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HAND IN HAND; 888-H1; Hardy Hepp: Born in the forest (CD785)

Carrier title Hardy Hepp: Born in the forest
Language English
Musical genre Rock
Musical genre Folk
Enclosed Text
Enclosed Illustrations
Author HEPP, Hardy
Author VLIET, Don van
Author GRUNTZ, George
Author RUDOLF, Claudio
Author ZERLETT, Helmut
Performer GEE, Rosko
Performer LIEBEZEIT, Jaki
Performer DORAN, Christy
Performer HEPP, Hardy
Performer ZERLETT, Helmut
Performer HUG, Dodo
Performer NOVOTNY, Lucy
Performer CURSCHELLAS, Corina
Performer BAUR, Christina
Performer BRANDENBERGER, Bruno
Performer MOSIMANN, François
Performer ELSE, Rüdiger
Performer LÄSSER, Max
Performer STIEFEL, Christoph
Performer CAVIEZEL, Flurin
Performer KESSLER, Valentin
Performer RUDOLF, Claudio
Performer OSTERLOH, Klaus
Performer COASSIM, Bob
Performer NUSS, Ludwig
Performer HORLER, Dave
Performer LUIS, Ingo
Performer HELFENSTEIN, Hugo
Performer KOLLER, Urs
Performer HAGER, Jürg
Production HEPP, Hardy
Production TINNER, René
Engineering TINNER, René
Engineering STAUB, Berni
Engineering SONDEREGGER, Rico
Production year P1988
Production year C1988
Audio track 1
Musical work title Big boat
Audio track 2
Musical work title Decided by....
Audio track 3
Musical work title Heavens door
Audio track 4
Musical work title You're giving me the cry
Audio track 5
Musical work title Yesterday's pain
Audio track 6
Musical work title Don't take any wood'n yodels
Audio track 7
Musical work title Born in the forest
Audio track 8
Musical work title The heat is on
Audio track 9
Musical work title Sad sad city
Audio track 10
Musical work title Blue blue fountain
Recording place CAN STUDIO
Recording place EBONY STUDIO [CH]
Record label HAND IN HAND
Ordering number 888-H1
Matrix/stamper number CD 888-H1 P+O-1217-A 04-88
Call number CD785
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