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Jutta Langreuter: Käpt'n Sharky und de Dolch vom Sultan. Schwiizerdütsch; CHINDERWÄLT; COPPENRATH; 606; 978-3-03718-606-0 (CD117413)

Carrier title Jutta Langreuter: Käpt'n Sharky und de Dolch vom Sultan. Schwiizerdütsch
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Recording language Swiss German
Musical genre Modern children's song
Work genre Literature for children
Classification German fiction
Audio track 1-13
Work title Käpt'n Sharky und de Dolch vom Sultan
Version With musical fragments inserted and songs
Index audio 1
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sharkys Piratelied 9
Index audio 2
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Beutezug im Orient
Index audio 3
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E ehrevolle Uftrag
Index audio 4
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E gemeine Überfall
Index audio 5
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sufis Lied
Index audio 6
Movement/Part/Piece/Act De erschti Wunsch
Index audio 7
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Mir reise mit em Teppich
Index audio 8
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Im Palascht vom Scheich
Index audio 9
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Mir reise mit em Teppich
Index audio 10
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Glücklichs Wiederseh
Index audio 11
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vo ferne Länder
Index audio 12
Movement/Part/Piece/Act E befreiende Abschied
Index audio 13
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sharkys Piratelied
Author LANGREUTER, Jutta
Activity Writer
Author BIELEFELDT, Rainer
Activity Author of the adaptation
Activity Text writer
Activity Composer
Author KELLER, Bruno
Activity Translation
Performer BURREN, Barbara
Activity Narrator
Performer SIGG, Helmi
Part/Role Käpt'n Sharky
Performer KAPPELER, Silvan
Part/Role Ratte
Part/Role Coco
Part/Role Fibs
Performer WELTER, Eva Maria
Part/Role Michi
Performer STAPFER, Christoph
Part/Role Sultan Suleiman
Performer BADER, Hanspeter
Part/Role Scheich Salam al Raschid
Performer KAUFMANN, Mike
Part/Role Flaschengeist Sufi
Performer BACK, Markus
Part/Role Hofmarschall Masur
Performer INGELLIS, Mattia E.
Part/Role Fadi
Performer KHAMSI, Nourdin
Part/Role Kommandeur arabische Piraten
Performer ZBINDEN, Marco
Part/Role Koch Abdullah
Performer STUKER, Philippe
Part/Role Koch Jusuf
Additional author VESCOVI, Michael
Activity Director
Additional author GUGGISBERG, Urs
Activity Coordinating project planner
Engineering VESCOVI, Michael
Activity Recording
Activity Audio mixing
Activity P copyright
Production year 2016
Record label CHINDERWÄLT
Record label COPPENRATH
Ordering number 606
ISBN 978-3-03718-606-0
Matrix/stamper number IFPI L555 CHW606 15 A0 IFPI 946P
Bar-Code 9783037186060
Call number CD117413
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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