio track A1
Musical work title Maiteli, wenn dü wit ga tanzä
Audio track A2
Musical work title Mi Fröi, die gheisst Karlini
Audio track A3
Musical work title Wenn d Silenerbüebe an e Chilbi wend
Audio track A4
Musical work title S'isch äben e Mönsch uf Ärde
Audio track A5
Musical work title S isch keini wie mis Elsi
Audio track A6
Musical work title Oh, du liebs Ängeli
Audio track A7
Musical work title Mueter, lueg daa
Audio track A8
Musical work title Ich gieng emale bei der Nacht
Audio track A9
Musical work title Es wott es Fraueli z Märit gaa
Audio track B1
Musical work title Unser Leben gleicht der Reise
Audio track B2
Musical work title Im Aargäu sind zwei Liebi
Audio track B3
Musical work title Schnurre, schnurre um und um
Audio track B4
Musical work title S isch mer alles ei Ding
Audio track B5
Musical work title Maiteli, wenn d hiiroote witt
Audio track B6
Musical work title Chumm mir wänd go Chrieseli güne
Audio track B7
Musical work title Oh, dü liäba heilige Sant Flooriaa
Audio track B8
Musical work title U we die Wyber wösche wei
Audio track B9
Musical work title Uuf, uuf, ir Feekelchätzere
Recording locality Zürich
Recording place TONSTUDIO B. SPOERRI
Record label CBS
Ordering number 80901
Matrix/stamper number 80901-A H
Matrix/stamper number SI 80901-B L
Call number LP4441
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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