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TELEFUNKEN; LSK 6533/34 (Set); Le Roi David (LP21566)

Carrier title Le Roi David
Number of carriers 2
Playback speed 33 1/3 rpm
Recording mode Mono
Enclosed Commentary
Recording language French
Musical genre Oratorium
Carrier type LP record
Audio track 1A-2B
Musical work title Le Roi David. Psaume dramatique en 3 parties pour soprano, contralto, ténor, récitants, choeur mixte, 17 instrumentistes, H 37
Index 1A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 1. Introduction
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2. Chant du berger David
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 3. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 3.a) Fanfare et entrée de Goliath
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 4. Chante de Victoire
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 5. Marche
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 5.a) Chant de Victoire
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 6. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 7. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 8. Chant de prophètes
Index 1B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 9. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 10. Camp de Saul
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 11. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 12. La sorciére d'Endor
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 13. La marche de philistins
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 14. Lamentation de Gilboa
Index 2A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 15. Chant de fête
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 16. Danse devant l'arche
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 17. Chant
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 18. Chant de la servante
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 19. Psaume de pénitence
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 20. Psaume
Index 2B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 21. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 22. Chant d'Ephraim
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 23. Marche des hébreux
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 24. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 25. Psaume
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 26. Couronnement de Salomon
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 27. Mort de David
Author HONEGGER, Arthur
Activity Composer
Author MORAX, René
Activity Text writer
Performer MICHEAU, Janine
Voice Soprano
Performer COLLARD, Jeannine
Voice Alto
Performer MOLLET, Pierre
Voice Baritone
Performer HERVE, Jean
Voice Speaking voice
Formation Choir
Performer DURUFLE, Maurice
Musical instrument Organ
Performer HONEGGER, Arthur
Activity Conductor
Recording locality Paris
Recording place KIRCHE ST. ROCH
Record label TELEFUNKEN
Ordering number LSK 6533/34 (Set)
Matrix/stamper number GCS 70 X Manufactured in Germany
Matrix/stamper number GCS 71 X Manufactured in Germany
Matrix/stamper number GCS-72-XR Manufactured in Germany
Matrix/stamper number GCS 73 X Manufactured in Germany
Call number LP21566
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