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UNIVERSAL; CMC; 370 141 2 (Set); 3071421; 3701423; Eurovision Song Contest, Baku 2012; Light your fire! All 42 songs from Europe's favourite TV show. The official album (CD34348)

Carrier title Eurovision Song Contest, Baku 2012; Light your fire! All 42 songs from Europe's favourite TV show. The official album
Number of carriers 2
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Commentary
Production year C2012
Production year P2012
Distributor UNIVERSAL MUSIC AG; Zürich
Musical genre Pop
Musical genre Rock
Musical genre Easy listening
Musical genre Popular folk song
Track 1/1
Musical work title Suus
Geographical descriptor Albania
Recording language Albanian
Author BOSHNJAKU, Florent
Author NISHLIU, Rona
Performer NISHLIU, Rona
Track 1/2
Musical work title Woki mit deim Popo
Geographical descriptor Austria
Recording language German
Author PLÖCHI, Lukas
Author HOFFELNER, Manuel
Track 1/3
Musical work title When the music dies
Geographical descriptor Azerbaijan
Recording language Azerbaijani
Author BAGGE, Anders
Author KRONLUND, Johan
Author BJURMAN, Sandra
Author ÖRN, Stefan
Performer BABAYEVA, Sabina
Track 1/4
Musical work title Korake ti znam
Geographical descriptor Bosnia-Herzegovina
Recording language Bosnian
Performer MAYA SAR
Track 1/5
Musical work title Would you
Geographical descriptor Belgium
Recording language English
Author MANNAERTS, Walter
Performer IRIS
Track 1/6
Musical work title Love unlimited
Geographical descriptor Bulgaria
Recording language Bulgarian
Author GEOPRIEV, Krum
Author KOZER, Yajen
Author VASILEVA, Doni
Performer MARINOVA, Sofi
Track 1/7
Musical work title We are the heroes
Geographical descriptor Byelorussia
Recording language English
Author KARIAKIN, Dimitry
Author KARIAKIN, Vladimir
Track 1/8
Musical work title Unbreakable
Geographical descriptor Switzerland
Recording language English
Author BROGGINI, Gabriel
Author BROGGINI, Ivan
Performer SINPLUS
Track 1/9
Musical work title La la love
Geographical descriptor Cyprus
Recording language English
Author DJUPSTRÖM, Björn
Author SVENSSON, Victor
Author ZAKKA, Alexandra
Performer ADAMOU, Ivi
Track 1/10
Musical work title Standing still
Geographical descriptor Germany
Recording language English
Author ROBSON, Steve
Author CULLUM, Jamie
Author HECTOR, Wayne
Performer LOB, Roman
Track 1/11
Musical work title Sould've known better
Geographical descriptor Denmark
Recording language English
Author REMEE
Author ISAM B
Author SULAIMAN, Ali
Performer SAMAY, Soluna
Track 1/12
Musical work title Kuula
Geographical descriptor Estonia
Recording language Estonian
Author LEPLAND, Ott
Author ILVES, Aapo
Performer LEPLAND, Ott
Track 1/13
Musical work title Quédate conmigo = Stay with me
Geographical descriptor Spain
Recording language Spanish
Author SANCHEZ, Antonio
Author G:SON, Thomas
Author BERNHOLM, Erik
Performer SOLER, Pastora
Track 1/14
Musical work title När jag blundar
Geographical descriptor Finland
Recording language Finnish
Author KARLSSON, Jonas
Performer PERNILLA
Track 1/15
Musical work title Echo = You and I
Geographical descriptor France
Recording language French
Recording language English
Author ROUSSEAU, William
Author PILOT, Jean-Pierre
Performer ANGGUN
Track 1/16
Musical work title Love will set you free
Geographical descriptor Great Britain
Recording language English
Author TEREFE, Martin
Author SKARBEK, Sacha
Performer HUMPERDINCK, Engelbert
Track 1/17
Musical work title I'm a joker
Geographical descriptor Georgia
Recording language Georgian
Recording language English
Author KVACHADZE, Bibi
Author CHKHAIDZE, Rusudan
Performer JOKHADZE, Anri
Track 1/18
Musical work title Aphrodisiac
Geographical descriptor Greece
Recording language English
Author STASSOS, Dimitri
Author STENSTRÖM, Mikaela
Author LÖÖF, Dajana
Performer ELEFTHERIOU, Eleftheria
Track 1/19
Musical work title Nebo
Geographical descriptor Croatia
Recording language Croatian
Author BADRIC, Nina
Performer BADRIC, Nina
Track 1/20
Musical work title Sound of our hearts
Geographical descriptor Hungary
Recording language English
Author LOTFI, Behnam
Author PAL, Gabor
Author SANDOR, Attila
Author WALKO, Csaba
Track 1/21
Musical work title Waterline
Geographical descriptor Ireland
Recording language English
