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NAXOS AUDIOBOOKS; NA432512 (Set); Friedrich Nietzsche: Thus spoke Zarathustra. Read by Alex Jennings with Jon Cartwright; 9-62634-325-7 (CD62374)

Titel dal portatun Friedrich Nietzsche: Thus spoke Zarathustra. Read by Alex Jennings with Jon Cartwright
Dumber da portatuns 4
Seria Non-Fiction
Supplement Commento
Supplement Illustrazioni
Producziun SOAMES, Nicolas
Onn da producziun C2005
Onn da producziun P2005
Linguatg da registraziun Englais
Tip d'ovra Essai
Descrittore Dewey Etica
Resumaziun Thus Spoke Zarathustra was conceived and written by Friedrich Nietzsche during the years 1881-1885; the first three parts were published in 1883 and 1884. The book formed part of his "campaign against morality", in which Nietzsche explored the ethical consequences of the "death of God". Heavily critical not only of Christian values but also of their modern replacements, Thus Spoke Zarathustra argues for a new value-system based around the prophecy of the Übermensch or Superman.
Pusiziun 1/1-4/49
Titel da l'ovra Thus spoke Zarathustra. A book for all and none
Versiun Versione ridotta
Versiun Con introduzione, passaggi e conclusione musicale
Titel da l'ovra musicala Also sprach Zarathustra. Sinfonische Dichtung, op. 30
Index 1/1
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Introduction to the prologue
Index 1/2
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra was thirty years old
Index 1/3
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Zarathustra went down the mountain alone, no one meeting him
Index 1/4
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra arrived at the nearest town
Index 1/5
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Zarathustra had spoken these words
Index 1/6
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra had spoken these words
Index 1/7
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Then, however, something happened
Index 1/8
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Meanwhile the evening came on
Index 1/9
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra had said this to his heart
Index 1/10
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Long slept Zarathustra
Index 1/11
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act This had Zarathustra said to his heart
Index 1/12
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Zarathustra discourses the three metamorphoses
Index 1/13
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The three metamorphoses
Index 1/14
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The academic chairs of virtue
Index 1/15
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act People commended to Zarathustra a wise man
Index 1/16
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The afterworldly
Index 1/17
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Once upon a time
Index 1/18
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The despisers of the body
Index 1/19
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act To the despisers of the body will I speak my word
Index 1/20
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Reading and writing
Index 1/21
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Of all that is written
Index 1/22
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The tree on the hill
Index 1/23
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Zarathustra's eye had perceived that a certain youth avoided him
Index 1/24
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act War and warriors
Index 1/25
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act By our best enemies we do not want to be spared
Index 1/26
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The new idol
Index 1/27
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Somewhere there are still peoples and herds
Index 2/1
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Just see these superfluous ones!
Index 2/2
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The thousand and one goals
Index 2/3
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Many lands saw Zarathustra
Index 2/4
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The way of the creating one
Index 2/5
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Would you go into isolation, my brother?
Index 2/6
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Voluntary death
Index 2/7
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Many die too late, and some die too early
Index 2/8
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The bestowing virtue
Index 2/9
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra had taken leave of the town
Index 2/10
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Here paused Zarathustra awhile
Index 2/11
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra had spoken these words
Index 2/12
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The child with the mirror
Index 2/13
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act After this Zarathustra returned again into the mountains
Index 2/14
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act In the happy isles
Index 2/15
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The figs fall from the trees
Index 2/16
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The priests
Index 2/17
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act And one day Zarathustra made a sign to his disciples
Index 2/18
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The virtuous
Index 2/19
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act With thunder and heavenly fireworks
Index 2/20
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The Tarantulas
Index 2/21
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Lo, this is the tarantula's den!
Index 2/22
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Self-surpassing
Index 2/23
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Will to truth" do you call it
Index 2/24
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The land of culture
Index 2/25
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Too far did I fly into the future
Index 3/1
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Great events
Index 3/2
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act There is an isle in the sea
Index 3/3
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Thus spoke I before the fire-dog
Index 3/4
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Redemption
Index 3/5
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra went one day
Index 3/6
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act I walk among men as the fragments of the future
Index 3/7
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The stillest hour
Index 3/8
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act What has happened to me, my friends?
