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Name: ARLATI, Umberto

Records found: 27
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Compact Disc

Info30 Jahre Zihlmann Musik in Basel; ZIHLMANN; Z 62-1992 (CD4270)
InfoAmateur Jazz Festival Zürich. Best of 1954-1968. Zum 50. Jahrestag. (Sampler) (CD24602)
InfoBuzzi, Schaefer, Ska & Lauzzana: Jokers; DISQUES OFFICE; EV 95965 (CD15088)
InfoEuropean jazz sounds. Modern Jazz Group Freiburg; BE! JAZZ; 6121 CD (CD64709)
InfoHans Kennel, Bruno Spoerri: Dusty vibes. Unreleased swiss radiojazz, 1963-1967; SONORAMA RECORDS; C-63 (CD34775)
InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); ELITE SPECIAL; 9544002/1-4 (Set) (CD14722)
InfoJazz in Switzerland, 1930-1975. (Sampler); MUSICA HELVETICA; SBC (SWISS BROADCASTING CORPORATION) 107-110.2 (Set) (CD14317)
InfoPeter Schärli: Double vision. Live at Mahogani Hall, Bern, 2002. Triple vision. Live at Bird's Eye, Basel, 2003; TCB; 37302 (Set) (CD124235)
InfoRutishuser & Co With Horns: Live in Chübel; TIGER RECORDS; CD 511 (CD18293)

Compact Disc Recordable

InfoAll Bop Quintet: Live at the Old Widderbar; JATOW 00 69 (CD118199)
InfoAll Bop Quintet: Live at the Old Widderbar Zürich; JATOW 00 68 (CD118197)
Infom Jazz at the Old Widderbar. Mixed Memories - Pretty memories. Präsentation im Swissjazzorama vom 2. Nov. 2000. (Sampler); (Set) (CD121815)
InfoMario Schneeberger: Cheers ear. Unissued recordings of Mario Schneeberger with Eddie Barenfield (ts), Billy Brooks (dr), Milt Buckner (p), Ronnie Cole (dr), Al Dreares (dr), Percy France (ts), Elmer Gill (vb), Lighttown Orchestra, Peck Morrison (b), Mani Planzer Big Band, Sammy Price (p), Bross Townsend (p), Richard Williams (tp), Edgar Wilson (p), Jimmy Woode (b),...; DS 15 (Set) (CD45866)
InfoVince Benedetti Big Band: Live at the Old Widderbar; JATOW 00 126 (CD118595)
InfoVince Benedetti Big Band: Live at the Old Widderbar; JATOW 00 127 (CD118596)

LP record

Info30 Jahre Jazz made in Switzerland, 1935-1965. (Sampler); EMI; 13C 152-33894/5 (Set); COLUMBIA (LP1557)
InfoBasel Jazz All Stars: Reunion concert. Live; MEGAPHONE; 2011-1 (Set); 2011-2 (Set) (LP16240)
InfoJazz in Basel 1965. Alex Milani präsentiert Bruno Spoerri And His All Stars, Savannah Junkmen, Chester's Tea Pot Combo featuring Ley Bischof. (Sampler); 30-111 (LP16047)
InfoThe Vindonissa Jazz Orchestra: Naima; VJO 1301 (LP16590)
InfoThe Vindonissa Jazz Orchestra: Soul lady; VJO 201 (LP16237)

Magnetic tape

Info4. Festival jazz Bern; Arrival; Alleluja; Skylark; Little blues for Basie; Preview (18BD1108)
InfoHeinz Bigler Quintet; Blues colossal; Hot house; Like someone in love; Four; Confirmation; Booker's waltz; Keep your heart right, Cassius (26BD636)
InfoJazz Festival Willisau 1979: Bebop Connection & Babs Gonzalez (26BD850)
InfoJazzfestival Bern 1980; Quasimodo; Shaw nuff; Children's song, per pianoforte, n. 1; Children's song, per pianoforte, n. 2; Children's song, per pianoforte, n. 15; Children's song, per piano, n. 5; Children's song, per piano, n. 6 (35BD8)

Microgroove record

InfoL'orchestre à musique: Fostfolize. Opéra léger. Claude Lauzzana, musique et direction; Pierre-Louis Peclat, livret. Magali Schwarz, Antoine David, Huguette Jan du Chêne; EVASION; 100827 (LP24)
InfoMani Planzer Big Band: Jiver's licence; LPW 711 (LP15651)
InfoTake Off Big Band: Preview; ZYTGLOGGE; ZYT 235 (LP2933)

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