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RTSR; (Set); Voix de Romandie (MC40325)

Carrier title Voix de Romandie
Recording language French
Work genre Radio broadcast
Number of carriers 2
Other format RTSR; 6601 (Set); Voix de Romandie (LP7478)
Audio track 1A1
Musical work title Charles-Albert Cingria
Author CINGRIA, Charles-Albert
Performer CINGRIA, Charles-Albert
Audio track 1A2
Musical work title Blaise Cendrars
Author CENDRARS, Blaise = SAUSER, Frédéric-Louis
Performer CENDRARS, Blaise = SAUSER, Fréderic-Louis
Audio track 1A3
Musical work title Budry Paul
Author BUDRY, Paul
Performer BUDRY, Paul
Audio track 1A4
Musical work title Piccard Auguste
Author PICCARD, Auguste
Performer PICCARD, Auguste
Audio track 1A5
Musical work title Le Corbusier
Author LE CORBUSIER = JEANNERET, Charles-Edouard
Performer LE CORBUSIER = JEANNERET, Charles-Eduard
Audio track 1A6
Musical work title René Morax
Author MORAX, René
Performer MORAX, René
Audio track 1A7
Musical work title Grock
Author CROCK
Performer GROCK
Audio track 1B1
Musical work title Chanoine Joseph Bovet
Author BOVET, Joseph
Performer BOVET, Joseph
Audio track 1B2
Musical work title Gustave Doret
Author DORET, Gustave
Performer DORET, Gustave
Audio track 1B3
Musical work title Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz
Author RAMUZ, Charles Ferdinand
Performer RAMUZ, Charles Ferdinand
Audio track 1B4
Musical work title Elie Gagnebin
Author GAGNEBIN, Elie
Performer GAGNEBIN, Elie
Audio track 1B5
Musical work title Général Henry Guisan
Author GUISAN, Henry General
Performer GUISAN, Henry Général
Audio track 1B6
Musical work title René-Louis Piachaud
Author PIACHAUD, René-Louis
Performer PIACHAUD, René-Louis
Audio track 1B7
Musical work title Emile Jaques-Dalcroze
Performer JAQUES-DALCROZE, Emile
Audio track 2A1
Musical work title Edmond Gilliard
Author GILLIARD, Edmond
Performer GILLIARD, Edmond
Audio track 2A2
Musical work title Jean Villard-Gilles
Performer VILLARD-GILLES, Jean
Audio track 2A3
Musical work title Roger Nordmann
Author NORDMANN, Roger
Performer NORDMANN, Roger
Audio track 2A4
Musical work title Ernest Ansermet
Author ANSERMET, Ernest
Performer ANSERMET, Ernest
Audio track 2A5
Musical work title Michel Simon
Author SIMON, Michel
Performer SIMON, Michel
Audio track 2A6
Musical work title Gonzague de Reynold
Author REYNOLD, Gonzague de
Performer REYNOLD, Gonzague de
Audio track 2A7
Musical work title Charles Francois Landry
Author LANDRY,Charles Francois
Performer LANDRY, Charles Francois
Audio track 2B1
Musical work title Arthur Honegger
Author HONEGGER, Arthur
Performer HONEGGER, Arthur
Audio track 2B2
Musical work title Gustave Roud
Author ROUD, Gustave
Performer ROUD, Gustave
Audio track 2B3
Musical work title Frank Martin
Author MARTIN, Frank
Performer MARTIN, Frank
Audio track 2B4
Musical work title Jean Piaget
Author PIAGET, Jean
Performer PIAGET, Jean
Audio track 2B5
Musical work title Pierre-Louis Matthey
Author MATTHEY, Pierre-Louis
Performer MATTHEY, Pierre-Louis
Audio track 2B6
Musical work title Huegues Cuénod
Author CUENOD, Hugues
Performer CUENOD, Hugues
Audio track 2B7
Musical work title Jacques Chessex
Author CHESSEX, Jacques
Performer CHESSEX, Jacques
Record label RTSR
Ordering number (Set)
Call number MC40325
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