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coverChristian Wolfarth: Souvenirs
Contents: Souvenir from a drum / Souvenir from a cymbal
Performers: WOLFARTH Christian (perc, Piatti sospesi)
Link: http://www.hiddenbellrecords.com


coverWerner Müller Orchestra: Feuilleton in jazz
Contents: Blues in studio 7 / Pavane / Ouverture in jazz / Medley / Sakura, sakura / Feuilleton in jazz
Performers: WERNER MÜLLER ORCHESTRA, VALENTE Caterina (Voce, g), VALENTE Silvio (g), FEUERSTEIN Addie (fl, ts), MÜLLER Werner, SAMP Harry (tp), WILFERT Hanne (tp), KRÜGER Rudolf (tp), GABRIEL Harry (tp), WENIG Erhard (ts), SCHÖNBERGER Heinz (as), KAMBERG Heinz (as), BRANDT Helmut (bar), SCHMIDT Siegfried (tb), MASNIK Kurt (tb), EMMELMANN Harald (tb), GROSSMANN Manfred (tb), SCHEMMLER Günter (p), MACKOWIAK Alex (cb), CRAMER Heinz (g), NIEMEYER Heinz (d), HOLM Hans-Otto (perc), GRABERT Kurt (perc), KAYSER Max (v), SILVIO FRANCESCO (g)
Link: http://www.sonorama.de



coverAme rus. Sandy Patton, voice; Leo Kushnir, piano; Andrey Dudchenko, bass; Eugene Ryaboy, dums
Contents: Sing sing sing / Touching you / Medley / Medley / Times have changed / Passages / Trans seranade / Forget me / Stop / Medley / The essence of jazz
Performers: PATTON Sandy (Voce), KUSHNIR Leo (p), DUDCHENKO Andrey (cb), RYABOY Eugene (d)



coverMarion Brown: Why not? Porto Novo! Revisited
Contents: La sorella / Fortunato / Why not / Homecoming / Similar limits / Sound structure / Improvisation / QBIC / Porto Novo
Performers: BROWN Marion (as), COWELL Stanley (p), JONES Norris "Sirone" (cb), ALI Rashied (d), VAN REGTEREN ALTENA Maarten (cb), BENNINK Han (d)
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverGabriela Martina: No white shoes
Contents: Narcissus / On my way / Love me / Origin / Us / No white shoes / Witch hunt / A night in Tunisia / Thirsty flower
Performers: MARTINA Gabriela (Voce)

Link: http://www.gabrielamartina.com


coverGabriela Martina: Empathie
Contents: Narcissus / Love me / A night in Tunisia
Performers: MARTINA Gabriela (Voce), NEDOMA Jiri (p, keyb), REIJONEN Jussi (g), MILES Kyle (cb, elb), BAILEY Alex (d)

Link: http://www.gabrielamartina.com



coverGabriela Martina: Curiosity
Contents: Ain't nobody / Like a seed in the earth / Narcissus / My best smile for you / Catch me a star
Performers: MARTINA Gabriela (Voce), NEDOMA Jiri (p, keyb), REIJONEN Jussi (g), SAKAINO Shin (cb, elb), BAILEY Alex (d, perc)

Link: http://www.gabrielamartina.com


coverOrgzeptor: 1972
Contents: 1972 / Suitcase / Long time / Don't change horses in the middle of a stream / Nine bars in a row / Last one down / Sunny / Mokka blues
Performers: ORGZEPTOR, DA MUTTEN Pius (ts), KISER Silvan (tp), SERVICE John (tb), NUZZI Roberto (org), NUZZI Loris (g), INHELDER Lukas (elb), VITALE Walter (d), NOTARGIACOMO Martina (Voce)

