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PM; 27256-2; Was gut ist. Lieder zum Kirchentag (CD15150)

Language German
Sector L; R
Carrier title Was gut ist. Lieder zum Kirchentag
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Other format 27256-4
Author PLÜSS, David
Author BITTLINGER, Clemens
Author HORN, Reinhard
Author RINKLIN, Udo
Author SPERL, Wolfgang
Author GERHOLD, Jürgen
Author HAUG, Linus
Author ZILS, Diethard
Author PAUL, Katrin
Author EISSLER, Hans-Joachim
Author SCHÖNE, Gerhard
Author SELNECKER, Nikolas
Author HUFEISEN, Hans-Jürgen
Author BÖTTCHER, Johnathan
Author ZEHENDNER, Christoph
Author STAIGER, Manfred
Author MALESSA, Andreas
Author NITSCH, Johannes
Author STRAUSS, Michael
Author FIETZ, Siegfried
Author RINK, Eberhard
Performer PLÜSS, David
Performer JOST, Frieder
Performer JOST, Helmut
Performer KANDERT, Helmut
Performer KÜFFER, Daniel
Performer KAHL, Bettina
Performer BITTLINGER, Clemens
Performer MENS, Steve
Performer HUCKS, Werner
Performer RÖSCH, Christine
Performer SIGLOCH, Frieder
Performer SPERL, Wolfgang
Performer WAGNER, Volker
Performer SIMMERL, Thomas
Performer GERHOLD, Angela
Performer SCHWARZ, Jochen
Performer HAUG, Linus
Performer HAHN, Wilfried
Performer FOSTER, Jim
Performer PERES, Paolo
Performer PALACIOS, Alfredo
Performer NICOLMANN, Marlies
Performer SCHÖNE, Gerhard
Performer NASSLER, Jörg
Performer HUFEISEN, Hans-Jürgen
Performer BÖTTCHER, Johanthan
Performer FALK, Dieter
Performer SCHMID, Wolfgang
Performer LING-ZAPPEL, Beate
Performer ZEHENDNER, Christoph
Performer STAIGER, Manfred
Performer SCHNEIDER, Peter
Performer GRÄB, Matthias
Performer ADAM, Thomas
Performer SCHAUFELBERGER, Frauke
Performer FIETZ, Siegfried
Performer RINK, Eberhard
Performer NITSCH, Johannes
Performer BOLDT, Dorothea
Performer KOWALIK, Frank
Performer LOTTER, Dietmar
Performer LOTTER, Eckehard
Performer NEUMANN, Brigitt
Performer SCHMIDT, Christof
Performer WALLUSCH, Matthias
Performer WEISS, Kathrin
Performer WILMS, Almut
Performer ZINT, Antje
Production PLÜSS, David
Production PILA MUSIC GmbH
Production FALK, Dieter
Production HANSA
Production FOSTER, Jim
Production HUFEISEN, Hans-Jürgen
Production ANKER MUSIK
Production STAIGER, Manfred
Production ADAM, Thomas
Engineering OSWALD, Jürg
Engineering CLAUS, Andreas
Engineering SCHMALENBACH, Dirk
Engineering BURFEIND, Christina
Production year C1995
Production year P1995
Audio track 1
Musical work title Sing and play
Version Arrangement
Audio track 2
Musical work title Was gut ist
Audio track 3
Musical work title Schalom
Audio track 4
Musical work title Um Himmels willen
Audio track 5
Musical work title Mit eignen Augen
Audio track 6
Musical work title Brasilianisches Magnifikat
Audio track 7
Musical work title Mensch, wer hat dir das gesagt
Audio track 8
Musical work title Festmahl
Audio track 9
Musical work title Wach auf mein Herz und singe
Version Arrangement
Audio track 10
Musical work title Seligpreisungen
Audio track 11
Musical work title Beten
Audio track 12
Musical work title Gott sagt, was gut und richtig ist
Audio track 13
Musical work title Gott hat uns nicht aufgegeben
Audio track 14
Musical work title Wir geben den Glauben nicht auf
Recording locality Uetendorf
Recording place WEST SIDE STUDIOS [CH]
Recording locality Greifenstein
Recording place ABAKUS STUDIO
Recording locality Zofingen
Recording place CREATION-STUDIO
Record label PM
Ordering number 27256-2
Bar-Code 4013887272565
Matrix/stamper number BOD PILA 27256-2 IFPI L357 IFPI 5202
Call number CD15150
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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