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MERCANTO; ERC056022 (Set); Vico Torriani: Gold (CD12920)

Carrier title Vico Torriani: Gold
Sector L; F
Number of carriers 2
Other format ERC056024 (Set)
Author WAAL, Walter
Author BÜTTNER, Rudi
Author LEYKAUF, Walter
Author GSTETTNER, Gustl
Author MARGREITER, Rudolf
Author BRUNNER, Carlo
Author LEWINSKY, Charles
Author GEIGER, Walter
Author JUNG, Robert
Author GAZE, Heino
Author IGELHOFF, Peter
Author CIONFOLI, Giuseppe
Author KUNZE, Michael
Author CHMELA, Horst
Author STAUTNER, Renate
Author HALLETZ, Erwin
Author BRADTKE, Hans
Author PLAICKNER, Konrad
Author LEISSLE, Walter
Author WILLMANN, Willy-Michael
Author VACEK, Karel
Author NORIS, Günter
Author HOLDER, Irma
Author WIDEMAIR, Walter
Author WOLF, Konrad
Author MAYER, Henry
Author HERTHA, Kurt
Author GREINER, Hans
Author ORTELLI, Antonio
Author PIGARELLI, Luigi
Author SIEGEL, Ralph Maria
Author WINKLER, Gerhard
Author RUST, Jürgen
Author FELTZ, Kurt
Author SCHWENN, Günther
Author DANKS, Hart Pease
Author TORRIANI, Vico
Author DUMONT, Cédric
Author BALZ, Bruno
Author MERCER, John H.
Author RAUCH, Fred
Performer TORRIANI, Vico
Production year P1996
Production year C1996
Audio track 1/1
Musical work title Lass mit Tönen dich heut' verwöhnen
Audio track 1/2
Musical work title Und der Himmel drückt ein Auge zu
Audio track 1/3
Musical work title Mein Heimatland
Audio track 1/4
Musical work title La pastorella
Audio track 1/5
Musical work title Bonsoir bonsoir
Audio track 1/6
Musical work title Bum bidi bidi bum
Audio track 1/7
Musical work title Einfach danke
Audio track 1/8
Musical work title Es ist schön, bei Freunden zu sein
Audio track 1/9
Musical work title Abendrot [1]
Audio track 1/10
Musical work title Ananas aus Caracas
Audio track 1/11
Musical work title Des Himmels schönste Kinder
Audio track 1/12
Musical work title Man muss die Feste feiern wie sie fallen
Audio track 1/13
Musical work title Du schwarzer Zigeuner
Audio track 1/14
Musical work title Die weissen Sterne der Berge
Audio track 1/15
Musical work title Geschenkte Jahre
Audio track 1/16
Musical work title Weil keiner wie der andre ist
Audio track 1/17
Musical work title Fenster sind zum Fensterln da
Audio track 1/18
Musical work title Ski-Twist
Audio track 2/1
Musical work title Kalkutta liegt am Ganges
Audio track 2/2
Musical work title Jeder Berg ist ein Edelstein
Audio track 2/3
Musical work title Zauberlied der Berge
Audio track 2/4
Musical work title Song of the mountains
Audio track 2/5
Musical work title Ich könnt' ohne Berge nicht leben
Audio track 2/6
Musical work title Wir gehen den Weg zur Sonne
Audio track 2/7
Musical work title Siebenmal in der Woche
Audio track 2/8
Musical work title Capri Fischer
Audio track 2/9
Musical work title Addio, Donna Grazia
Audio track 2/10
Musical work title Bella bella donna
Audio track 2/11
Musical work title Zähl' die Freunde nicht die Jahre
Audio track 2/12
Musical work title Gefangen in maurischer Wüste
Audio track 2/13
Musical work title Wenn die Glocken hell erklingen
Audio track 2/14
Musical work title Silberfäden
Audio track 2/15
Musical work title Die Bar von Johnny Miller
Audio track 2/16
Musical work title Schön und kaffeebraun
Audio track 2/17
Musical work title Schau nur zu den Sternen
Parent musical work Ein Herz voll Musik. Film
Audio track 2/18
Musical work title Zwei Spuren im Schnee
Record label MERCANTO
Ordering number ERC056022 (Set)
Bar-Code 7611803560221
Matrix/stamper number 812.463.056.022A
Matrix/stamper number 812.463.056.022B
Call number CD12920
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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