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coverMika Vainio: Last live
Contents: Last live
Performers: VAINIO Mika (Electronics)
Label: CAVE12, EDITIONS MEGO C12 A07 (Set), 300 (Set)



coverKeiser Twins: Guestlist
Contents: Smooth truck / Gentle breeze / Black ash / Funky twist / Song for Sophie / Strong / Brand new song / Clumsy dancer / I take what I want / Je suis fatigué / Looking outside / Hard to handle / Recoaro (for Arlette) / Egg salad
Performers: KEISER TWINS, GFELLER Co (Voce), STAUFFACHER Rolf (Chitarre), STUDER Sandra (Voce), COLE Drew (Voce), GÖLÄ (Voce), JESSE RITCH (Voce), GUERRA Amik (tp), HENDRIKSEN Alex (sax), KEISER Walter (d, perc), KEISER Peter (elb), WOOLLOFF John (Chitarre), CHABLOZ Martin (p, synth, Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, Piano elettrico Wurlitzer, ho, Voce)
Link: http://www.keisertwins.com



coverJoe Haider Sextet: As time goes by
Contents: Magic box / Only for you / As time goes by / Hot summer in Vienna / A blow for Joe / Benoit / But so far / District west
Performers: JOE HAIDER SEXTET, JORIS Bert (flh, tp), VON HERMANN Heinz (ts, fl), HERRLICH Johannes (tb), HAIDER Joe (p), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), EGLI Dominic (d)
Link: http://www.cede.ch



coverDave Gisler Trio: Zurich concert. Raffaele Bossard, Lionel Friedli with Jamie Branch
Contents: Intro / Nameless / What goes up... / Cappuccino / Spiegelgasse / One minute too late / Rabbits on the run / Better don't fuck with the drunken sailor / Dive
Performers: DAVE GISLER TRIO, BRANCH Jaimie (tp), GISLER Dave (g), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb), FRIEDLI Lionel (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 357
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverChristoph Irniger Trio: Open city.With Loren Stillman. Guest Nils Wogram
Contents: My world / Open city / Calling / Ballad / 40 years of an old wise lady / Hot and humid / The new dope / Time / Mass media minion / Three little birds
Performers: CHRISTOPH IRNIGER TRIO, IRNIGER Christoph (ts, bcl), STILLMAN Lorenz (as), BOSSARD Raffaele (cb, tb), RAVITZ Ziv (d), WOGRAM Nils (tb), STILLMAN Loren (as)
Label: INTAKT CD 349
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch


coverLake City Stompers: Easy. Old time jazz band
Contents: Climax rag / Wimoweh / Rent party blues / O sole mio / I shall not be moved / Jamaica march / La rose de picardie / Streets of Laredo / Hiawatha rag / In the sweet bye and bye / Sentimental journey / Creole jazz / Soudan / Chiquita / Saratoga swing / Lead me saviour / I've found a new baby / Prise of nyboder / Lord, lord, lord / God leads his dear children along / Creole jump / Coquin de boubou
Performers: LAKE CITY STOMPERS, LUKES Dizzy (tp), BUCHER Alexander (cl, ss), ALBISSER Rolf (tb), BARANOWSKI Alfred (bjo, g, Flauto dolce), SCHALTENBRAND Hansjörg (cb, Voce, Flauto dolce), EMMENEGGER Fraschi (d)
Link: http://www.phonoplay.ch



coverCharlie Parker: Bebop live. Quintets with Miles Davis, Kenny Dorham, Red Rodney, Dizzy Gillespie.Remastered selections from the Royal Roots, Carnegie Hall & Town Hall
Contents: Groovin' high / Big foot / Ornithology / Hot house / Salt peanuts / Chasin' the bird / Out of nowhere / Scrapple from the apple / Be bop / Hot house / Oop bop sh'bam / Scrapple from the apple / Salt peanuts / Scrapple from the apple / Barbados / Salt peanuts / Scrapple from the apple / Barbados / Be bop / Groovin' high / Confirmation / Salt peanuts / Ornithology / Cheryl / Koko / Bird of paradise / Now's the time / Be bop / A night in Tunisia / Salt peanuts
Performers: CHARLIE PARKER QUINTET, PARKER Charlie (as), DAVIS Miles (tp), HAIG Al (p), POTTER Tommy (cb), ROACH Max (d), DORHAM Kenny (tp), RODNEY Red (tp), HAYNES Roy (d), BYAS Don (ts), GILLESPIE Dizzy (tp), RUSSELL Curley (cb)
Label: HAT HUT EZZ-THETICS 2-1113 (Set)
Link: http://www.hathut.com



coverTraktorkestar: Ostring
Contents: The fine line / Uf dere Syte vor Stadt / S 431 DT / Kakerlaken / Agatha / Bucimis / Ruth / Freudenberg / Eisbahn / If it can it will / Morgeflug
Performers: TRAKTORKESTAR, LÜTHY Thierry (ts, p, bar), JÄGGI Simon (Voce), RITTER Isabelle, SCHWAB Simeon (as, cl, bar), ZINGG Samuel (SD, Effetti sonori speciali), HÄNNI Fabian (perc), DUCOMMUN Philippe (Gran cassa), EICHER Stephan (Voce), STREIT Balthasar (tp), WAGNER Charley (tp), WÜRGLER Sam (tp), HODEL Stefan (tb, Flicorno contralto), WIDMER Maro (tb, Flicorno contralto, Effetti sonori speciali), BAUMANN Matthias (tb, Flicorno contralto, synth), LERCH Jürg (sou, tu), SCHMIDHAUSER Schmidi (Voce, Glockenspiel, Tres)
Link: http://www.traktorkestar.ch


