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HELVETIA; 8447; Schwyzerörgeli-Quartett Churz-Lätz: un-erhört (CD15145)

Carrier title Schwyzerörgeli-Quartett Churz-Lätz: un-erhört
Language Swiss German
Sector F
Author JENNY, Josias
Author SIMONELLI, Carlo
Author MEIER, Heinrich
Author GEISSER, Kasi
Author BOSCHI, Sepp
Author KOLLEGGER, Heiri
Author DÜNNER, Fritz
Author JÄGER, Niklaus
Author STRAUB, Housi
Performer HERRMANN, Peter
Performer SPÖRRI, Reinhard
Performer SPESCHA, Guido
Performer TANNER, Erich
Performer WITTWER, Franz
Performer STAMPA, Luciano
Production STAMPA, Luciano
Production PHONAG AG
Engineering STAMPA, Luciano
Engineering STUDIO LUNGO
Production year C1996
Track 1
Musical work title En Moscht, aber en suure
Track 2
Musical work title Uf dr Corviglia
Track 3
Musical work title Männertreu
Track 4
Musical work title Xandi, isch das alles
Track 5
Musical work title Frieda's Liebling
Track 6
Musical work title S'Kupferschmied's Anneli
Track 7
Musical work title Miar Engadiner
Track 8
Musical work title Mit em Töff ins Muothatal
Track 9
Musical work title Druff und dra
Track 10
Musical work title An mein Gottli in Wollerau
Track 11
Musical work title Frieda's Traum
Track 12
Musical work title Stimmig i dr Obstmühli
Track 13
Musical work title Kurt's Freud
Track 14
Musical work title Xandi, es chunt es Dorf
Track 15
Musical work title An der Muotha
Track 16
Musical work title Dür's Tubeloch
Record label HELVETIA
Ordering number 8447
Bar-Code 7619949084472
Matrix/stamper number KPK SWITZERLAND H 8447 IFPI L 852 Mastered by MULTI MEDIA MASTERS Switzerland
Call number CD15145
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