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SOUND SERVICE; PM 010292-2; PM 020192-2; Phil Carmen: Cool & collected. The best of 10 years 1982-1992 (CD4720)

Carrier title Phil Carmen: Cool & collected. The best of 10 years 1982-1992
Language English
Sector L
Author CARMEN, Phil
Author SANDERS, Simon Dale
Author KOHLER, Martin
Performer CARMEN, Phil
Performer HODGKINSON, Colin
Performer KEISER, Peter
Performer FLIESCH, Rätus
Performer KELLER, Peter
Performer THOMPSON, Mike
Performer AUGER, Brian
Performer SZENDEZKI, Wadislav
Performer TEE, Richard
Performer BAEBI, Kurt
Performer KOHLER, Martin
Performer KRÜGER, Rolf
Performer KAISER, Walter
Performer VANN, Larry E.
Performer NOYA, Nippi
Performer SMAAK, Bert
Performer GADIENT, Giann
Performer ETTLIN, Guido
Performer MORRISSEY, Dick
Performer DAWSON, Steve
Performer DETTLING, Wolfgang
Performer OSTERMEYER, Christian
Performer KAFAI-AZIMI, Mostafa
Performer BURN, Ralph
Performer BAAREN, Sabine van
Performer SANNA
Performer YVONNE
Performer KAY, Belinda
Performer SANDERS, Simon Dale
Performer KATZMANN, Bo
Performer BÜRGI, Steff
Performer SCHÖNI, Helmut
Performer HOLZHERR, Hans
Production CARMEN, Phil
Engineering KRAMER, Quincy J.
Engineering MERZ, Eric
Engineering ZINGG, René
Production year P1992
Production year P1991
Production year P1988
Production year P1987
Production year P1985
Recording date 06.1992
Audio track 1
Musical work title Artic Nights
Audio track 2
Musical work title On my way in L.A.
Audio track 3
Musical work title Do you surrender
Audio track 4
Musical work title Borderline down
Audio track 5
Musical work title City walls
Audio track 6
Musical work title Reason return
Audio track 7
Musical work title Moonshine still
Audio track 8
Musical work title Rain
Audio track 9
Musical work title Hey, please don't go
Audio track 10
Musical work title You said it
Audio track 11
Musical work title Cool night water
Audio track 12
Musical work title Workaholic slave
Audio track 13
Musical work title Nobody's turning around
Audio track 14
Musical work title Over
Audio track 15
Musical work title So long
Audio track 16
Musical work title You (haven't changed)
Audio track 17
Musical work title Refugée
Audio track 18
Musical work title Sometimes
Recording locality Switzerland
Recording place PICAR STUDIOS
Record label SOUND SERVICE
Ordering number PM 010292-2
Ordering number PM 020192-2
Matrix/stamper number PM-010292-2 12 A1 DADC AUSTRIA
Call number CD4720
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