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Hang Or Die: Such a pain; HARMONICE RECORDS; 1004 (CD15457)

Carrier title Hang Or Die: Such a pain
Distributor REC REC MEDIEN AG; Zürich
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Commentary
Author FERRE, Léo
Author LAINSBURY, Margaret
Performer HANG OR DIE
Performer MEE, Blame
Performer GELLI, Lucia
Performer HEYHAT, Tom
Performer DELAMOTTE, Houdard
Performer BAUMGARTNER, Michael
Performer PFAMMATTER, René
Performer JOHNNY
Engineering COTTING, Eric
Engineering FAUXPAS, Voco
Engineering DELAMOTTE, Houdard
Production year 1997c
Audio track 1
Musical work title Natural girl
Audio track 2
Musical work title Fucking world
Audio track 3
Musical work title L'homme machin
Audio track 4
Musical work title Krimib
Audio track 5
Musical work title Again, it's magic
Audio track 6
Musical work title Hello, how are you?
Audio track 7
Musical work title Tourismus
Audio track 8
Musical work title J'aime ce crétin
Audio track 9
Musical work title C'est extra
Audio track 10
Musical work title Hey
Audio track 11
Musical work title It's heavy, it's my brother
Audio track 12
Musical work title Jealous again and again and again
Audio track 13
Musical work title Prague
Audio track 14
Musical work title Samedi soir
Audio track 15
Musical work title Waiting for a new age (To come)
Audio track 16
Musical work title Positive song
Audio track 17
Musical work title Sexy or even clever
Recording locality Zürich
Recording place ARTAG-STUDIO
Ordering number 1004
Matrix/stamper number ADIVAN 97.0300
Call number CD15457
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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