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GBGMUSIK; 1-001; Charles Wesley: Help us to make the poor our friends! Hymns by Charles Wesley. Arrangements and instrument ensemble by David Plüss (CD18093)

Language English
Sector C; F
Carrier title Charles Wesley: Help us to make the poor our friends! Hymns by Charles Wesley. Arrangements and instrument ensemble by David Plüss
Series Songs for the poor
Enclosed Commentary
Author WESLEY, Charles
Author PLÜSS, David
Author KOCHER, Konrad
Author DYKES, John B.
Author HEMY, Henri F.
Author GREITER, Matthäus
Author WILSON, Hugh
Author MASON, Lowell
Author KIMBROUGH, Timothy E.
Author WESLEY, Samuel S.
Performer KAHL, Bettina
Performer DOBLER, Yves
Performer OETLIKER, Markus
Performer KÜFFER, Daniel
Performer HOFER, Barbara
Performer PLÜSS, David
Performer KANDERT, Helmut
Performer EBERHARD, René
Performer CUSIC, Jackie
Performer DOCKERY, Ellen
Performer GEORGE, Mary
Performer HUFFMAN, Sarah
Performer IVEY, Mark
Performer McCALL, Marty
Performer MONK, Donny
Performer MUSICK, Ellen
Performer PENROD, Guy
Performer ROBINSON, Gary
Performer KIMBROUGH, S. T. Jr
Production PLÜSS, David
Production KIMBROUGH, S. T. Jr
Production BELZ, Gerhard
Engineering PLÜSS, David
Engineering LUGINBÜHL, Rolf [1]
Engineering LUGINBÜHL, Jürg Oswald
Engineering BARTH, Gerry
Engineering KANDERT, Helmut
Engineering BARRY, Carmon
Engineering LACHMANN, Martin
Production year C1995
Production year C1996
Audio track 1
Musical work title Come, thou holy god
Version Arrangement
Audio track 2
Musical work title Help us to help each other
Version Arrangement
Audio track 3
Musical work title Jesus' bosom freinds
Version Arrangement
Audio track 4
Musical work title Wich of the Christians
Version Arrangement
Audio track 5
Musical work title While preaching gospel to the poor
Version Arrangement
Audio track 6
Musical work title O God, who knowest
Version Arrangement
Audio track 7
Musical work title Wouldst thou require
Version Arrangement
Audio track 8
Musical work title Savior, how few there are
Version Arrangement
Audio track 9
Musical work title Ye pastor hired
Version Arrangement
Audio track 10
Musical work title Your duty let the apostole
Version Arrangement
Audio track 11
Musical work title Jesus, the gift divine
Version Arrangement
Audio track 12
Musical work title The golden rule
Version Arrangement
Audio track 13
Musical work title Come, sinners, to the gospel
Version Arrangement
Recording locality Zofingen
Recording locality Uetendorf
Recording place WEST SIDE STUDIOS [CH]
Recording locality Greifenstein
Recording place ABAKUS STUDIO
Recording locality Nashville
Record label GBGMUSIK
Ordering number 1-001
Matrix/stamper number MFG. BY EVA-TONE CLEARWATER FL C1.1 110766-06 114428-00-1 IFPI L891 IFPI 1M01
Call number CD18093
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Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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