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PHILIPS; 510 559-4; 25 Johr Kapelle Alpsteinblick Teufen AR (MC4999)

Language German
Sector F
Carrier title 25 Johr Kapelle Alpsteinblick Teufen AR
Enclosed Commentary
Other format PHILIPS; 510 559-2; 25 Johr Kapelle Alpsteinblick, Teufen AR (CD3572)
Author SAGER, Erwin
Author FREUND, Köbi
Author ZÄHNER, Sebastian
Performer BRÜLISAUER, Hans
Performer FREUND, Köbi
Performer SAGER, Erwin
Performer ZÄHNER, Sebastian
Production ANDEREGG, Ernst
Engineering SUTTER, Franz
Production year P1991
Production year C1991
Audio track A1
Musical work title De Appezeller Bläss
Audio track A2
Musical work title E liebs Chögli
Audio track A3
Musical work title Büehlerer Marsch
Audio track A4
Musical work title Em Hans sis
Audio track A5
Musical work title Em Säntis zue
Audio track A6
Musical work title Sedan Polka
Audio track A7
Musical work title De Chli Prinz
Audio track A8
Musical work title Jubiläums-Zäuerli
Audio track B1
Musical work title Dör de Büehler
Audio track B2
Musical work title E' Appezeller Hüsli
Audio track B3
Musical work title I de Linde z'Tüüfe
Audio track B4
Musical work title Blüemliwalzer
Audio track B5
Musical work title Zäuerli mit Talerschwingen
Audio track B6
Musical work title Saisoneröffnig i de Osteregg
Audio track B7
Musical work title E agnehmi Tagwach
Audio track B8
Musical work title Mit de Appezeller Bahn
Record label PHILIPS
Ordering number 510 559-4
Bar-Code 042251055941
Call number MC4999
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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