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LANG; Martin Neukom: Signals, systems and sound synthesis; 978-3-0343-1428-2 (RE52)

Titel dal portatun Martin Neukom: Signals, systems and sound synthesis
Resursa electronica Dati informatici sonori
Resursa electronica Dati informatici testuali
Tip da portatun Disco compact ROM
Producziun PETER LANG AG
Onn da producziun C2013
Tip d'ovra Essai
Descrittore Dewey Sun
Resumaziun The subject of this book is the synthesis and treatment of sound by computer. Using illustrations, animations, sound examples and sample programs, it introduces the most important techniques of sound and score synthesis and explains the technical and mathematical principles necessary for understanding them. After reviewing fundamentals of acoustics, the author describes system and signal theory and introduces the programs and programming languages used in the book. The traditionally important synthesis techniques are described in detail, as are various nonlinear synthesis techniques and synthesis by physical modeling. The concluding chapters of the book deal with the projection of sound in space and with the use of algorithmic and stochastic procedures in computer music. The appendix contains a survey of basic mathematical principles, various tables for reference and a detailed index. The included CD contains the entire text of the book, as well as additional chapters and explanations, sound examples, animations illustrating dynamic processes and many sample computer programs.
Pusiziun 1-123
Titel da l'ovra Signal, systems and sound synthesis
Index 1
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1a
Index 2
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1b
Index 3
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1c
Index 4
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1d
Index 5
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1e
Index 6
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1f
Index 7
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1g
Index 8
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1h
Index 9
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1i
Index 10
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1k
Index 11
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1l
Index 12
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1m
Index 13
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-1n
Index 14
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2a
Index 15
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2b
Index 16
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2c
Index 17
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2d
Index 18
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2e
Index 19
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2f
Index 20
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-2g
Index 21
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4a
Index 22
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4b
Index 23
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4c
Index 24
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4d
Index 25
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4e
Index 26
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4f
Index 27
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4g
Index 28
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4h
Index 29
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4i
Index 30
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4k
Index 31
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4l
Index 32
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-4m
Index 33
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5a
Index 34
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5b
Index 35
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5c
Index 36
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5d
Index 37
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5e
Index 38
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5f
Index 39
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5g
Index 40
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5h
Index 41
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5i
Index 42
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 2-3-5k
Index 43
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 3-1-2-5
Index 44
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 3-4-3-5a
Index 45
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 3-4-3-5b
Index 46
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 3-4-4a1
Index 47
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 3-4-4a2
Index 48
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4b
Index 49
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c1
Index 50
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c2
Index 51
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c3
Index 52
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c4
Index 53
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c5
Index 54
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c6
Index 55
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-1-4c7
Index 56
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1a
Index 57
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1b
Index 58
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1b2
Index 59
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1c1
Index 60
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1c2
Index 61
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1c3
Index 62
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1c4
Index 63
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1c5
Index 64
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1d1
Index 65
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1e1
Index 66
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1f1
Index 67
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1f2
Index 68
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1g
Index 69
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-2-1h
Index 70
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2a
Index 71
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2a1
Index 72
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2a2
Index 73
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2a3
Index 74
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2b
Index 75
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2b1
Index 76
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 5-3-2b2
Index 77
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2a
Index 78
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2b
Index 79
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2c
Index 80
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2d
Index 81
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2e
Index 82
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2f
Index 83
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-2f2
Index 84
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 6-1-3a
Index 85
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 7-1-1a1
Index 86
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 7-1-1a2
Index 87
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 7-1-2a1
Index 88
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 7-1-2a2
Index 89
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1a
Index 90
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1b
Index 91
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1c
Index 92
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1d
Index 93
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1e
Index 94
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1f
Index 95
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1g
Index 96
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1h
Index 97
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-1i
Index 98
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-2a
Index 99
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-2b
Index 100
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-4a
Index 101
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-5a
Index 102
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-5b
Index 103
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-1-5c
Index 104
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-1a
Index 105
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-1b
Index 106
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-1c
Index 107
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-1d
Index 108
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-1e
Index 109
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-2a
Index 110
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-3a1
Index 111
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-3a2
Index 112
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 8-2-3b
Index 113
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-1-4a
Index 114
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a1
Index 115
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a2
Index 116
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a3
Index 117
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a4
Index 118
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a5
Index 119
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a6
Index 120
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2a7
Index 121
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2b
Index 122
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 10-3-2b1
Index 123
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act 18.1
Autur NEUKOM, Martin
Actividad Autore dell'opera
Supplement Annexa conservada en la Biblioteca Naziunala Svizra
Adressa d'internet
Marca dals disc LANG
ISBN 978-3-0343-1428-2
Numer da la matriza/stamper AN00205380 - Adon Production AG IFPI LQ57 IFPI AJL03
Code da stritgs 9783034314282
Numer d'archiv RE52
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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