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AMOS; 5725 CD; Heeresmusikkorps Ost, Leitung: Major Bernd Männel, Hauptmann Waldemar Schlimper: Neue Kameraden, Alte Kameraden (CD4702)

Language German
Sector F
Carrier title Heeresmusikkorps Ost, Leitung: Major Bernd Männel, Hauptmann Waldemar Schlimper: Neue Kameraden, Alte Kameraden
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Author TEIKE, Carl
Author MÄNNECKE, Hermann
Author ROLAND, Marc
Author HENRION, Richard
Author KUTSCH, Bernhard
Author KOLLO, Walter
Author REMBACH, Ernst
Author BLANKENBURG, Hermann L.
Author AHRENS, Hans
Author KOWALD, Frank A.
Author MERTINS, Heinz
Author GÜRSCH, Günther
Author RECKLING, August
Author FUCIK, Julius
Author KAMENZ, Klaus Peter
Author PENSKE, Horst Wolf
Author SCHUMANN, Wolfgang
Author HULAK, Karel
Author LEDER, Wolfgang
Author ANDERSON, Leroy
Author HUGGENS, Ted
Author DIEDERICH, Fritz
Performer MÄNNEL, Bernd
Performer SCHLIMPER, Waldemar
Performer KATTERLE, Jürgen
Performer LAHMANN, hans Joachim
Performer WUSTMANN, Christian
Performer PINSLER, Uwe
Performer SCHÄFER, Achim
Performer KABBE, Steffen
Performer SCHILL, manfred
Performer DALIBOR, Norbert
Performer GRÖSSLER, Frank
Performer SCHÄFER, Veit
Performer BRODE, Andreas
Performer HINZMANN, Dirk
Performer HUBER, Jörg
Performer SCHOLTZ, Götz Jöra
Performer JOBS, Michael
Performer SCHAFER, Jörg
Performer BRÜNGEL, Detlef
Performer ERNST, Steffen
Performer KRAUTZ, Hans-Joachim
Performer HOTZKOW, Norbert
Performer BÖDNER, Reiner
Performer BRAGULLA, Steffen
Performer RUDLOF, Daniel
Performer ZNIEWSKI, Steffen
Performer GAWEL, Andreas
Performer LÖHDE, Mario
Performer HOFMANN, Torsten
Performer FREUTEL, Dirk
Performer MAHR, Torsten
Performer SCHNEIDER, gerd
Performer WITZLEBEN, Bernd
Performer FIEDLER, Andre
Performer GRÜNERT, Mike
Performer BIENERT, Wolfgang
Performer EISERSDORF, Frank
Performer MÄRTNER, Norbert
Performer LAUBSCH, Alexander
Performer OTTO, Andreas
Performer HAISCH, Oliver
Performer RANK, Peter
Performer LAMM, Udo
Performer NEY, jens
Performer QUECK, Ingmar
Performer KIRSTEN, Wilfried
Performer SCHÄFER, Uwe
Performer NETHNER, Volkmar
Performer WENAT, Uwe
Performer SCHMELZER, Ralf
Performer SANFT, Bodo
Performer SCHMIEDEL, Rainer
Performer KAMENZ, Hans peter
Performer SAUER, Per
Performer ZIESMER, Steffen
Performer BISKUP, Heinrich
Performer PALLOKS, Ralf Ingo
Performer SPIES, Michael
Production FUOG, Theo
Production KOWALD, Frank A.
Engineering FUOG, Theo
Production year C1992
Production year P1992
Recording date 27.04.1992-29.04.1992
Track 1
Musical work title Neue Kameraden
Track 2
Musical work title Parademarsch der langen Kerls
Track 3
Musical work title Hie guet Brandenburg Allewege
Track 4
Musical work title Es geht ins Märkerland
Track 5
Musical work title Untern Linden
Track 6
Musical work title Friedensgöttin
Track 7
Musical work title Gute Freunde für Berlin
Track 8
Musical work title Berlin grüsst Potsdam
Track 9
Musical work title Revue-Marsch
Track 10
Musical work title Mit Kraft und Feuer
Track 11
Musical work title Die Regimentskinder
Track 12
Musical work title Stets zielbewusst
Track 13
Musical work title Manövermarsche
Track 14
Musical work title Jetzt kommen die lustigen Tage
Track 15
Musical work title Gut gelaunt
Track 16
Musical work title Mailiedermarsch
Track 17
Musical work title Brünn-Polka
Track 18
Musical work title Rondo über ein sorbisches Volkslied
Track 19
Musical work title Belle of the ball
Track 20
Musical work title Pavane in blue
Track 21
Musical work title Endspurt
Track 22
Musical work title Alte Kameraden
Recording locality Berlin
Recording place THEATER AM PARK
Record label AMOS
Ordering number 5725 CD
Matrix/stamper number 039.465.005.725.0
Call number CD4702
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