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Esther Egli: Jodeln ist mein Leben; TELL RECORD; 5325 TLP (LP9631)

Carrier title Esther Egli: Jodeln ist mein Leben
Other format 5325 TK
Author LANG, Franzl
Author ISLER, Otto
Author WILD, Walter
Author RÜEGER, Max
Author BERLINGER, André
Author SCHMUTZ, Hanspeter
Author SCHMID, Willy
Author EUGSTER, Alex
Author LIENHARD, Fredy
Author BEUL, Arthur
Author LEUTHOLD, Heinrich
Performer EGLI, Esther
Performer SCHMID, Willy
Performer AZIMI, Mostafa Kafai
Performer SCHELL, Heinrich
Performer DIETRE, Manfred
Engineering EUGSTER, Alex
Production year P1982
Notes/Comments Solo la copertina
Carrier type LP record
Audio track A1
Musical work title Esther im Schuss
Audio track A2
Musical work title Jodlermeitschi
Audio track A3
Musical work title Bim Bazli uf em Gigebank
Audio track A4
Musical work title Guggu Jodler
Version Arrangement
Audio track A5
Musical work title De Köbel und de Fredel
Audio track A6
Musical work title Am Escheberg-Schwinget
Audio track B1
Musical work title Mir blased eis
Audio track B2
Musical work title Glarner Zigerlied
Audio track B3
Musical work title André's Freud
Audio track B4
Musical work title Uf de Bärge möcht i läbe!
Version Arrangement
Audio track B5
Musical work title Nidwaldner Tanzliedli
Audio track B6
Musical work title Im schöne Toggeburg
Record label TELL RECORD
Ordering number 5325 TLP
Call number LP9631
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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