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Beethoven; Symphony, no. 5, op. 67, in C minor; HIS MASTER'S VOICE; D 1150 (Set); D 1151; D 1152; D 1153 (HR3001)

Carrier title Beethoven
Number of carriers 4
Musical genre Symphony
Audio track 1A-4B
Musical work title Symphony, no. 5, op. 67, in C minor
Index audio 1A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act I. Allegro con brio. 1st record
Index audio 1B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act I. Allegro con brio. 2nd record
Index audio 2A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act II. Andante con moto. 1st record
Index audio 2B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act II. Andante con moto. 2nd record
Index audio 3A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act III. Allegro (Scherzo). 1st record
Index audio 3B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act III. Allegro (Scherzo). 2nd record; IV. Allegro (Finale). 1st record
Index audio 4A
Movement/Part/Piece/Act IV. Allegro (Finale). 2nd record
Index audio 4B
Movement/Part/Piece/Act IV. Allegro (Finale). 3rd record
Author BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van
Activity Composer
Activity Symphony Orchestra
Performer RONALD, Landon
Activity Conductor
Enclosed Commentary
Enclosed Enclosure kept separately in the library
Linked object NO Bee; Beethoven : Symphony No. 5, in C minor, op. 67. The Royal Albert Hall Orchestra, conducted by sir Landon Ronald (LIB1517)
Ordering number D 1150 (Set)
Ordering number D 1151
Ordering number D 1152
Ordering number D 1153
Matrix/stamper number 6 6 4-0902 G A CR718I
Matrix/stamper number 2 3 7 4-0903 G O CR719I
Matrix/stamper number 4 4-0904 P CR720IA
Matrix/stamper number X 5 8 3 4-0905 G M CR721I
Matrix/stamper number 4-0906 G D CR722IA
Matrix/stamper number 1 4-0907 L CR723II
Matrix/stamper number 4-0908 T CR724II
Matrix/stamper number 6 4-0909 H CR725I
Call number HR3001
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