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Collection "CALLOWAY, Cab (CHASE-FATIO Eleanor)"

Records found: 102
Coarse groove record (3)
Shellac record (99)

Coarse groove record

Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6196; Bugle call rag; You rascal you (HR5065)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6214 N; Trickeration = Engano; Ain't got no gal in this town = No tengo amante en este pueblo (HR5066)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 3796; Queen Isabella; Savage rhythm (HR5138)

Shellac record

Loudspeaker & InfoBLUEBIRD; 5676; Harlem hospitality; Jitter bug (HR5061)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 4936; Gotta darn good reason now (for bein' good); St. Louis blues (HR5062)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6020; Is that religion? = Es eso religion?; Some of these days (HR5063)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6141 N; Black rhythm = Ritmo negro; Six or seven times = Seis o siete veces (HR5064)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6292 C; Strictly cullud affair = Extrictamente fraude; Aw, you dawg! = Oh, perro (HR5067)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6321; Minnie the moocher's wedding day; Angeline = Angelina (HR5068)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6340; Reefer man; You gotta ho-de-ho (To get along with me) (HR5069)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6400; Old yazoo; Hot Toddy (HR5070)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6450; The man from Harlem = El hombre de Harlem; My sunday gal = Mi amiga del Domingo (HR5071)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6460; That's what I hate about love; I gotta right to sing the blues (HR5072)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6473; Sweet rhythm = Dulce ritmo; Gotta go place and do things = Tenemos que ir a lugares y hacer cosas (HR5073)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6511; Minnie the moocher (The ho-de-ho song); Kickin' the gong around = Pataleando el gongo (HR5074)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 6992; Chinese rhythm; Weakness (HR5075)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7386; Good sauce from the Gravy Bowl; Keep that hi-de-hi in your soul (HR5076)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7411; Moonlight rhapsody; Avalon (HR5077)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7504; Miss Otis regret (She's unable to lunch today); Nagasaki (HR5078)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7530; I ain't got nobody (and nobody cares for me); Baby won't you please come home (HR5079)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7638; I love to sing A; Save me sister (HR5080)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7639; Keep that hi-de-hi in your soul; You're the cure for what ails me (HR5081)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7677; Love is the reason; Jes' natch'ully lazy (I was born that way) (HR5082)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7685; When you're smiling (The whole world smiles with you); Are you in love with me again? (HR5083)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7748; Copper colored gal; The wedding of mr. and mrs. Swing (HR5084)
Loudspeaker & InfoBRUNSWICK; 7756; Frisco Flo; The hi de ho miracle man (HR5085)
Loudspeaker & InfoCOLUMBIA; 36611; Virginia, Georgia and Caroline; I'll be around (HR5086)
Loudspeaker & InfoLIBERTY MUSIC SHOPS; v 4100; Azure; Peck-a-doodle do (HR5087)
Loudspeaker & InfoMELOTONE; 12487; Old man of the mountain; This time it's love (HR5088)
Loudspeaker & InfoMELOTONE; 12488; How come you do me like you do; Swanee lullaby (HR5089)
Loudspeaker & InfoMELOTONE; 12489; Dinah; I'm now prepared to tell the world it's you (HR5090)
Loudspeaker & InfoMELOTONE; 12853; Angeline; Doin' the rumba (HR5091)
Loudspeaker & InfoMELOTONE; 13038; Harlem Holiday; Nobody's sweetheart (HR5092)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 4700; Ratamacue; Ad-de-dey (HR5093)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5444; Chop, chop, Charlie Chan; Boog it (HR5094)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5644; Fifteen minute intermission; Rhapsody in rhumba (HR5095)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5687; Come on with the "come on"; (I don't stand) A ghost of a chance (HR5096)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5731; Calling all bars; Papa's in bed with his britches on (HR5097)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5774; Silly old moon; Boo-wah-boo-wah (HR5098)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5804; Sunset; Are you hep to the jive? (yas, yas) (HR5099)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5827; Yo eta cansa; Lonesome nights (HR5100)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5847; A chicken ain't nothin' but a bird; Make yourself at home (HR5101)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5874; Feelin' tip top; The workers' train (HR5102)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5911; Goin' conga; North of the Mohawk trail (HR5103)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 5950; Levee lullaby; Hot air (HR5104)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6035; Are you all reet?; Cupid's nightmare (HR5105)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6084; Bye bye blues; Run little rabbit (HR5106)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6109; Willow weep for me; Jonah joins the cab (HR5107)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6147; Geechy Joe; Special delivery (HR5108)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6192; Ebony