Link: http://www.orgzeptor. ch



coverOrgzeptor: Welcome
Contents: Dancing / Welcome / Summertime / Everything / Sunday morning shuffle / Lights / Stop leading me / Vodoo man / Latina
Performers: ORGZEPTOR, DA MUTTEN Pius (ts, elb), NUZZI Loris (g), NUZZI Roberto (org), VITALE Walter (d), NEUMÄRKER Brigitte (Voce), ZAKOSEK Janez (elb), NAUMÄRKER Brigitte (Voce)
Label: UNIT
Link: http://www.orgzeptor.ch



coverPolwechsel & Klaus Lang: Unseen
Contents: Easter wings / No sai cora-m fui endormitz / Redeem
Performers: POLWECHSEL, LANG Klaus (org), MOSER Michael (vc), DAFELDECKER Werner (cb), BEINS Burkhard (Piatti sospesi, perc), BRANDLMAYR Martin (Piatti sospesi, perc)
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverChristoph Stiefel & Lisette Spinnler: Bima sakti
Contents: Jolene / Astracan café / Marine / Isorhythm #4 / Burasi Mustur / In ferne Himmel / Djabaram / Beauty of the flower / Seeking for solid ground / Bima sakti
Performers: SPINNLER Lisette (Voce), STIEFEL Christoph (p)


coverGeorge Robert All Stars Quartet: Live at Cuvaison. Featuring Clark Terry
Contents: The snapper / In a mellow tone / The nearness of you / Days of wine and roses / The theme
Performers: THE GEORGE ROBERT ALL STARS QUARTET, TERRY Clark (flh), ROBERT George (as), MORONI Dado (p), ECKINGER Isla (cb), SCHMIDLIN Peter (d)
Label: TCB 91400
Link: http://www.tcb.ch



coverBorder 4tet: Different roads
Contents: Holland vs Corea / Sweet Billie / Dany Celere (ma non troppo) / Baluba / Unleaded / My guiding star / Ivan.Singapore.Phone / Strade diverse / Palo..? Quale palo? / Viaggio in treno viaggio sereno
Performers: BORDER QUARTET, MOCCIA Danilo (tb), BIANCHI Marco (mrb, vb), DALL'ORA Stefano (cb), BORZACCHIELLO Silvano (d)
Link: http://www.pbr-record.com


coverOhad Talmor Newsreel: Long forms
Contents: Layas lines / Casado / Kayeda / Scent / Groupings / Musique anodine
Performers: OHAD TALMOR NEWSREEL, TALMOR Ohad (ts, Flauti, cl, Basuri), ENDSLEY Shane (tp), OKAZAKI Miles (g), SACKS Jacob (p), PAVOLKA Matt (cb), WEISS Dan (d)
Label: INTAKT CD 341
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverDavid Gordon Trio: Undiminished
Contents: Bluesli / My romance / Dozen day / Undiminished / Caravan / Sometimes it snow in april / Just one of those things / Gee baby aren't I good to you / Waltz for J / It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
Performers: DAVID GORDON TRIO, GORDON David (p), RASMUSSEN Ole (cb), CAVACIUTI Paul (d)
Label: ZAH ZAH ZZCD 9817


coverGuillermo Klein Swiss Exchange: Live at Merhrspur
Contents: El minotauro / El camino / El espejo / A los que estan / Maturana / El rio / Artesano / Parallel
Performers: GUILLERMO KLEIN SWISS EXCHANGE, JEON Song-Yi (Voce), SCHMID Adrian (tp), EGLI Roger (tp, flh), MAMNIG Christoph (tp), WINTERHALDER Jonas (tp), PISANKO Pavel (tb), RÜFFERT Julia (tb), LEUTHOLD David (tb), WIRZ Lukas (btb), RICCIARDI Romano (as), BÖHLEN Andreas (as), GSCHWIND Cédric (ts), MOSZALEWSKAYA Victoria (ts), VON ROHR Michael (bar), INACIO Floriano Junior (p), PINTO Fabio (g), SCHWEIZER Matthias (cb), BRODBECK Ines (perc), KRUMMENERL Michael (d)
Label: ZHDK RECORDS 24/11



