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TELL MUSIC; 55551 TCD; La chanson de Montreux, direction: Michel Corpataux: Cinquante ans. Chants et mélodies populaires (CD751)

Sector F
Carrier title La chanson de Montreux, direction: Michel Corpataux: Cinquante ans. Chants et mélodies populaires
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Other format 55551 TMC
Author BOLLER, Carlo
Author BUDRY, Maurice
Author URFER, Albert
Author TREPEY, Marie Louise
Author BROQUET, Louis
Author ZERMATTEN, Maurice
Author DORET, Gustave
Author CORNELOUP, Marcel
Author STEUERLEIN, Johann
Author CLEMENT, Nicole
Author BRAHMS, Johannes
Author STEINHEUSER, Wilhelm
Author LE JEUNE, Claude
Author GAILLARD, Paul-André
Author RUFFIEUX, Fernand
Author SAMSON, Joseph
Author MAROT, Clément
Author GEOFFRAY, César
Author MORAX, René
Author MERMOUD, Robert
Author LAEDERACH, Monique
Performer COTTENS, Edith
Performer CORPATAUX, Michel
Performer GERBER, Christian
Production AEBI, Otto
Engineering SUTTER, Franz
Production year P1989
Audio track 1
Musical work title Les fuits sont mûrs
Audio track 2
Musical work title Les jardiniers
Audio track 3
Musical work title La polka des dimanches
Audio track 4
Musical work title La moisson
Audio track 5
Musical work title Chanson espagnole
Audio track 6
Musical work title L'Allemande
Audio track 7
Musical work title File la laine
Audio track 8
Musical work title J'entends une chanson
Audio track 9
Musical work title Wiegenlied
Audio track 10
Musical work title Tenez-la de près
Audio track 11
Musical work title Chanson des vieux
Audio track 12
Musical work title Chanson de guerre
Audio track 13
Musical work title Va petit gars
Audio track 14
Musical work title Chanson des faneuses
Audio track 15
Musical work title Entends-tu la fontaine?
Audio track 16
Musical work title Par ce bleu matin d'été
Audio track 17
Musical work title Le temps de muguet
Audio track 18
Musical work title Danse des vigneros et vigneronnes
Audio track 19
Musical work title Ay linda amiga
Audio track 20
Musical work title Changeons propos
Audio track 21
Musical work title O ma belle aurore
Audio track 22
Musical work title La montferrine
Audio track 23
Musical work title Seigneur, dans votre main
Audio track 24
Musical work title Il s'en est allé
Audio track 25
Musical work title Allons en vendange
Record label TELL MUSIC
Ordering number 55551 TCD
Matrix/stamper number TECVAL/01 TCD 9080-55551
Call number CD751
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