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PHILIPS; 838 226 AY; Honegger: Judith (LP10732)

Carrier title Honegger: Judith
Series Modern Music Series
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Author HONEGGER, Arthur
Author MORAX, René
Performer DAVRATH, Netania
Performer CHRISTENSEN, Blanche
Performer MILHAUD, Madeleine
Performer OTTLEY, JoAnn
Performer STUART, Val
Performer SORENSEN, Marvin
Performer WILLARDSEN, Armont
Performer ABRAVANEL, Maurice
Carrier type LP record
Audio track A1-B2
Musical work title Judith. Biblical lyric drama
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 1. Lamentation
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2. La trompe d'alarme
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 3. Prière
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 4. Cantique funèbre
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 5. Invocation
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 6. Fanfare
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 7. Incantation
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 8. Scène à la source
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 9a. Musique de fête
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 9b. Mort d'Holopherne
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 10a. Nocturne
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 10b. Retour de Judith
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 11a. Cantique de la bataille
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 11b. Interlude
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 12. Cantique des vierges
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 13. Cantique de victoire
Record label PHILIPS
Ordering number 838 226 AY
Matrix/stamper number AA C 838 226 1 Y 1 670 111
Matrix/stamper number C AA 838 226 2 Y 1 670 113
Call number LP10732
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