coverMorning jazz. Earl Bostic, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sindey Bechet, Count Basie, Erroll Garner, Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt, Lionel Hampton, Nat Kink Cole, Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Sarah Vaughan, Charlie Parker, Art Tatum, Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Shorty Rogers & His Giants, Stan Kenton & His Orchestra. (Sampler)
Contents: Flamingo / My blue heaven / Smooth sailin' / Muskrat ramble / One o'clock jump / The way you look tonight / Lover come back to me / Django's tiger / Flying home / Lulubelle / I've got you under my skin / Russ job / Perdido / Blues for Alice / I would do anything for you / Take the "A" train / Fast movin' mama / Almost like being in love / Popo / Fascinating rhythm
Performers: BOSTIC Earl (ts), SINATRA Frank (Voce), FITZGERALD Ella (Voce), BECHET Sidney (ss), BASIE Count (p), GARNER Erroll (p), HOLIDAY Billie (Voce), REINHARDT Django (g), HAMPTON Lionel (vb), COLE Nat King (Voce, p), GETZ Stan (ts), BAKER Chet (tp), VAUGHAN Sarah (Voce), PARKER Charlie (as), TATUM Art (p), ELLINGTON Duke (p), WASHINGTON Dinah (Voce), SHORTY ROGERS & HIS GIANTS, STAN KENTON & HIS ORCHESTRA
Label: DREYFUS JAZZ FDM 36678-2



coverPiri Piri: Henrietta
Contents: Henrietta / What is this thing called love / Swing 48 / Rue du Mont - Censis / Troublant bolero / Piri piri / I love you / Blue drag / I can't give you anything but love / Pinoccio / Gipsy fire / Danse norvégienne, op. 35 / Shine / Minor swing / Made for Wesley
Performers: PIRI PIRI, WALLNER Christian (g), BOREL Pete (g), ZOPFI David (cb), FURRER Pit (perc), D'EPISCOPO Alessandro (p), GAMMA Carlo (ss), BRUGGISSER Pascal (Fisa)


coverNoah Kaplan Quartet: Out of the hole
Contents: Out of the hole / Aprosexia / Umwelt / Tunnel mouth / Ed Sullivan / Stella by starlight
Performers: NOAH KAPLAN QUARTET, KAPLAN Noah (ts, ss), MORRIS Joe (g), MEREGA Giacomo (elb), NAZARY Jason (d, Effetti sonori speciali)
Link: http://www.hathut.com



coverAruán Ortiz: Inside rhythmic falls. With Andrew Cyrille & Mauricio Herrera
Contents: Lucero mundo / Conversation with the oaks / Marímbula's mood / Golden voice / De cantos ñáñigos / Inside rhythmic falls / Argelier's disciple / Inside rhythmic falls / El ashé de la palabra / Para ti nengón
Performers: ORTIZ Aruán (Voce, p), CYRILLE Andrew (d), HERRERA Mauricio (Voce, perc), MICHEL Emeline (Voce), RAMIREZ-CANCIO Marlène (Voce)
Label: INTAKT CD 339
Link: http://www.intaktrec.ch



coverRenzo Spotti Trio: Comapassion. Live at rost und gold
Contents: Lennie / Angelica / Mood Marlène / Black blocsa / If you could see me now / Peter's blues / China boy / Bye bye blackbird
Performers: RENZO SPOTTI TRIO, SPOTTI Renzo (ts), BLUMER Fridolin (cb), FREY Elmar (d)
Label: SPOMUSIC 03
Link: http:www./elmarfrey.com



coverChristopher Fox: Music for piano. John Snijders
Contents: The red studio / The calm of mountains / Worthless leather / You, us, me (Habanera) / More light / Boat song
Performers: SNIJDERS John (p)
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverRick Countryman, Christian Bucher: Estuary
Contents: Dolphynity / First estuary / Neo free / When I remember / Another river / Keplingering / Coconut / Second estuary
Performers: COUNTRYMAN Rick (as), BUCHER Christian (d)

