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Tom Kelly's Music Factory: The complete collection 2005-2019. Sciopadroxiu, Nights & pearls, Leaving the past, Pictures of nature, True color city, Mysterious times, Silent majority, Dawn 'til dusk, Desperation in paradise, Leak in silence, Innocent fairytales, Between the islands \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Sciopadroxiu \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Nights & pearls \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Leaving the past \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Pictures of nature \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: True color city \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Mysterious times \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Silent majority \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Dawn 'til dusk \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Desperation in paradise \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Leak in silence \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Innocent fairytales \\ Tom Kelly's Music Factory: Between the islands

Contents: Painting Grace, Scream for love, Blue night and city lights, In Sicily (Villa Raino), Waiting for a while, Walking in the moonlight, In the desert, Footprints on the beach, Behind the black curtain, Thrill of the act, Leave Rockwell, Dim and distant, Scream for love, Scream for love (Single version, International version) / Impression, Crimson tide, Theme from P. A., pt. 1, Perfumed avenue, pt. 2, Illusions in neon, Shades of angels, Last departure, Through her eyes, Southern italian rain, Dancing into the afterglow, Liquid lipstick, Mystical seaside, Crinson tide, Theme from P. A., pt. 1 (Drum and bass, Alternate single version) / Life in obsession, Appearance, The mentor song, Autumn lake, The girl from Torre Guaceto, Over teh mountain range, I suppose we could...., Jump B-four, Ceglie Messapica, Bounce of metal, Bounce of metal, Back from Silly Valley, Walkabout on wood, Jump B-four (Single version) / The story from the golden eagle, Windmill road, Dancing dolphins, Into the box, 7 steps from the coast, Song from the elder, Proud & beautiful, Encourage, Land of nowhere, Almond eyes, Mustang '67, Children's anthem, Encourage, One of the most beautiful angels is back in heaven, One of the most beautiful angels is back in heaven (Single version, Dream mix) / Burning down, The lime tree, Candy pie, Passengers, Towards the skyline, Graffiti road, Desire of freedom, Shaped like kissing lips, Breeze of paradise, Nextg generation slide, Under same moon, Blue garden, Burning down, Towards the skyline, Shaped like kissing lips (Alternate crash version, Alternate crash version, Alternate crash version) / Double doors, Springrime rag, Marie, Dark blue jersey, The promise of a sailor, Old enough to be tough, I call her Anouk!, Sun in the rain, Trash bag for hire, OUt on the square, Wrecked in tune, BAttered old rainbow, True color city, Unique girl, She repeteadly said, take your hand off my ass, Sun in the rain (Single release) / Happiness can be easy, Misrule, Playing with the wind, Insane, Lazy butterflies, Tight jeans & shirt, Sweet swamp, The girl with the golden wavy hair, Running through the 80ies, Wag with the torch, Cut the tie, Mighty storm / Lian, Fool on a treasure hunt, The dragon of Macun, Big pink shoes, The Southern Tyrol girl with the deep blue eyes, I miss your call, Zrmanja river, Innocent & beautiful, High-Heeled woman with her ugly dog, She's dancing on the hill, La storia di Valle Maira, We breezed by one another, The dragon of Macu, Innocent & beautiful (Single version, Single version) / Turquoise (Into the sea), Ouverture 2016, Wherever you dream, Spin around, The last dance of a clown, Endless wings, The most beautiful road, Caribbean interlude, Noctilucent cloud, Mistreated in paradise, Lost into nevermore, Desperation in paradise, Out of trash, Endless wings, Noctilucent cloud, Turquoise (Into the sea) (Single version) / Shapes in the pillow, Across the grain, Khoa, Drives a hard bargain, Rosebud lane, Waving girls, Toxic range, A swan who would like to sing, Viola Liuzzo, Sadness and cold rain, Disorder and confusion, Colored forrest / Sliding into darkness, Beyond the vanilla moon, She's waiting for Scarlet, Turn the place upside down, Even if the sun shines..., More as you can stand, Remember all those rainy days, Beyond the white streams, Traveller at night, Counting palm trees, Sand running through my hands, Living down by the seaside, The wanker blues, Sand running through my hands (Rough-mix) / What a beautiful sunny day, Balance of emotions, Steamy monotony, Sweet leaves, Love ain't for hurting, What happened inbetween?, Paper lane, Sailing past the island, Revolution of a sinner, A dance for two, Slow down the pace, Clean up the streets!, Balance of emotions (Single version)
Performers: KELLY Tom, HATZIGEORGIOU Athanasios, HUBER Pascal, GREEN Malcom, NIEDERMANN Vera, PRISTAS Manfred, KOTARELAS Vasilis
Label: FMS 290 593, FMS 181 278, FMS 236072, FMS 210774, FMS 240711, FMS 160829, FMS 141 106141, FMS 110 966, FMS 040 393, FMS 260478, FMS 140 485

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