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coverRichard Koechli: Dem Blues auf den Fersen. Hörbuch
Contents: Kokomo / Honest I do / Freight Train / Six String Spell / Wayfaring Stranger / Gotta serve somebody
Performers: ROSIER Evelyne (Voce), SÜSS Ernst, KOECHLI Richard (g, Voce, perc), MEDICI Fausto (perc, d), DOLMETSCH Michael (p), LAUK Dani (hp), MILLER Greg (hp)
Label: LC 16043



coverPoffet Trio: No more tears. Featuring Thomas Knuchel & Marc Stucki
Contents: Throw it away / My funny Valentine / Toxic / The capt'n of her heart / Forget me / First song intro / First song / No more tears / Caravan / My man's gone now / Along came Betty
Performers: POFFET TRIO, POFFET Myria (p, Voce), POFFET Michel (cb), ELIAS David (d), KNUCHEL Thomas (tp), STUCKI Marc (ts)



Contents: Vlan_voilà
Performers: MÜLLER Günter (Effetti sonori speciali), MÖSLANG Norbert (Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: CAVE 12 C12A04



coverTanja Dankner: Swingness. Big Band leader Pepe Lienhard
Contents: Kiosk / W.nuss vo Bümpliz / 079 / Hemmige / Oh läck du mir / Swiss lady / D.J. Bobo Medley / Ne partez pas sans moi / Bring en hei / Heidi
Performers: DANKNER Tanja (Voce), SWERRISEN Nyssina, SWINGNESS BIG BAND, LIENHARD Pepe (ts), KUNZ (Voce), STOLL Lisa (Corno delle Alpi), SENN Nicolas (Salterio a percussione), HEIDE Michael von der (Voce), BLASER Dave (tp, flh), KALT Raphael (tp, flh), BERNHARD Nicola (tp, flh), SCHMID Edgar (tp, flh), PFLUGSHAUPT Adrian (as, Flauto), HENDRIKSEN Alex (ts, Flauto), SANDMEIER Jörg (ts, cl), SCHÖB Carlo (bar, bcl), COLETTA Francis (g), POUSAZ André (ABG, Chitarra basso), LÜBKE Peter (d), TODZO Billy (perc)



coverJohn Coltrane: Favorites. Naima, ma favorite things, A love supreme. Revisited
Contents: Naima / My favorite things / A love supreme / A love supreme / A love supreme / A love supreme
Performers: COLTRANE John (ts, ss), TYNER McCoy (p), GARRISON Jimmy (cb), JONES Elvin (d), McCOY Tyner (p)


coverFrançois Houle & Marco Von Orelli: Make that flight
Contents: Fake news / For. F. / Strada Monte Verità / Essay / Tandem / Zipline / Mr. B. / The changeable triptych / Soliloquy / Make that flight / Morning song 1
Performers: HOULE François (cl), VON ORELLI Marco (c)



coverTesting Vault: The living, the dead, the sleepers and the insomniacs
Contents: Fingers are the teeth of limbs / The living, the dead, the sleepers and the insomniacs / Prosthetics / Selecting a ghost / Taidermia / Repeating the falling sequence / The tunnel's lights are all flickering / Titolo non specificato / Titolo non specificato / Titolo non specificato / Titolo non specificato
Label: EEEE EEEE07



coverGeorge Russell: Ezz-thetics & The Stratus Seekers. Revisited
Contents: Ezz-thetics / Nardis / Lydiot / Thoughts / Honesty / 'round midnight / Pan-daddy / The stratus seekers / Kige's tune / Blues in orbit / A lonely place / Stereophrenic
Performers: DOLPHY Eric (as, bcl), ELLIS Don (tp), BAKE David (tb), RUSSELL George (cb), SWALLOW Steve (cb), HUNT Joe (d), PLUMMER Paul (ts), PEIRCE John (as)



coverDie Fermentierten: Ghost town
Contents: Bring me boiling water / 22 dogs dropping from a moontower / Uncle fester's birthday song / Chasing street bloom / Hustle with care / Like fire ants on christmas / Three eyes no soul / Good knife, bad knife / Hannibal's elephant walk / Honey I'm home
Performers: DIE FERMENTIERTEN, BLÖCHLINGER Lino (Sassofono basso, as), BAUMGARTNER Valentin (g, Effetti sonori speciali, Voce), SOMMER Tobias (d), MAGNUSSON Björn (synth)
Label: VETO 021


