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TIMPANI; 4C1012 (Set); 1C1008; 1C1009; 1C1010; 1C1011; Arthur Honegger: La musique de chambre = The chamber music = Die Kammermusik (CD4753)

Language German
Sector C
Number of carriers 4
Carrier title Arthur Honegger: La musique de chambre = The chamber music = Die Kammermusik
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Author HONEGGER, Arthur
Author RONSARD, Pierre de
Author MORAX, René
Author CENDRARS, Blaise
Performer KANG, Dong-Suk
Performer DEVOYON, Pascal
Performer AUDOLI, Jean-Philippe
Performer XUEREB, Pierre-Henri
Performer WALLFISCH, Raphael
Performer ROSSI, Jean
Performer ARRIGON, Michel
Performer MARION, Alain
Performer HARALDSDOTTIR, Ashildur
Performer MOREAUX, Christian
Performer CAENS, Thierry
Performer BECQUET, Michel
Performer KONDO, Fusako
Performer ZANLONGHI, Pascale
Performer OWEN, Elenid
Performer FAURE, Padrig
Performer COPERY, Anne
Production TOPAKIAN, Stéphane
Production HALBREICH, Harry
Production TIMPANI
Engineering KIRKWOOD, Igor
Engineering AZAIS, Julien
Engineering BOUQUET, Jean-Pierre
Production year P1992
Production year C1991
Recording date 05.1991
Recording date 09.1991
Recording date 10.1991
Recording date 11.1991
Recording date 04.1991
Audio track 1/1-1/3
Musical work title Première sonate pour violon et piano, H 17, en ut dièse mineur
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andante sostenuto
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Presto
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Adagio-Quasi allegro-Allegro assai-Adagio
Audio track 1/4-1/7
Musical work title Sonate pour violon seul, H 143, en ré mineur
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Largo
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegretto grazioso
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Presto
Audio track 1/8-1/10
Musical work title Deuxième sonate pour violon et piano, H 24, en si
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro cantabile
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Larghetto
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vivace assai
Audio track 1/11
Musical work title Morceau de concours pour violon et piano, H 179
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Molto moderato, un poco rubato
Audio track 1/12-1/14
Musical work title Sonate pour violon et piano, H 3, en ré mineur
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Largo-Agitato
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Molto adagio
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Sostenuto-Allegro
Audio track 1/15
Musical work title Arioso for violin and piano, H 214
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lento
Audio track 2/1-2/3
Musical work title Sonatine pour 2 violons, H.29
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro non tanto
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andantino
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro moderato
Audio track 2/4-2/6
Musical work title Sonatine pour violon et violoncelle, H.80
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andante
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Audio track 2/7
Musical work title Paduana, pour violoncelle seul, H.181
Audio track 2/8-2/10
Musical work title Sonate pour violoncelle et piano, H 32, en ré mineur
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro non troppo
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andante sostenuto
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Presto
Audio track 2/11
Musical work title Prélude, pour contrebasse et piano, H.79
Audio track 2/12-2/14
Musical work title Sonate pour alto et piano, H.28
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andante-Vivace
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegretto moderato
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro non troppo
Audio track 2/15
Musical work title Trio pour violon, violoncelle et piano, en fa mineur, H.6
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro vivace
Audio track 3/1-3/3
Musical work title Sonatine pour clarinette et piano, H.42
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Modéré
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lent et soutenu
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Vif et rythmique
Audio track 3/4
Musical work title Rapsodie, pour 2 flûtes, clarinette et piano, H.13
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Larghetto-Allegro-Larghetto
Audio track 3/5
Musical work title Danse de la Chèvre, pour flûte seule, H.39
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lent-Danse: Vif-Lent
Audio track 3/6
Musical work title Romance, pour flûte et piano, H.211
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Andantino
Audio track 3/7-3/9
Musical work title Petite suite, pour 2 flûtes et piano, H.89
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Flûte et piano
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2 flûtes
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2 flûtes et piano
Audio track 3/10-3/12
Musical work title 3 Contrepoints pour piccolo, hautbois, violon et violoncelle, H.43
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Prélude à 2 voix: Allegro marcato, alla breve
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Choral à 3 voix: Largo
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Canon sur basse obstinée, à 4 vois: Presto
Audio track 3/13
Musical work title Colloque, pour flûte, célesta, violon et alto, H.216
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Poco largo-Andantino-Allegro
Audio track 3/14
Musical work title Introduction et danse, pour flûte, harpe, violon, alto et violoncelle, H.217
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lento sostenuto-Lento
Audio track 3/15
Musical work title Intrada, pour trompette et piano, H.193
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Maestoso-Allegro-Maestoso
Audio track 3/16
Musical work title Hommage du trombon exprimant la tristesse de l'auteur absent, H.59
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Modéré
Audio track 3/17
Musical work title J'avais un fidèle amant, H.74
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Modéré
Audio track 3/18
Musical work title Chanson de Ronsard, H.54
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Plus tu connais que je brûle pour toi. Doucement
Audio track 3/19-3/21
Musical work title 3 Chansons de la Petite sirène, H.63
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chanson des sirènes. Lent
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Berceuse de la sirène. Tranquille
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chanson de la poire. Vif
Audio track 4/1-4/3
Musical work title Quatuor à cordes, n. 1, H.15
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Appassionato (Violent et tourmenté)
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Adagio (Très lent)
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro (Ruede et rithmique) - AdAGIO
Audio track 4/4-4/6
Musical work title Quatuor à cordes, n. 2, H.103
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Adagio
Movement/Part/Piece/Act llegro marcato
Audio track 4/7-4/9
Musical work title Quatuor à cordes, n. 3, H.114
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Adagio
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Allegro
Audio track 4/10-4/12
Musical work title Pâques à New York, H.30
Movement/Part/Piece/Act C'est à cette heure-ci (Grave)
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Faites, Seigneur (Tourmenté)
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Dic nobis Maria (Modéré)
Recording locality Bourg-St-Pierre
Recording locality Paris
Recording place SALLE ADYAR
Record label TIMPANI
Ordering number 4C1012 (Set)
Ordering number 1C1008
Ordering number 1C1009
Ordering number 1C1010
Ordering number 1C1011
Bar-Code 3377894310124
Matrix/stamper number DURECO DIGIP 1C1008
Matrix/stamper number DURECO [01] 1C1009
Matrix/stamper number DURECO [02] 1C1010
Matrix/stamper number DURECO DIGIP 1C1011
Call number CD4753
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