Author JARL, Niklas
Author VAUGHAN, Sharon
Performer JEDWARD
Track 2/1
Musical work title Time
Geographical descriptor Israel
Recording language English
Recording language Hebrew
Author SHEM TOV, Ran
Author HADAR, Shiri
Performer IZABO
Track 2/2
Musical work title Never forget
Geographical descriptor Iceland
Recording language English
Author STEFANSDOTTIR, Greta Salome
Performer JONSI
Track 2/3
Musical work title L'amore è femmina
Geographical descriptor Italy
Recording language English
Recording language Italian
Author ZILLI, Nina
Author RABB, Christian
Author SJÖKVIST, Kristoffer
Author MOLANDER, Frida
Author MASON, Charlie
Performer ZILLI, Nina
Track 2/4
Musical work title Love is blind
Geographical descriptor Lithuania
Recording language English
Author STONE, Brandon
Author ROSE, Jodie
Performer MONTELL, Donny
Track 2/5
Musical work title Beautiful song
Geographical descriptor Latvia
Recording language English
Author ÜDRIS, Rolands
Author MAKSTNIEKS, Ivars
Performer ANMARY
Track 2/6
Musical work title Lautar
Geographical descriptor Moldavia
Recording language Romanian
Author PARFENY, Pasha
Performer PARFENY, Pasha
Track 2/7
Musical work title Euro neuro
Geographical descriptor Montenegro
Recording language Serbian
Author AMADEUS, Rambo
Performer AMADEUS, Rambo
Track 2/8
Musical work title Crno e belo
Geographical descriptor Macedonia
Recording language Macedonian
Author GRILL, Romeo
Performer KALIOPI
Track 2/9
Musical work title This is the night
Geographical descriptor Malta
Recording language English
Author JAMTBERG, Johan
Author GUNNERAS, Mikael
Author CALLEJA, Kurt
Performer CALLEJA, Kurt
Track 2/10
Musical work title You and me
Geographical descriptor Netherlands
Recording language English
Author FRANKA, Joan
Author HOOGENBOOM, Jessica
Performer FRANKA, Joan
Track 2/11
Musical work title Stay
Geographical descriptor Norway
Recording language English
Author TOOJI
Author BOSTRÖM, Peter
Author BOSTRÖM, Figge
Performer TOOJI
Track 2/12
Musical work title Vida minha
Geographical descriptor Portugal
Recording language Portuguese
Author BABIC, Andrej
Author COELHO, Carlos
Performer SOUSA, Filipa
Track 2/13
Musical work title Zaleilah
Geographical descriptor Romania
Recording language English
Recording language Spanish
Author IONITA, Costi
Author IONESCU, Elena
Author SECADA, Dihgo Omar
Performer MANDINGA
Track 2/14
Musical work title Nije ljubav stvar
Geographical descriptor Serbia
Recording language Serbian
Author JOKSIMOVIC, Zeljko
Author TUCAKOVIC, Marina
Author ROGANOVIC, Milos
Performer JOKSIMOVIC, Zeljko
Track 2/15
Musical work title Party for everybody
Geographical descriptor Russia
Recording language Russian
Recording language English
Author DROBYSH, Viktor
Author LEONTIEV, Tomofei
Author TUKTAREVA, Olga
Author APPLEGATE, Mary Susan
Track 2/16
Musical work title Euphoria
Geographical descriptor Sweden
Recording language English
Author BOSTRÖM, Peter
Author G:SON, Thomas
Performer LOREEN
Notes/Comments Winner of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest
Track 2/17
Musical work title Verjamen
Geographical descriptor Slovenia
Recording language Slovenian
Author GRAIC, Vladimir
Author HARI, Mata Hari
Author PIRKOVIC, Igor
Performer BOTO, Eva
Track 2/18
Musical work title Don't close your eyes
Geographical descriptor Slovakia
Recording language English
Author MAI, Max Jason
Performer MAI, Max Jason
Track 2/19
Musical work title The social network song (oh oh - uh - oh oh)
Geographical descriptor San Marino
Recording language English
Author SIEGEL, Ralph
Author TOUCHTON, Timothy
Performer MONETTA, Valentina
Track 2/20
Musical work title Love me back
Geographical descriptor Turkey
Recording language English
Author BONOMO, Can
Author SABAN, Can
Performer BONOMO, Can
Track 2/21
Musical work title Be my guest
Geographical descriptor Ukraine
Recording language English
Performer GAITANA
Record label UNIVERSAL
Record label CMC
Ordering number 370 141 2 (Set)
Ordering number 3071421
Ordering number 3701423
Matrix/stamper number UNIVERSAL 06025 370 142-1 01 + 52932269 IFPI LV27 MADE IN GERMANY BY EDC IFPI 0144
Matrix/stamper number UNIVERSAL 06025 370 142-3 01 + 5299 41440 IFPI LV26 MADE N GERMANY BY EDC IFPI 0142
Bar-Code 602537014125
Call number CD34348
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