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Regula Meyer, Sibylle Weber: English at the pharmacy. Vocabulary (CD36435)

Carrier title Regula Meyer, Sibylle Weber: English at the pharmacy. Vocabulary
Production MEYER, Regula
Production WEBER, Sibylle
Production year C2011
Recording language English
Recording language German
Work genre Language course
Descriptor Dewey English
Audio track 1
Recording title Intro
Audio track 2-8
Index 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8
Recording title Krankheiten & Symptome = Illnesses & symptoms
Audio track 9
Recording title Arzneimittelformen = Drug presentations
Audio track 10-12
Index 10; 11; 12
Recording title Sortiment = Range
Audio track 13
Recording title Einstiegsfragen = Initial questions
Audio track 14-15
Index 14; 15
Recording title Eigenschaften = Properties
Audio track 16-17
Index 16; 17
Recording title Anwendung = Instructions for use / directions
Audio track 18
Recording title Nebenwirkungen & Ratschläge = Side effects & advice
Audio track 19
Recording title Rezepte & Krankenkasse = Prescriptions & health insurance
Audio track 20-23
Index 20; 21; 22; 23
Recording title Körperteile & Organe = Parts of the body & organs
Author MEYER, Regula
Activity Author of the work
Author WEBER, Sibylle
Activity Author of the work
Enclosed Enclosure kept at the Swiss National Library
Internet site
Matrix/stamper number 80 PG7662 AE855A0054180
Call number CD36435
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