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DRS; (Set); Tell Total in 55 Folgen. Hörspiel nach Friedrich Schiller (MC23404)

Language German
Sector P; D; F
Carrier title Tell Total in 55 Folgen. Hörspiel nach Friedrich Schiller
Series Hörspiel Collection
Enclosed Commentary
Production RADIO DRS
Engineering WESTEN, Graziella
Engineering STAUB, Peter
Engineering JEDLITSCHKA, Hans
Production year 1991
Production type Unique/direct production
Track 1A-4B
Musical work title Tell Total. Hörspiel in 55 Folgen
Author SCHILLER, Friedrich
Author TREICHLER, Hanspeter
Performer GNÄDINGER, Mathias
Performer CZIESLA, Jürgen
Performer STUCKENSCHMIDT, Thomas
Performer KNER, Peter
Performer RUMPF, Bernd
Performer WARNCKE, Wolfgang
Performer HAAS, Rudolf
Performer SUTER, Hans
Performer BRÜGGER, Jürgen
Performer WILDENAUER, Ingold
Performer ABGOTTSPON, Franziskus
Performer KNUTH, Klaus
Performer DORNBIERER, Otto
Performer KASZTURA, Daniela
Performer HOLLIGER, Peter
Performer SCHEIBLI, René
Performer PFEIFER, Alfred
Performer GEMPART, Michael
Performer SCHULTE, Elmar
Performer FISCHLI, Peter
Performer HUBER, Edi
Performer FREIHART, Alex
Performer MÜLLER, Walter A.
Performer SCHMIDLIN, Karin
Performer KARRER, Hanni
Performer EHRLICH, Sabine
Performer RAJCHMAN, Claudine
Performer SCHÖNEN, Irina
Performer COURVOISIER, Sibylle
Performer GÖDRÖS, Margot
Performer WERTH, Susanne
Performer SCHÄRER, Isabel
Performer QUETES, Anna
Performer GALLO, Inigo
Performer BÜHLMANN, Heinz
Performer WARNING, Horst
Performer RUSSIUS, Klaus H.
Performer SCHNEIDER, Jörg
Performer HELFER, Hans
Performer ZIESSLER, Günther
Performer BIAGI, Vincenzo
Performer SIMMEN, Rolf
Performer KÄLIN, Walter
Performer MÄCHLER, Edwin
Record label DRS
Ordering number (Set)
Number of carriers 4
Call number MC23404
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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