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Redeem: Paperthin skin; RENT-A-RECORD COMPANY (CD124644)

Musical genre Metal
Carrier title Redeem: Paperthin skin
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Recording language English
Musical genre Rock
Audio track 1
Musical work title Intro
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 2
Musical work title Paperthin skin
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 3
Musical work title 999
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 4
Musical work title Blackness of sorrows
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 5
Musical work title Somebody out there
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 6
Musical work title Inside
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 7
Musical work title Beauty of a lie
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 8
Musical work title Crawling
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 9
Musical work title Lullaby
Performer REDEEM
Performer MURPHY, Anna
Musical instrument Voice
Part/Role Guest
Audio track 10
Musical work title Murder
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 11
Musical work title Poor man's wine
Performer REDEEM
Audio track 12
Musical work title Broken
Notes/Comments Bonus track
Performer REDEEM
Performer RICHARDS, JR
Musical instrument Voice
Part/Role Guest
Performer REDEEM
Formation Ensemble
Performer PAOLUCCIA, Stefano Saint
Musical instrument Voice
Musical instrument Guitar
Musical instrument Piano
Activity Programmer
Performer PIAZZA, Alessio
Musical instrument Electric bass
Performer STEINER, Simon
Musical instrument Drums
Engineering CHYCKI, Richard
Activity Sound engineer
Recording locality Pfäffikon SZ
Recording place NEW SOUND STUDIO
Engineering CHYCKI, Richard
Activity Audio mixing
Activity Mastering
Recording locality Toronto
Recording place STREET OF DREAMS
Production CHYCKI, Richard
Production MOTOR MUSIC
Production year C2019
Matrix/stamper number AJ81020-01 manufactured by optimal media GmbH IFPI L577 IFPI 9701
Call number CD124644
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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