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Beethoven; Symphony, no. 7, op. 92, in A major; HIS MASTER'S VOICE; D.B. 2986 (Set); D.B. 2987; D.B. 2988; D.B. 2989; D.B. 2990 (HR2999)

Carrier title Beethoven
Carrier type Shellac record
Number of carriers 5
Dimension ⌀ 30 cm
Musical genre Symphony
Audio track 1A-5B
Musical work title Symphony, no. 7, op. 92, in A major
Index audio 1A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 1st mov. (part 1) - Poco sostenuto - Vivace
Index audio 1B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 1st mov. (part 2) - Vivace
Index audio 2A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 1st mov. (conclusion) - Vivace
Index audio 2B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2nd mov. (part 1) - Allegretto
Index audio 3A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2nd mov. (part 2) - Allegretto
Index audio 3B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 2nd mov. (conclusion) - Allegretto
Index audio 4A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 3rd mov. (part 1) - Presto - Assai meno presto - Presto
Index audio 4B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 3rd mov. (con.) - Assai meno presto - Presto
Index audio 5A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 4th mov. (part 1) - Allegro con brio
Index audio 5B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act 4th mov. (conclusion) - Allegro con brio
Author BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van
Activity Composer
Formation Symphony Orchestra
Performer TOSCANINI, Arturo
Activity Conductor
Ordering number D.B. 2986 (Set)
Ordering number D.B. 2987
Ordering number D.B. 2988
Ordering number D.B. 2989
Ordering number D.B. 2990
Matrix/stamper number 3 4 1 R 2A101200
Matrix/stamper number 1 G 2A101201
Matrix/stamper number 1 R 2A101202
Matrix/stamper number 2 R 1 2A101203
Matrix/stamper number 1 R 2A101204
Matrix/stamper number 1 R 2A101205
Matrix/stamper number 1 G 2A101206
Matrix/stamper number 1 G 2A101207
Matrix/stamper number 1 A 2A101208
Matrix/stamper number 1 G 2A101209
Fonds/Collection FRASCAROLO, Aristide
Call number HR2999
Logo Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft, 
Conféderation Suisse, Confederazione Svizzera, Confederaziun svizra

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