coverWild Bill Davis Trio: Live at the Old Widderbar Zürich
Contents: On the sunny side of the street / Take the A Train / Stella by starlight / Straight no chaser / Satin doll / Our love is here to stay / Moanin' / You stepped out of a dream / Sophisticated lady / Titolo non specificato / Laura / Cute
Performers: WILD BILL DAVIS TRIO, DAVIS Wild Bill (org), SCHERRER Andy (ts), LUCAS Clyde (d)
Label: JATOW 00 392


coverClark Terry Quintet: Live at the Lido Rapperswil
Contents: Titolo non specificato / Is it true what they say about dixie / Here's that rainy day / St. Thomas / Just an old manuscript / My romance / Straight no chaser / St. Thomas / Sophisticated lady / One foot in the gutter
Performers: CLARK TERRY QUINTET, TERRY Clark (tp), HOLLOWAY Red (ts), JONES Oliver (p), McLAURINE Marcus (cb), HAREWOOD Al (d)
Label: JATOW 00 391


coverClark Terry Quintet: Live at the Lido Rapperswil
Contents: My secret love / Perdido / The snapper / Hackensack / On green Dolphin street / Titolo non specificato / Strike up the band / Mood indigo
Performers: CLARK TERRY QUINTET, TERRY Clark (tp), HOLLOWAY Red (ts), JONES Oliver (p), McLAURINE Marcus (cb), HAREWOOD Al (d)
Label: JATOW 00 390



coverm Jazz at the Old Widderbar. Mixed Memories - Pretty memories. Präsentation im Swissjazzorama vom 2. Nov. 2000. (Sampler)
Contents: But not for me / Swingin' the blues / The good life / Sunny monday / Rhythm a ning / Body and soul / Lax / Little Toe / Sad to say / Teach me tonight / Tokudo / Wave / Swingin' along on Broadway / Buhaina buhaina / Just friends
Performers: JAY McSHANN TRIO, McSHANN Jay (p), HINTON Milt (cb), JOHNSON Gus (d), CHARLY ANTOLINI'S INTERNATIONAL JAZZ POWER, GUT Stjepko (tp, flh), MOSS Danny (ts), LEMON Brian (p), SKEAT Len (cb), ANTOLINI Charly (d), JOHNNY O'NEAL TRIO, O'NEAL Johnny (p), BOUSSAGUET Pierre (cb), THIGPEN Ed (d), RYSZARD LIPIEC QUARTET, LIPIEC Ryszard (ts), EGLI Frank (p), WETTACH Jimmy (cb), BÄNNINGER Rolf (d), MILT JACKSON QUARTET, JACKSON Milt (vb), DREW Kenny (p), QUEEN Alvin (d), ERNST GERBER QUINTET, GERBER Ernst (ts), ODERMATT Tutilo (p), PETER Eric (cb), CANONICO Alberto (d), JAWS AND SWEETS, DAVIS Eddie "Lockjaw" (ts), EDISON Harry "Sweets" (tp), ARVANITAS George (p), KUMMER Vincenz (cb), NORREGAARD Svend-Erik (d), VINCE BENEDETTI BIG BAND, BENEDETTI Vince (keyb, p), McGUIRE Larry (tp), MICHEL Mathieu (tp), HÄUPTLI Wolfgang (tp), ARLATI Umberto (tp), MORGENTHALER Jürg (sax), SCHÖB Carlo (sax), GRÜNWALD Thomas (sax), LIPIEC Richard (sax), MÜLLER A. (sax), LACHAT Vincent (tb), MORGENTHALER Robert (tb), LEHNER M. (tb), HAAS Hanspeter (tb), KLUTH Elmar (p), ART FARMER QUARTET, FARMER Art (flh), PAUER Fritz (p), STRASSER Hannes (cb), GONZI Mario (d), OLIVER JONES TRIO, JONES Oliver (p), JOHNSON Reggie (cb), CHARLIE ROUSE QUARTET, ROUSE Charlie (ts), KUMMER Vinzenz (cb), ENGELS John (d), PASS Joe (g), CONCORD SUPER BAND, COHN Al (ts), HAMILTON Scott (ts), VACHE Warren (tp), McKENNA Dave (p), COLLINS Cal (g), ECKINGER Isla (cb), MILES Butch (d), RAY BROWN TRIO, HARRIS Gene (p), BROWN Ray (cb), ROKER Mickey (d), SHELLY MANNE TRIO, GRIFFIN Johnny (ts), COLLETT Frank (p), BUDWIG Monty (cb), MANNE Shelly (d)
Label: (Set)