Index 3/9
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The wanderer
Index 3/10
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Then, when it was about midnight
Index 3/11
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The vision and the enigma
Index 3/12
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When it got abroad among the sailors
Index 3/13
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Halt, dwarf!" said I
Index 3/14
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The bedwarfing virtue
Index 3/15
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When Zarathustra was again on the continent
Index 3/16
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act I pass through this people and keep my eyes open
Index 3/17
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act I pass through this people and let fall many words
Index 3/18
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act On passing by
Index 3/19
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Thus slowly wandering though many peoples
Index 3/20
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The return home
Index 3/21
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O solitude!
Index 3/22
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The spirit of gravity
Index 3/23
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act My mouthpiece is of the people
Index 4/1
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act He who one day teaches men to fly
Index 4/2
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act With mummies, some fall in love
Index 4/3
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Old and new tablets
Index 4/4
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Here do I sit and wait
Index 4/5
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When I came to men
Index 4/6
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act There was it also
Index 4/7
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Behold, here is a new table
Index 4/8
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Thus wishes the type of noble souls
Index 4/9
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren
Index 4/10
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act To be true - that CAN few be!
Index 4/11
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act When the water has planks
Index 4/12
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act There is an old illusion - it is called good and evil
Index 4/13
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "You shall not rob! You shall not slay!"
Index 4/14
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act It is my sympathy with all the past
Index 4/15
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren, I consecrate you
Index 4/16
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Why should one live?"
Index 4/17
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "To the clean are all things clean"
Index 4/18
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Such sayings did I hear pious the afterworldly speak
Index 4/19
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "He who learns much unlearns all violent cravings"
Index 4/20
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act There stands the boat
Index 4/21
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren, there are the tablets
Index 4/22
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act I form circles around me and holy boundaries
Index 4/23
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren, am I then cruel?
Index 4/24
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act I love the brave
Index 4/25
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If THEY had bread for nothing, alas!
Index 4/26
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Thus would I have man and woman
Index 4/27
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Your marriage arranging
Index 4/28
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act He who has grown wise concerning old origins
Index 4/29
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren! With whom lies the greatest danger
Index 4/30
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O my brethren, have you understood this word?
Index 4/31
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act You flee from me?
Index 4/32
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Why so hard!" said to the diamond one day the charcoal
Index 4/33
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act O you, my Will!
Index 4/34
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The convalescent
Index 4/35
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act One morning, not long after his return to the cave
Index 4/36
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Hardly, however, had Zarathustra spoken these words
Index 4/37
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Do not speak further, you convalescent!"
Index 4/38
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The other dance song
Index 4/39
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act "Into your eyes gazed I lately"
Index 4/40
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act Then did life answer me thus
Index 4/41
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act One. O man! Take heed!
Index 4/42
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act The seven seals (or the yea and amen song)
Index 4/43
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If be a diviner
Index 4/44
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If ever my wrath
Index 4/45
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If ever a breath
Index 4/46
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If ever I have drunk
Index 4/47
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If I be fond of the sea
Index 4/48
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If my virtue be a dancer's virtue
Index 4/49
Moviment/Part/Toc/Act If I ever have spread out a tranquil heaven
Datas ierarchicas (Ovras) Also sprach Zarathustra. Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen
Autur NIETZSCHE, Friedrich
Actividad Scrittore
Autur STRAUSS, Richard
Actividad Compositore
Autur BUTCHER, Sarah
Actividad Curatore dell'opera
Interpret JENNINGS, Alex
Actividad Lettore
Interpret CARTWRIGHT, Jon
Actividad Lettore
Interpret KOSLER, Zdenek
Actividad Direttore d'orchestra
Autur supplementar BUTCHER, Sarah
Actividad Curatore dell'opera
Lieu da registraziun RNIB TALKING BOOK STUDIOS
Vischnanca da registraziun London
Marca dals disc NAXOS AUDIOBOOKS
Numer da postaziun NA432512 (Set)
ISBN 9-62634-325-7
Numer da la matriza/stamper 51329148/NA432512 21 IFPI LP 50 IFPI 0768
Numer da la matriza/stamper 51329105/NA432522 21 IFPI LP 47 IFPI 0768
Numer da la matriza/stamper 51329152/NA432532 21 IFPI LP 50 IFPI 0768
Numer da la matriza/stamper 51329151/NA432542 21 IFPI LP 73 IFPI 0768
Code da stritgs 9789626343258
Numer d'archiv CD62374
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