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XYLEME MUSIC; ESPACE 2; XYL 04 CD; Michel Wintsch, Gérald Chevrolet: Ma Barker opéra. Chant du crime (CD17529)

Carrier title Michel Wintsch, Gérald Chevrolet: Ma Barker opéra. Chant du crime
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Distributor XYLEME MUSIC, WINTSCH Michel; Genève
Recording language French
Musical genre Jazz
Musical genre Opera
Work genre Spoken word
Subject French literature
Audio track 1-9
Work title Acte I
Version With music
Index 1
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Prologue
Index 2
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Ouverture
Index 3; 4
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant du Tarot
Index 5
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de l'argent
Index 6
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chante de l'amour
Index 7
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Lloyd
Index 8
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la révolte
Index 9
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant du crocodile
Author WINTSCH, Michel
Activity Composer
Author CHEVROLET, Gérald
Activity Text writer
Audio track 10-18
Work title Acte II
Version With music
Index 10
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Ouverture
Index 11; 12
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Légende de Ma Barker
Index 13
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la loi
Index 14
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Ma et Nina
Index 15
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la trahison
Index 16
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Le défi
Index 17
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la rupture
Index 18
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Fred
Author WINTSCH, Michel
Activity Composer
Author CHEVROLET, Gérald
Activity Text writer
Audio track 19-26
Work title Acte III
Version With music
Index 19
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Ouverture
Index 20
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de l'indien
Index 21
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la tragédie
Index 22
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant du spectre
Index 23
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant des mitraillettes
Index 24
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Mambo et Creepy
Index 25
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Chant de la victoire
Index 26
Movement/Part/Piece/Act Final
Author WINTSCH, Michel
Activity Composer
Author CHEVROLET, Gérald
Activity Text writer
Performer GOLDSCHMIDT, Miriam
Part/Role Ma Barker
Performer BROTONS, Christine
Part/Role Nina Clifford
Performer DENTAN, Patrick
Part/Role Fred Barker
Performer POLIER, Frédéric
Part/Role Mambo
Performer ROBERT-TISSOT, Pierre
Part/Role Creepy
Part/Role Georges Barker
Performer PASQUET, Jean-Marc
Part/Role Hoover
Performer SAUDAN, Nathalie
Musical instrument Violin
Performer EHINGER, Philippe
Musical instrument Clarinet
Musical instrument Bass clarinet
Performer GORDON-LENNOX, Ian
Musical instrument Trumpet
Musical instrument Tuba
Performer SCHAER, Pascal
Musical instrument Trombone
Performer WINTSCH, Michel
Musical instrument Piano
Musical instrument Keyboard
Performer TRONTIN, Bernard
Musical instrument Drums
Musical instrument Percussions
Additional author CHEVROLET, Gérald
Activity Director
Additional author ABBASSI, Nader
Activity Musical preparation
Engineering HAMILTON, Philippe
Activity Recording
Engineering BELTRAMI, Jean-Pierre
Activity Musical manager
Recording date 07.10.1996-12.10.1996
Recording locality Geneva
Engineering WINTSCH, Michel
Activity Audio mixing
Activity Editing
Activity Audio mixing
Engineering DYNEMEC
Activity Mastering
Production WINTSCH, Michel
Activity P copyright
Activity C copyright
Production ESPACE 2
Activity Producer
Production COROD, Michel
Activity Producer
Production ZIBUNG, Philippe
Activity Producer
Activity C copyright
Production year 1997
Activity Producer
Record label XYLEME MUSIC
Ordering number XYL 04 CD
Record label ESPACE 2
Matrix/stamper number OMD Switzerland 41.3598 xyl o4cd IFPI LA41
Call number CD17529
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