Link: www.christianbucher.ch



coverEdu Haubensak & Tomas Korber: Works for guitar & percussion. Buck-Wolfarth
Contents: On / Weniger Weiss / Refugium / Aufhebung
Performers: BUCK Christian (g), WOLFARTH Christian (perc, SD)
Link: http://www.hathut.com


coverSaturday Morning Jazz Bazz: Jubilee II 25 years
Contents: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / Tuxedo junction / Buddy Bolden blues / In the court of King Oliver / Shoo shoo baby / Watermelon man / Can't we be friends / Rent party blues / Them there eyes / Song for my father / Band call boogie / Bei mir bist du schoen / Walking after midnight / Ice cream
Performers: SATURDAY MORNING JAZZ BAND, HAINFELD Leni (Voce), HEER Kuno (tb, Voce), SCHUMACHER Markus (as, ts), SCHWEIZER Thomas (tp, flh), BURRI Daniel (p), WIDMER Hannes (p), GARDINA Marino (g), WIDMER Heiner (cb, elb), GUTKNECHT Hansruedi (d, wbd)



coverDani Felber Jazz Quartet: Sina's dream. Eight good moods. Dani Felber deluxe, no.1
Contents: Avo / Beautiful dance / Pink bossa / Guarda val / Sina's dream / Another samba for you / Never ending party / Jörg on the road
Performers: DANI FELBER JAZZ QUARTET, FELBER Dani (tp, flh), BAUMGARTNER Pius (ts), RODE Ulle (g), ARENS Götz (keyb, p), MÄDER Dave (elb, cb), MIKIROZIS Georgios (perc), SEIMETZ Ole (d), MOSELE René (tb), LUTZEIER Michael (bar)

Link: http://www.dani-felber.ch


coverMira: On the sunny side
Contents: On the sunny side of the street / Just friends / Stompin' at the Savoy / Gone with the wind / That old feeling / Begin the beguine / There will never be another you
Performers: MIRA (Voce), BURI Attila (p, cb, d)
Label: OS 100601



coverChristian Bucher, Johnny Gaerlan, Paolo Cortez, Rick Countryman: Signal number three
Contents: Signal number three / And then this / Empathy / Signal number two & one
Performers: COUNTRYMAN Rick (as, bar), CORTEZ Paolo (g), GAERLAN Johnny (cb), BUCHER Christian (d)

Link: http://www.christianbucher.ch



coverEsther Flückiger: Verso Nikà. Luminiscence
Contents: Verso Nikà / Luminiscence
Performers: BERNARDO Gianni (Voce), MATSCHUCK Rainer (Voce), SAMMITO Giancarlo (Voce), FLÜCKIGER Esther (p, Effetti sonori speciali, Hang, Pianoforte preparato), DRATVA Tomas (p), NEMECEK Jiri (v), VAN HELLEMONT Ludovic (p), MAZZONI Massimo (ts), TRIO FLAIR, LÄDERACH Stefan (v), RÜTSCHE Emanuel (vc), SONCINI Rose-Marie (afl)
Label: PIANOVERSAL PV 103 (Set), PV 104 (Set)
Link: http://www.pianoversal.com



coverGutfleisch-Schürmann-Frey: Jazz people
Contents: Pascal's trail / Jazz people / One for Doris / Song for Tony / Berzelburger / Miriam's Bâle-ade / Relaxin' with Niggi / Malia's waltz / Coffee cat / Minor loop
Performers: GUTFLEISCH-SCHÜRMANN-FREY, GUTFLEISCH Christian (p), SCHÜRMANN Dominik (cb), FREY Elmar (d)
Label: UNIT UTR 4835
Link: http://www.elmarfrey.com


coverAla Fekra
Contents: Longa Yamen / Winter - Valsakana / Fares / Jacaranda / Aziza / Lo / Alexandria / Mazurkatastrophe / Ala fekra / Nimbus
Performers: ALA FEKRA, BRUN Albin (Fisarmonica di Svitto, ss), DRAEGER Patricia (afl, Fisa), DARWISH Amr (v), ABDALLAH Yamen (Qanun), POUSAZ André (cb), BAUR Samuel (perc)
Label: NARRENSCHIFF Nar 2020143
Link: http://www.narrenschiff.ch; http://www.patriciadraeger.ch

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