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Mash: Nidvobärn; ZYT; 4556 (CD21851)

Carrier title Mash: Nidvobärn
Distributor ZYTGLOGGE VERLAG; Basel
Enclosed Illustrations
Enclosed Text
Author MASH
Author BERNHARD, Padi
Performer MASH
Performer MÜLLER, Peter
Performer BERNARD, Padi
Performer BÖSCH, Markus
Performer TSCHAN, Thomi
Performer ANNEN, Stephan
Performer MAURER, Mike
Performer GROSSNIKLAUS, Menk
Performer WÜTRICH, Wege
Performer OBERHOLZER, Sacha
Performer CHEVIN, Caroline
Performer RICKENBACHER, Nippy
Production MASH
Engineering MERZ, Eric
Engineering MASH
Engineering MILLER, Glenn
Production year C2000
Production year P2000
Audio track 1
Musical work title Nid vo Bärn
Audio track 2
Musical work title Dä König
Audio track 3
Musical work title Irgendwo ganz eläi
Audio track 4
Musical work title Baumhüttä
Audio track 5
Musical work title Mit em Rüggä zur wand
Audio track 6
Musical work title Lass äs wachsä
Audio track 7
Musical work title Ich glaubä nümmä dra
Audio track 8
Musical work title Äntlich
Audio track 9
Musical work title Usverchauf
Audio track 10
Musical work title Verliäbt
Audio track 11
Musical work title Keini me ä so
Audio track 12
Musical work title Ewigi liäbi
Recording locality Bern
Recording place BACKYARD STUDIO
Recording locality Nunningen
Recording place GREENWOOD STUDIO
Record label ZYT
Ordering number 4556
Bar-Code 7611698045568
Matrix/stamper number CD Press Switzerland ZYT 4556
Call number CD21851
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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