coverSebastian Strinning, Julian Kirshner: Dipping the eye
Contents: Chockablock / Flooded skiff / Sternpicker / Oakum / An anchorman's dwelling place / High/Dry
Performers: STRINNING Sebastian (ts, bcl), KIRSHNER Julian (d, perc)
Label: JAK1004
Link: http://www.strinning.ch



coverQuetzal: 5.45 h
Contents: 5:45 h / Histeric afro / Militär-, Langstrasse / Skit 1 / Nkrumah / Längi zyti (Nostalgia) / Skit 2 / Comme les chiens / Orange
Performers: QUETZAL, STALDER Veronika (Voce), GUTKNECHT Nina (Voce), MÜLLER Urs (g), ITEN Simon (elb), MANTEL Lukas (d)
Link: http://www.lukasmantel.ch



coverSchrödingers Katze: Superposition
Contents: Position 1 / Position 2 / Position 3 / Position 4 / Position 5 / Position 6 / Position 3 / Position 8
Performers: SCHRÖDINGERS KATZE, ALTHAUS Simon (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes, Moog synthesizer, Effetti sonori speciali), PASQUINELLI Manuel (d)
Label: EVEREST RECORDS er_lp_095
Link: http://www.everestrecords.ch



coverPierre Kuthan & Onirical Blend: Abêwou
Contents: Kanlì tété / Erùn mímon / Kaka / Vers une sobrieté heureuse / Agbara / Adokpé / Ahouan / Sailplanes / Emio nyó / Agbara djoudjou / Zanzo
Performers: ONIRICAL BLEND, AZONNOUDO Robins (Voce, d, perc), RICKENMANN Juliane (Sassofoni), STALDER Frédéric (tp, flh), DeHOOG Eoghan (Chitarre, g), KUTHAN Pierre (elb, cb, Voce), TOGNI Habiba (Voce), FANOUVI Gerard, GANGBE BRASS BAND, AVIHOUE Benoit, AHOUANDJINOU Whendo Martial, DEHOUMON Athanase Obed, GBAGUIDI Lucien, KPITIKI Crespin, VODOUNNON James, AKLOE Zesahou Abdias Ebenezer, ROCHAT Cyprien (g), RICKENMANN Emei, MANINS Roger (ts), REVILLOUD Julien (g)

Link: http://www.cede.ch



coverTian Long Li, Marco Schudel, Dominik Schürmann: Tia
Contents: Sambâle / Rainy day / Holding line / Banana dog / Yuma / On the edge / Coffee cat / Sandra / It's a blaus / Relaxin' with Niggi / Malia's waltz / Diamond
Performers: LONG LI Tian (Armonica cromatica), SCHUDEL Marco (vb, perc, synth), SCHÜRMANN Dominik (cb)

Link: http://www.dominikschuermann.ch


coverLittle Jimmy Scott: Very truly yours
Contents: Imagination / How can I go on without you / Time on my hands / When did you levae heaven / Guilty / Every body needs somebody / Why don't you open your heart / Don't cry baby / Street of dreams / Someone to watch over me / The show goes on / Very truly yours
Performers: SCOTT Jimmy (Voce), JOHNSON Buddy (ts, bcl, bar), BIGGS Howard (p), LOWE Mundell (g), MINGUS Charles (cb), NICHOLS Rudy (d)
Label: SAVOY SV-0239



coverEclecta: Open other doors
Contents: Pleasure & pain / Brian freeze from big words / Climate monster / Ow / Perfect pictures / Orbit entourage / Romance scam / The paradox of boredom / What a B / Eleiola / No other mother / Murmurlude / Too safe / Magnolia
Performers: ECLECTA, BOLLIGER Andrina (Voce), WITCHER Marena (Voce)
Link: http://www.eclecta.ch; http://www.tourbo-music.ch


coverControvento: Live
Contents: Roundbadge / Ouates notes / Akuaba / Fino in fondo / Montag / Tutto il resto / Gbilugu / Everytime we say okay / Le petit dernier
Performers: CONTROVENTO, SUHNER Reto (sax), PAGANO Luca (g), GEIGER Brooks (cb), EGLI Dominic (d)

Link: http://www.lucapagano.ch/#/home



coverSergio Armaroli: Prismo. Martin Brodbeck, Francesca Gemmo, Fritz Hauser
Contents: Quartetto cinque / Trio due / Trio uno / Duo sette / Duo cinque / Duo due / Quartetto quattro / Structuring the silence extended / Duo quattro / Quartetto tre / Quartetto sei
Performers: ARMAROLI Sergio (vb), BRODBECK Martina (vc), GEMMO Francesca (p), HAUSER Fritz (d, perc)
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverLukas Mantel Sextet: Vardah
Contents: Chorizo logic / To oona doherty / Vardah / Leakin' / Schleichtiere / Le ouistiti / Girometta / The spanish moment
Performers: LUKAS MANTEL SEXTET, SCHILT Rafael (ts, cl), SPILLMANN Matthias (tp, flh), PETERSEN Max (Piano elettrico Fender-Rhodes), REUTER Travis (g), TRAXEL Lukas (cb), MANTEL Lukas (d)
Link: https://www.lukasmantel.ch/

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