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Little-fritz Trippel, Rasputin Paul Chaloupka: Hörfest! Persönliche Einladung (CD11452)

Carrier title Little-fritz Trippel, Rasputin Paul Chaloupka: Hörfest! Persönliche Einladung
Sector L; J; F; C
Author TRIPPEL, Fritz
Author GERSHWIN, George
Author WALLER, Thomas Fats
Author JOHNSON, James
Author CHOPIN, Fryderyk
Author SMETANA, Bedrich
Performer TRIPPEL, little Fritz
Performer CHALPOUPKA, Rasputin Paul
Production CREATREND
Engineering REICH, Andy
Engineering RTR
Engineering DECURTINS, Giusep G.
Production year 1994
Recording date 28.04.1994
Recording locality Chur
Recording place 28.04.1994
Audio track 1
Musical work title Choo choo bop
Audio track 2
Musical work title Someone to watch over me
Audio track 3
Musical work title Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
Audio track 4
Musical work title Waltzing Mathilda
Audio track 5
Musical work title Medley: Summertime, Transsiberian Express
Audio track 6
Musical work title Song of Thailand
Audio track 7
Musical work title New York, Harlem 1930
Audio track 8
Musical work title New Orleans 1975
Audio track 9
Musical work title Park and ride in Chicago
Audio track 10
Musical work title Trip to Mexico
Audio track 11
Musical work title Potpourri: Étude Nr. 14, in f-moll; Prélude in Des-dur; Prélude in d-moll
Audio track 12
Musical work title Étude Nr. 12, in c-moll, Op. 10
Audio track 13
Musical work title Fantasie
Audio track 14
Musical work title Potpourri: Étude Nr. 1, in C-dur, Op. 10; Étud, Nr. 3, in E-dur, Op. 10; Étude Nr. 5, in Ges-dur, Op. 10; Étude Nr. 24, in c-moll, Op. 24
Call number CD11452
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