silhouette; Hep cat's love song (HR5109)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6305; Take the A Train; Chattanooga choo choo (HR5110)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6341; We go well together; I see a million people (but all I can see is you) (HR5111)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6354; Hey, doc!; Conchita (cares nothing about love) (HR5112)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6391; You are the one in my heart; St. James Infirmary (HR5113)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6422; Blues in the night; Says who? Says you, says I! (HR5114)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6459; Mrs. Finnigan; My coo-coo bird (could swing) (HR5115)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6501; The mermaid song; Who calls? (HR5116)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6547; Nain nain; Tappin' off (HR5117)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6616; I want to rock; Tain't no good (HR5118)
Loudspeaker & InfoOKEH; 6720; Let's go Joe; A smo-o-oth one (HR5119)
Loudspeaker & InfoORIOLE; 2302; My honey's lovin' arms = En los brazos de mi amada; The nightmare = La pesadilla (HR5120)
Loudspeaker & InfoPERFECT; 15457; Mood indigo; Farewell blues = Nostalgias de la despedida (HR5121)
Loudspeaker & InfoPERFECT; 15500; It looks like Susie = Se parece a Susie; Basin street blues (HR5134)
Loudspeaker & InfoPERFECT; 15551; Down hearted blues; Corrine Corrina (HR5135)
Loudspeaker & InfoPERFECT; 15704; Strange as it seems = Extrano como parece; Beale street mamma = Mamacita de la calle Beale (HR5122)
Loudspeaker & InfoPERFECT; 15791; Dixie doorway; Wah-dee-dah (HR5123)
Loudspeaker & InfoVARIETY; VA 501; That man is here again; Swing, swing, swing (HR5124)
Loudspeaker & InfoVARIETY; VA 535; Don't know if I'm comin' or goin'; Wake up and live (HR5125)
Loudspeaker & InfoVARIETY; VA 612; Peckin'; Manhattan jam (HR5126)
Loudspeaker & InfoVARIETY; VA 651; Moon at sea; Hi-de-ho Romeo (HR5127)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24451; Lady with the fan = La dama del abanico; Father's got his glasses on = Papà se puso los lentes (HR5128)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24494; Harlem camp meeting; Little town gal = Muchacha pueblerina (HR5129)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24511; There's a cabin in the Cotton = Hay una cabana en el algodonal; The scat song = El canto gatuno (HR5133)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24557; Zaz zuh zaz; I learned about love from her = Tù me ensenaste a querer (HR5130)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24592; 'long about midnight = Aquello de la media noche; Jitter bug (HR5131)
Loudspeaker & InfoVICTOR; 24690; Moon glow; Hotcha razz-ma-tazz (HR5132)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 3787; I'm always in the mood for you; She's tall, she's tan, she's terrific (HR5136)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 3788; Go south young man; Mama I wanna make rhythm (HR5137)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 3896; Every day's a holiday; Jubilee (HR5139)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 3995; Three swings and out; I like music (played with a swing like this) (HR5140)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4019; Bugle blues; Foolin' with you (HR5141)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4045; Skrontch; We're breaking up a lovely affair (HR5142)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4369; Shout, shout, shout; Mister Paganini - Swing for Minnie (HR5143)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4400; Miss Hallelujah Brown; The boogie-woogie (HR5144)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4437; At the Clam-bake carnival; Jive (Page 1 of the Hepster's dictionary) (HR2906)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4477; Do you wanna jump, children?; April in my heart (HR5145)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4498; F.D.R. Jones; Angels with dirty faces (HR5146)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4511; I'm madly in love with you; Deep in a dream (HR5147)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4538; Blue interlude; Tee-um tee-um tee-i, Tahiti (HR5148)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4767; A new moon and an old serenade; One look at you (HR5149)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4807; The ghost of Smoky Joe; Floogie walk (HR5150)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 4905; Long, long ago; Afraid of love (HR5151)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5005; Trylon swing; (Hep hep!) The jumpin' jive (HR5152)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5062; Utt da zay = The tailor's song; Crescendo in drums (HR5153)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5126; For the last time I cried over you; Twee-twee-tweet (HR5154)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5195; I ain't gettin' nowhere fast; Jiveformation please (HR5155)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5267; Tarzan of Harlem; A bee gezindt (HR5156)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5364; Sincere love; Do it again (HR5157)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5406; Pluckin' the bass; Give, baby, give (HR5158)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5467; Pickin' the cabbage; Paradiddle (HR5159)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5566; Hard times; Who's Yehoodi? (HR5160)
Loudspeaker & InfoVOCALION; 5591; Do I care, no, no; Hi-de-ho serenade (HR5161)

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