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EX LIBRIS; 12 111; Herrliche Zeiten ... mit Elsie Attenhofer (LP7098)

Carrier title Herrliche Zeiten ... mit Elsie Attenhofer
Language German
Sector L; D
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Illustrations
Author LENZ, Max Werner
Author WEISSERT, Otto
Author SCHULE, Bernard
Author LESCH, Walter
Author FRÜH, Huldreich Georg
Author DUMONT, Cédric
Author ATTENHOFER, Elsie
Author KRUSE, W.
Author KASICS, Tibor
Performer ATTENHOFER, Elsie
Performer RICHARD, Martin
Production year P1971
Carrier type LP record
Audio track A1
Musical work title Mensch ohne Pass
Audio track A2
Musical work title Der Nachtwandler
Audio track A3
Musical work title Germanisches Wiegenlied
Audio track A4
Musical work title Donautränen
Audio track A5
Musical work title Er ist an allem schuld
Audio track A6
Musical work title Herminens Klage
Audio track A7
Musical work title Chinesische Mutter
Audio track B1
Musical work title Im Treppenhaus
Audio track B2
Musical work title Ostside-Story
Audio track B3
Musical work title Jan Palach
Audio track B4
Musical work title Brief aus Prag
Audio track B5
Musical work title Wiegenlied vom schwarzen Roggen
Audio track B6
Musical work title Kundgebung
Record label EX LIBRIS
Ordering number 12 111
Matrix/stamper number EL - 12111 2 SO/ I Made in Switzerland
Matrix/stamper number EL - 12111 SO/II Made in Switzerland
Call number LP7098
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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