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HÖRMAL; Chrüz + quer; Die Eroberung: Ein vergessenes Land; Die Sonnenadvokaten (MC50425)

Broadcast title Chrüz + quer
Enclosed Commentary
Distributor HÖRMAL VERLAG; Bern
Work genre Radio broadcast
Work genre Documentary
Work genre Interview
Descriptor Dewey History
Descriptor Dewey Energy
Geographical descriptor Bolivia
Recording language Swiss German
Recording language Spanish
Recording language German
Audio track A
Recording title Die Eroberung: Ein vergessenes Land
Version With musical fragments inserted
Participant TAQUICHIRI, Frans
Additional author KREBS, Jürg
Activity Realizer
Audio track B
Recording title Die Sonnenadvokaten
Version With musical fragments inserted
Participant SÜDBECK-BAUR, Wolf
Activity Interviewer
Participant JENNI, Josef
Activity Interviewed
Participant JENNI, Erwin
Activity Interviewed
Broadcast date 26.01.1992
Broadcast date 27.01.1992
Record label HÖRMAL
Fonds/Collection HÖRMAL
Call number MC50425
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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