coverFrancisco Meirino: Untitled phenomenas in concrete
Contents: Untitles phenomenas in concrete
Performers: MEIRINO Francisco (Effetti sonori speciali)
Label: CAVE 12 C12O03


coverThe Cannonball Adderley Collection, volume 2. Cannonball's bossa nova. Cannonball Adderley with The Bossa Rio Sextet of Brazil
Contents: Once I loved (O amor em paz) / Minha saudade / Clouds / Clouds / Groovy samba / Joeyce's samba / Corcovado / Corcovado / Sambop / Batida diferente
Performers: ADDERLEY Julian Cannonball (as), PAULO Pedro (tp), MENDES Sergio (p), FERREIRA Durval (g), BAILLY Octavio Jr. (cb), ROMAO Dom Um (d), MOURA Paulo (as)
Label: LANDMARK LCD-1032-2


coverDado Moroni, Piere Boussaguet: Live in Aesch
Contents: It could happen to you / Happy birthday / Improviced blues / Easy living / Bag's groove / Blue bossa / Thelonious Monk medley / Sweet Georgia Brown / Take the A Train
Performers: MORONI Dado (p), BOUSSAGUET Pierre (cb)
Label: JATOW 00 408



coverClark Terry, Kenny Drew, Pierre Boussaguet, Alvin Queen, Ray Brown, Gene Harris, Ed Thigpen. 3rd set, 4th set
Contents: Mack The Knife / In a mellow tone / My romance / I want a little girl / On green Dolphin street / On the trial / Mumbles / Oh, Lady be good / Have you met Miss Jones / Soft winds / Can't help lovin' dat man / Manha de Carnaval / The real blues
Performers: CLARK TERRY QUARTET, TERRY Clark (tp, Voce), DREW Kenny (p), BOUSSAGUET Pierre (cb), QUEEN Alvin (d), RAY BROWN TRIO, HARRIS Gene (p), BROWN Ray (cb), THIGPEN Ed (d)
Label: JATOW 00 402 (Set)


coverHarry "Sweets" Edison, Dado Moroni, Jimmy Woode, Ed Thigpen, Kenny Barron, Red Mitchell, Victor Lewis: The final night. 1st set, 2nd set
Contents: S'wonderful / I wish I knew / Out of nowhere / Loverman / There'll never be another you / Moonlight in Vermont / Ellington medley / Wave / Centerpiece / Mean to me / Love for sale / Don't explain / Big'n and the bear / Embraceable you / Rhythm a ning
Performers: HARRY "SWEETS" EDISON QUARTET, EDISON Harry "Sweets" (tp), MORONI Dado (p), WOODE Jimmy (cb), THIGPEN Ed (d), KENNY BARRON TRIO, BARRON Kenny (p), MITCHELL Red (cb), LEWIS Victor (d)
Label: JATOW 00 402 / 403 (Set)


coverDizzy Gillespie, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Clark Terry, Sam Rivers, Dado Moroni, Ed Cherry, John Lee, Ignacio Berroa: The last matinee. 1st & 2nd set
Contents: Opening blues / Bernie's tune / Tin tin deo / Titolo non specificato / Birk's works / Round about midnight / Announcement / Night in Tunisia / Tour de force / Autumn leaves / Ooh pop a dah
Performers: GILLESPIE Dizzy (tp, Voce), TERRY Clark (tp), EDISON Harry "Sweets" (tp), MORONI Dado (p), CHERRY Ed (g), LEE John (elb), BERROA Ignacio (d)
Label: JATOW 00 400/401 (Set)



coverDon Cherry: Where is Brooklyn? & eternal rhythm. Revisited
Contents: Awake nu / Taste maker / The thing / There is the bomb / Unite / Eternal rhythm / Eternal rhythm
Performers: CHERRY Don (c, Gamelan, Flauto, Campane, Voce), SANDERS Pharoah (ts, picc), GRIMES Henry (cb), BLACKWELL Edward (d), ROSENGREN Bernt (ts, cl, Flauto, o), MANGELSDORFF Albert (tb), THELIN Eje (tb), BERGER Karl (p, vb, Gamelan), KÜHN Joachim (p, Pianoforte preparato), SHARROCK Sonny (g), ANDERSEN Arild (cb), THOLLOT Jacques (d, Gamelan, Campane, Voce)

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