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He nu so de. Eine heitere Erzählstunde mit Elisabeth Pfluger; TEXTWERKSTATT; 978-3-905848-10-6 (CD64403)

Carrier title He nu so de. Eine heitere Erzählstunde mit Elisabeth Pfluger
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Recording language Swiss German
Musical genre Classical music
Work genre Short novel
Subject Swiss-German dialect fiction
Audio track 1-55
Work title He nu so de
Version With musical fragments inserted
Index audio 1
Movement/Part/Piece/Act He nu so de
Index audio 2
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Duuu oder iig
Index audio 3
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es vornähms Auto
Index audio 4
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E scharfe Rank
Index audio 5
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es gleitigs Velo
Index audio 6
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es ungschafligs Velo
Index audio 7
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Uffem Velo
Index audio 8
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Huuse
Index audio 9
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Jommere
Index audio 10
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Verchehrsproblem
Index audio 11
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E früechte Ryf
Index audio 12
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Giraff
Index audio 13
Movement/Part/Piece/Act S het deheim e Vogel gsunge
Author HESS, Carl
Activity Composer
Performer WYSS, Roman
Musical instrument Piano
Index audio 14
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Affechääs
Index audio 15
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sprochüebig: Ungfreuts
Index audio 16
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sprochüebig: Steigerung
Index audio 17
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Fuhre hacke
Index audio 18
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Robidog
Index audio 19
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Wotan und Freya
Index audio 20
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Logisch
Index audio 21
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Suberi Höseli
Index audio 22
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Bummi
Index audio 23
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Landjeger
Index audio 24
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Übelhöörig
Index audio 25
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Hüt tüe mir der Böög verbrönne
Author PFLUGER, Elisabeth
Activity Composer
Performer WYSS, Roman
Musical instrument Piano
Index audio 26
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es guets Rezäpt
Index audio 27
Movement/Part/Piece/Act No einisch hüroote
Index audio 28
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Stärbeseländ
Index audio 29
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es Chrüz
Index audio 30
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E neui Lehrerin
Index audio 31
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Lööl
Index audio 32
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Bricht vom Turninspäkter
Index audio 33
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lehrer
Index audio 34
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vo Luzärn gäge Wäggis zue
Index audio 35
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vo Luzärn gäge Wäggis zue
Musical genre Folk song
Performer WYSS, Roman
Musical instrument Piano
Index audio 36
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chatzestrecke
Index audio 37
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Kartolisch
Index audio 38
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Schöni Härdöpfel
Index audio 39
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Katholische Müüs
Index audio 40
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Der Huusschlüssel
Index audio 41
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Dütsch rede
Index audio 42
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Zweu unglychi Ressorts
Index audio 43
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Der Güggel ufem Chilchturm
Index audio 44
Movement/Part/Piece/Act En eifältigi Froog
Index audio 45
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Mueterwitz
Index audio 46
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vom Soledurnerlied
Index audio 47
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es lit es Stedli wunderhübsch
Musical genre Folk song
Geographical descriptor England
Performer WYSS, Roman
Musical instrument Piano
Index audio 48
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Flegle
Index audio 49
Movement/Part/Piece/Act I der Höll
Index audio 50
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E Predig übers Lüüge
Index audio 51
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Der Geisslochgeneral
Index audio 52
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Es neus Autonummero
Index audio 53
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Firmig
Index audio 54
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Bischof und General
Index audio 55
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Jetz wei mer eis singe!
Musical genre Folk song
Performer WYSS, Roman
Musical instrument Piano
Author PFLUGER, Elisabeth
Activity Writer
Performer PFLUGER, Elisabeth
Activity Reader
Recording date 05.2008
Recording conditions Studio recording
Activity C copyright
Production year 2008
ISBN 978-3-905848-10-6
Matrix/stamper number AN123107 - Adcom Production AG +41 (0)56 416 46 46 IFPI AJL01
Call number CD64403
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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