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Sylifarkis. Ich füehr Dich i mis Traumland! (CD47720)

Carrier title Sylifarkis. Ich füehr Dich i mis Traumland!
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Traumland - Vers
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Wichtel - Vers
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Recording language Swiss German
Musical genre Song for children
Work genre Poetry
Subject Swiss-German dialect poetry
Audio track 1-17
Musical work title Sylifarkis
Version With spoken fragment inserted
Index 1
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Traumland-Vers
Index 2
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Mis Traumland SYLIFARKIS
Index 3
Movement/Part/Piece/Act De Frosch
Index 4
Movement/Part/Piece/Act De Füürdrache
Index 5
Movement/Part/Piece/Act D'Lya tanzt
Index 6
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Zauberer
Index 7
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Turte mit 700 Schtöck
Index 8
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Esel
Index 9
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Dur de Wältruum
Index 10
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Emal wett ich en Wichtel sy
Index 11
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Wichtel-Vers
Index 12
Movement/Part/Piece/Act En guete Fründ
Index 13
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Elfe-Vers
Index 14
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chlyni Elfe
Index 15
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Ich bin scho gross
Index 16
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Für immer Chind
Index 17
Movement/Part/Piece/Act SYLIFARKIS
Author ARSLAN-BOBST, Maralina
Activity Composer
Activity Text writer
Activity Arrangement
Performer ARSLAN-BOBST, Maralina
Voice Woman's voice
Musical instrument Piano
Musical instrument Guitar
Performer BOBST, Flo
Musical instrument Cuban box drum
Performer WETTER, Moritz
Performer MISCHLER, Cornelia
Musical instrument Accordion
Activity Instrument player
Formation Choir
Formation Choir
Performer ARSLAN, Can
Voice Child's voice
Performer ARSLAN, Melis
Voice Child's voice
Performer TSCHANZ, Yannick
Voice Child's voice
Performer TSCHANZ, Maël
Voice Child's voice
Performer TSCHANZ, Lilou
Voice Child's voice
Engineering WETTER, Moritz
Activity Musical manager
Recording locality Winterthur
Recording place HARDSTUDIOS
Production ARSLAN-BOBST, Maralina
Activity P copyright
Activity C copyright
Production year 2014
Matrix/stamper number HS-13513 - HARDSTUDIOS IFPI LQ57 IFPI AJL02
Bar-Code 7663302014019
Call number CD47720
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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