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HEAR WE GO; 38217; Amber: Breakthrough (CD9885)

Carrier title Amber: Breakthrough
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Author KÜFFER, Thomas
Author ILLSLEY, Amber Jo
Author KÜFFER, Daniel
Author DRYSDALE, Carla
Author WIEDMER, Roland
Author SIMIEN, Sidney
Author HIATT, John
Author PARNELL, Lee Roy
Author PRESTON, Leroy
Performer AMBER
Performer KÜFFER, Thomas
Performer KÜFFER, Daniel
Performer WIEDMER, Roland
Performer BERCHIER, Jean-Pierre
Performer KAISER, Cäsar
Performer LAUREL, Eva
Performer AEBERSOLD, Stuwi
Production AMBER
Production ZBINDEN, Kari
Production COD-TUXEDO AG
Production ZAC! MUSIC
Engineering GFELLER, Thomas
Engineering KREBS, Bruno
Engineering MILLER, Glenn
Production year P1995
Production year C1995
Notes/Comments Ricevuto tramite S.M.I. Wabern
Audio track 1
Musical work title Tiger in my room
Audio track 2
Musical work title Breakthrough
Audio track 3
Musical work title Fun food
Audio track 4
Musical work title Dancing with the lion [1]
Audio track 5
Musical work title Thirty waves
Audio track 6
Musical work title Empty inside
Audio track 7
Musical work title Holiday
Audio track 8
Musical work title Playing with shadows
Audio track 9
Musical work title Dolphins [1]
Audio track 10
Musical work title Zydeco shoes
Audio track 11
Musical work title Train to Birmingham
Audio track 12
Musical work title Crocodile tears
Audio track 13
Musical work title So long [5]
Recording locality Bern
Recording place BACKYARD STUDIO
Recording locality Nunningen
Record label HEAR WE GO
Ordering number 38217
Bar-Code 7611637382174
Matrix/stamper number COD50088 38217 (95061107
Call number CD9885
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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