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Music Boxes (DAT11530)

Number of DAT 1
Number of ID 3
Total playing time of the sound carrier 39.12
Recording locality Ste-Croix
Recording locality Bern
Recording place STUDIO KWD
Recording conditions Studio recording
Recording conditions Live
Recording conditions Bandaufnahmen
Recording language English
Work genre Radio broadcast
Work genre Documentary
Work genre Interview
Descriptor Dewey Mechanical and aeolian instruments
Linked object Music Boxes (Galerie M. Rohr, Bern) (DAT11528)
Linked object Music Boxes (Galerie M. Rohr, Bern) (DAT11529)
Audio track 1-3
Recording title Music Boxes
Index 1
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Baud Frères, music box museum
Broadcast title Around and About
Announcements Jingle; Annonce; Annonce finale
Participant Annonceur, présentateur; Journaliste SOC
Participant HENDERSON, Russell: Présentateur; Journaliste SOC
Names mentioned Frères BAUD; TELL, Guillaume (héros légendaire de l'indépendance suisse)
Places mentioned Jura; France; Suisse; Genève; Etats-Unis; Italie; L'Auberson
Dates mentioned 1750; 1906
Index 2
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Interview with Jean Reuge on the history of music boxes
Participant REUGE, Jean: Personne interrogée; Directeur de Reuge Musique (production de boîtes à musique)
Participant Intervieweur
Names mentioned FAVRE, Antoine (producteur de la première boîte à musique); NAPOLEON, Bonaparte (empereur des Français de 1804 à 1815)
Places mentioned Genève; Ste-Croix
Dates mentioned 1796; 1900; 1906; 1910; 1950
Index 3
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Copies of grammophone recordings of music boxes
Topics mentioned Musique mécanique
Enclosed Katalogkarte; Bandbegleitzettel
Call number of the source carrier B 34
Location of the source carrier DEPOSITO SCHLIERBACH (FN); Schlierbach
Production KWD Neuengasse, Bern
Number of tapes 1
Brand and model SCOTCH NO. 111A-32.8 (braun glänzend)
Dimension 1/4 inch
Playback speed 15 ips
Equalization CCIR
Recording mode Mono
Tape's condition Klebestellen; Unregelmässiger Wickel; Bandwindungen treten aus dem Wickel hervor
CDR call number (SBC) B 34-a/b/c
Support Document preserved with the support of Memoriav
Call number DAT11530
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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